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"Words are wonderful. Books are wonderful. For they tell wondrous tales. 
Written words are something else. They invade the privacy of your mind and are a passport to your imagination. They can take you anywhere and show you anything.  
So when you’re sitting comfortably, let the words cast their spell. Yield as willingly and enthusiastically as your inhibitions will allow. Whatever repressions are left shall soon be politely escorted to the exit of your mind. The wonders of the world shall be laid at your feet. Let us take the journey together now and read on. Let us see exactly where the magic takes us this time!" 
- Dixon Kinqade 1992
In China, separating myth from history can be difficult and Shaolin is no exception. Myriad tales are told of the famous Shaolin Monastery and its heroic monks. Shaolin enthusiasts are familiar with most these popular legends. Such fantastic lore certainly fires the imagination and inspires the soul.

Nevertheless, it leads one to question if such narratives have any basis in fact or if they're simply myth. Some of these tales, and those who share them, are not always familiar with, nor do they necessarily represent, the genuine history of Shaolin Temple or its culture. However, some lore does capture the inherited essence of the Shaolin mythos.

So, perhaps, we should not be quick to discount myth and legend. Maybe we should discover how such tales originated. Behind every myth, there's usually some grain of truth. Behind every legend, there's usually some historical fact.

Here we shall explore the modern "Shaolin Mythos". We'll traverse history, legend, culture, tradition, fact, and fiction. So join us on this epic journey through the mists of time, wherever we may lead, and you'll be amply rewarded for it!

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