Shaolin Temple Chronicles Volume 1


The name of Songshan Mountain was changed to Zhi'an in the Zhou Dynasty. It was renamed Zhi'an in the Sui Dynasty. It was still restored to its original name in the Sui Dynasty. So far, Shaolin is the most famous. Jiusong is located among the four mountains and the temple is located on the top of a mountain. It can be seen among the famous sages and singers Bingbingbing. You Ming ordered Fu Yuanding to explore the truth of the story and write thirteen chapters of "The Book of Song"  

During the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Kangxi Dynasty, Mr. Rujiang Jiao Gong took the previous book and cut it into "Songgao Zhi". So the success of Shaolin can be seen in the chapter. However, there is no dedicated ambition, and there are some. It has been called the temple for a long time since Jiao Junyuanqian became Mr. Rujiang. Moreover, it is still burning in people's eyes and ears, but there is no record of the famous names and traces. Why did he use pen to write the chronicle? There are eight volumes and four clouds in it. Since the establishment of this temple, Cuihua traveled to Henan during the Yuan, Wei, Li and Tang Dynasties, especially At the height of its prosperity, the rare gold and jade of the annex to the palace were preserved, and the husband, the eminent monk, and hermit's den, the legacy of poets and poets, and the monument were inscribed with thousands of chapters. Destroyed by the wind and frost, burnt by fire and woodcutters, destroyed by woodcutter, boy and animal husbandry, the desire of the past seems to be out of reach. It is regrettable and wrong to only keep his name among the fragments for the imagination of those who come here. Those who love the ancients send them to distant places to search and pick up and pick out what they have found. The name of this mere area will be attributed to the Qi, and it will not be re-emphasized. It is a pity that this ambition of Zai Yuanqian is also more than seventy years after the day when his ancestors wrote the book. Temple Zhongsheng Generally speaking, those who keep the land do not care for it, and the monks in the temple think that it is for their own benefit. Those who exploit it have no idea how far away it is. Among the decaying moss walls, I found pieces of bamboo with branches and characters, rubbed them and cherished them as if I had obtained an arched jade and climbed up the bamboo. It has been in Shuji Temple for a long time, and the author has been able to pass it on to Laiziyun. I Yu Chengfu observed that Dengyi is within its jurisdiction. According to the rules, this year’s Wuchen Spring Festival will be celebrated  

The chariot drove east to worship Dai, and the ceremony was completed. He promoted morality and sent officials to the four prisons and four areas to offer sacrifices. I also sent orders to general Su to carry out sacrifices. He traveled to Shaolin for almost ten years, and the soldiers of Gongcheng had no time to finish the thirty-six victories in the forest valley. Feng Xiaoren has been doing sacrifices for a long time. After completing the memorial service, he ordered Shi Jun to pay a visit to Yu Xujun. Su Pei was determined to protect this temple, and his school enemy Yu Ji took his father to read. It is also a preface to explain Yu Deng’s endless regrets and Xian a’s attention to art and literature, Yuan Qian’s Keshao’s foreshadowing, and the editor’s wish to cherish and cherish it together. 

In the thirteenth year of  Qianlong's reign, Wuchen Autumn and Leap Seventh Month are expected.

Written by Jingjiang Zhang Xuelin, deputy envoy of the Inspectorate Department of the Henan Branch of the Zhongxian Doctor's Henan Branch Inspection of Heshan, Shaanxi and Rudao  

After reading the records of famous mountains in the world, the beauty of Song Shaolin Valley is so admirable that I have the title of Yi Mao Yu. 

I was ordered to go to Zhongzhou, leave the capital gate, follow Taihang, and go south to the river. I can see the mountains and green mountains and climb up to the sky. I know that Zhongyue is in the heart of Yu. I remember it as Song Ye, and it is suitable to join the bridle. There are people who have walked there. The cliff in the west is the famous temple between Shaoshi and the two rooms. If you look at each other, you can choose Shaolin as the first choice in Fosheng District. Since Dharma, a reed has been crossing the river for nine years. Facing the wall, it is called the ancestral palace of the Shi family. The majestic ancient trees are gloomy and the princes and ministers have visited the poems. The monuments stand in the forest and the famous places in the city are allowed to belong to giants. They enter the Fangfang Temple on the Buju Mountain in Yu. Its chief monk is the Shaolin sect. It is also known as Yu Dao. Its details are Yu Yiyan's admiration and cannot be placed. Xia Jiezhong, the Prime Minister's feather notice, Yu Yun, Deng Feng, Shaolin, to repair the machine, Yin Fanyi ordered to run out of people. I was ordered to govern the city and serve as Dong Jue. I was pleased to hear that I was very happy. It was reported that the work was about to be completed and I urgently asked for the so-called inscriptions. Since the Tang and Song Dynasties, the number of people from the top to the bottom of the Chen Han Dynasty has been much higher. It is possible to count those that hindered the ceremony, and most of them were removed, dropped, or destroyed, and could not be read. So far, Jiazi Yu Fengxian revised the city's annals and remembered that Shaolin was a famous temple in the sea, a scenic spot, and a forest of art. It shows that its prosperity is not as great as what is recorded in gold and stone. He Yi Xiaolian and Jiao Ziyuanqian found the manuscript of Shaolin Chronicles in his family's collection. It was compiled by Zu Chonglin and the former order Chu Huangye and his uncle. The ones that have been removed now are found in Yan, so he consulted and edited them. The completion of the jade meeting is completed 

Mr. Zhang, who patrolled the Taiwan Strait, carried out the sacrifice and arrived at the Shaolin Festival. Gu said that Yu said to the father of the late king and the first Yanlian leader. The famous mountains and rivers in Wenheng, Zhongzhou, were all destroyed by rain. Today, I followed the Bingjie Yue and visited the famous places. It can be said that I have a destiny with Shao Shao. When I have free time, I should write articles and record them appropriately. Jiao Xiaolian submits the manuscript of the journal and publishes it to the public. Yan Poji immediately orders it to be published to add color to the famous temple. Today's battle has gained the reputation of Bu Gong's successor. The famous places of admiration have been admired since then. The book is written with a few words for later reading. Those who are aspiring to read the world's famous mountains will be lying on the clouds. 

In the 13th year of Qianlong's reign, it was the auspicious day of Wuchen in the New Year. 

After being awarded Wenlin, Langzhi Dengfeng County Affairs Jinjiang 

Written by Shi Yihan and Jin Qifu  

Songshan Shaolin Temple is a famous temple both ancient and modern. It has beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery. I have compiled and published it with drawings and descriptions. Once you take a look at it, you can feel like you are lying on the clouds. 

Qianlong Wuchen 

Yan, a native of the city named Jiao Ruheng, compiled the surname.  


He is divided into patrolling the rivers, Shaanxi and Ru, and is also in charge of water conservancy roads. Deputy envoy of the inspection department Zhang Baoxue Lin is a native of Dantu, Nandan, Dongjiang River.  

Knows the affairs of Henan Prefecture. Chen Tao is from Sheng County, Zhejiang Province.  

The general judge of Henan Prefecture named Zhang Yu as a native of Jiangnan.  

Original Excerpt  

Formerly informed of Dengfeng County affairs, Ye Tao was named Jingshu, a native of Chuhuang.  

Dengfeng County Candidate Instructor Jiao Tao Qin Long Zi Xi No. 3 Ailin  


Zhi Dengfeng County Affairs Shi Taobao Yi hairpin character wear it Fujian people.

Dengfeng County Juren Jiao Ruheng, named Yuanqianhao Keyan  


Zhang E, the Confucian edict of Dengfeng County, recommended the courtesy name Buqing, Zhuoxuan, a native of Xinyang  

Niu Chengde, a Confucian instructor in Dengfeng County, was born in Zhenzong, Sishui  

Candidate training in Dengfeng County, Ru Gongzi Chijiu  

School Magazine  

Wen Yuanyuan, courtesy name Jing'an, a native of Zhejiang Province, Dengfeng County Classical History  

Dengfeng County Confucian village member Jiao Ruzi Youqian  

Jiao Rulan, courtesy name Fangqian, a Confucian student in Dengfeng County  

Dengfeng County Confucian student Fu Weicheng's eldest son Xiu Shaolin Temple Chronicles  

It is said that the giant mountain Changchuan Heng Lai Zhu Ji decorated with Hongzhang Jiashi must be passed down through Zhenmin. Therefore, the Fu Yong Fu Gantang Zhao has been engraved for thousands of years. It has been shining for thousands of years. In the Yin of the room, Jiulianzhai towers with emerald green in the front, surrounded by five breast peaks in the back, surrounded by bell towers and hidden pavilions. The blue palace is soaring in the sky, the golden rope shines, the emerald pavilion is named, and the snow imitates the story. Ming rhymes, drums, morning stars, dreaming of returning to the dust, cutting off Xiaowen's founding, there is a postscript coming to the west, Liang Wuluo, because of this, Bodhidharma went north for nine years and faced the wall. He originally wanted to be speechless, but returned to the west and rebelled. This is like the beginning of the rise of Longxing, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty . At the time when the king was full of rats and thieves, the monk Qin Wang Yuanji conferred the title of Feng Gaochao on Xi Shamen and the rank of general Hong Wen praised the merits of Zhuang Yan Shaoshi Temple. From then on, he frequently lowered the pearl flag and competed with Bei Que. The calligraphy and calligraphy of Empress Wu Xidongsun came from Tianjiashan Lingzengse 榦 inscription and was removed from the feudal residence of Pilu Yanghui. The royal forehead of the holy ancestor Pilu Yanghui has two red inscriptions and green characters that complement each other. The practice of Emperor Shizong sees the beauty of Zhu Qing. The bandits they admired were moved by Buddhism and left beautiful relics in famous mountains, so the important ministers of the Taiwan Pavilion and the officials from the frontier came to patrol the hunting grounds on behalf of the sky to collect customs and customs. They also moved to distant places, poets and scholars, Gao Xian and Yunshi, to choose the beautiful scenery and good days, or met monks in the bamboos to take a leisurely time. For half a day or at the top of the mountain, I feel like relaxing and whistling in my heart, but I don’t leave any inscriptions at the scene. I also climb up to write a poem. The moon is reflected in the nine ponds and the white is seen. The waiter’s appreciation. The fifth grade. Feng Huai. Know the friend. Nostalgia for Lu Gong. Ancient poems such as the Han Chao, Su Hai and the huge waves of the Yangtze River. Poems The thin suburbs of Chengdao are cold, and I write about my travels in the valley on the east slope of the Short Sound Festival. The stone tablets are uneven, thinking about the mortar, the embroidery on the stone, and the yellow silk. The young woman can't describe it to the best of my ability. How can I exhaust the sight of the sundial and burn the ointment? Cherish the old age. The wind and rain have peeled away the moss, protecting the moss and sealing the fish. It is difficult to distinguish,and the monks and common people have no regard for the treasure. The book is half dusty. Those who see it are heart-pounding when they hear it. My predecessor, Uncle Jing of Ye Mingfu, made an appointment with the late king's father, Cailin, to collect it fifty years ago. The collection of banknotes was used to collect thousands of dendrobiums, pearls and jade, and to store the baskets and baskets, so that future generations could prepare for the construction of the temple. I am ashamed that I am short of talent and talent, neither capable of compilation nor capable of repairing. I can only follow the example of my predecessors. The labor of proofreading without hesitation, the period of classification, the indifference of ideas, the golden touch, the old Master Shi, the Marquis of Fengyi, admired the inspection of Taiwan, the old master Zhang, who is knowledgeable and knows everything about the past and present, commemorating Zhenmin's many lost pearls, the only remaining collection, the new edition, Liu Fang Yize, the most famous temple in the world, can be unrolled and used as a sleeping place while a piece of smoke and cloud on the desk is immortalized with gold and stone.  

It was the auspicious occasion of Dingmao Jiaping in the twelfth year of Qianlong's reign in the Qing Dynasty.  

Jiao Ruhengyuanqian, a native of Yi, just learned about drawing.  

General map--Full map of the temple 

The First Ancestor Temple--The Statue of Bodhidharma 

The Statue of Returning to the West - the Statue of Avalokitesvara 

Fish Blue Bodhisattva Statue - King Kinnara Statue 

The statue of Guan Fuzi - the picture facing the wall and the shadow stone picture - the statue of Zhong Kui 

Shape Wins  

The imperial concubine is in the east of Shaolin Temple, which is the Songshan Mountain. The poem says Song Gao Weiyue is here. For details, see the Songshan Chronicle. 

In front of the Shaolin Temple, there are thirty-six peaks, commanderies and kingdoms. The Shao Shi Yun Shao Shi is sixteen miles high. Fu Meiyun looks at the mountain like a stranger. He first looks at his face and back, crosses the river from Mengjin and sees the back of the Shao Shi. His back is like a wall, but it is as if he has crossed Xuanyuan Li Shaolin. Going east, passing under the hip, coming from Mi County, Zijiao City, all ten and four, coming from Yingyang, and heading to the southwest, but Ruzhou is facing each other, with mountains and hills stacked up and rising out of the clouds, like a thousand leaves of Shucalyx, although the palace is majestic. Xunqihuaxiu 

Wuru Peak is located in the north of Shaoshi. It is divided into an oblique branch from Bowling Peak. Five peaks are connected and surrounded for more than ten miles like a phoenix with two wings. Shaolin Temple was built and the mountain was named Wuru. Later, the origin of the Dharma was spread and divided into five sects. It looks like an omen cloud and the top of the mountain is round like a monk's hat, which is suitable for it. It is also a resort for Buddhists 

The Bowl Bowl Peak is in the Shaoshi Yin and is half-shaped above and below. It is like the cover of the Bowl Bowl. The second ancestral nunnery was built on top of it. There are four wells in the nunnery, all of which are clear and refreshing. The water has a different flavor within a short distance. 

On the top of the imperial village is the young room. There are two stacks as wide and flat as the village. There are four steep gates to avoid the soldiers. Jin Xuanzong placed troops on it. It is commonly known as the imperial village. In the Ming Dynasty, the local bandit Li Ji encountered a theft. There are water tanks and grinding tools on it. 

The cave facing the wall is the only Wushi cave at the top of Wuru Peak. It is deep and deep. There are half stone marks, like ripples on the water, which are curled up and layered into the cave. It is cold and the grains are rising. It is impossible to avoid it. It is the ninth year of Bodhidharma. There is a stone square outside the cave. There is a carving on the west side. There is a stone elephant sitting at the waist of the cave. A monk stands with his palms clasped to stand in front of him. The way into the cave is winding and winding, and there are dangerous places. The monk of Yi Temple said that the fire dragon ruled the fierce stone and turned it into earth. The road was bent like a dragon. 

There is a gap in Yanglong Cliff to the west of the cave facing the wall. From bottom to top, it is said to be the Fire Dragon Cave. Dharma enters the cave and the dragon escapes from the gap. The cliff is named after the cave. 

The Yinlong Pond stands on the site of Wuru Peak blocking the road. There is a stone trough that contains hundreds of stones of water. According to legend, Lu Neng brought a cypress bowl to throw and the fossils stored water for irrigation. 

The Hujian is located two miles to the left of the nunnery facing the wall. The stone phosphorus has the shape of flowing water, but there is no water. Every quiet night, I can hear the cold sound in the stone coming and going from east to west. There is a hidden spring turbulent in the mountain. It is also said that there was a prophecy when Batuo was founded. In the next five hundred years, a female protagonist will come and want to be buried. She scolded the water and refused to let it flow eastward to Tang Zetian. Fortunately, her attempt to seize this place ended up with no water. 

A mountain rises in front of the second ancestral nunnery of the Demon Refining Platform. There is a rock facing the south, facing a deep ravine. There is a stone square and a width of more than two feet. According to legend, it is the place where Hui Ke meditates. It is called the Searching Heart Terrace. Songshan Zhi says it is the Demon Refining Platform. 

The place where the nectar fell from the sky is located on the Gandai terrace. The pillar base is famous for its exquisite carvings and is not made in modern times. There is a hall with three couplets to worship Zhenwu. 

Baiguwu is located fifty miles northwest of Shaolin Temple. It belongs to Yanshi. In the Sui Dynasty, one hundred hectares of land was given to the Shaolin king Shichong. The Shaolin monk Zhicao Huitanzong and others captured and served as their nephews. They returned to Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty. Jia Qiyi Lie's surrender seal granted him 40 hectares of land. The specific name of Baiguzhuang has not yet been verified. 

In front of the Shaolin Temple, the Shaoxi flows around the Shaoshi toe from the north to the east to Nanyang, or it may dry up. Therefore, the beauty of Shaolin lies in the mountains without water. 

The Shaoyang Bridge spans the Shaoxi River in front of the Shaolin Temple and connects the north and south of the old bridge. It is only one of the three remaining bridges. 

Zhuoxiquan is located in front of the Erzu Nunnery. It is said that Huike Zhuoxidequan is also called Zhuoxijing because of its famous name. The four wells in the nunnery are also called Zhuoxijing. 

Chaoyang Cave is located in a small room with many shades of cypresses and shades of cypresses. It is located in a quiet and quiet area. There are many natural caves on the cliffs and many Buddhist temples and monks sit in them quietly. 

The pearl curtain in the young room comes from the water shortage on the mountain and pours down like thousands of dendrobium crystal beads falling into the steep stream. 

Wulongtan is said to be Hui Ke in Shaoshi. Shaoxi is commonly known as Longtangou. There are also many quiet rooms on the cliffs. 

There are natural stone statues under Shaoshixi Rock in Wenshu Cave. 


The Shaolin Temple stands in front of the Wuru Peak, with the young room standing like a green screen. The situation is perfect. Wei Shuyun and Bhattada came from the west and had a profound Taoist career. Xiaowen was respected and ordered the establishment of the Shaolin Temple in the Shaoyin Mountain. Emperor Kaihuang of the Sui Dynasty renamed the Shaolin Temple. When Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty was the King of Qin, he gave the Shaolin Book to Emperor Gaozong. Empress Wu was always lucky to be here. In the 43rd year of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, the imperial book plaque was awarded and hung in the temple. In the 13th year of Emperor Yongzheng's reign, it was rebuilt by imperial edict  .

Shanmen was founded in the 13th year of Emperor Yongzheng's reign 

East Shifang is on the left side of the mountain gate. On the outside, it says Zu Yuan Di. On the inside, it says Batuo Chuang Lian. It says Xin Chuan Ancient Cave. It is snowy in the cold winter, surrounded by divine light. The knees and faces meet Songfeng. It is quiet night and the wind hears Zi Jin Sheng. 

West Stone Square is on the right side of the mountain gate. It is called Songshao Zen Forest. Inside it is said to be a Mahayana resort. The earth is in the middle of the sky. Famous mountains in the four seas are the first heart. It is said that the ten teachings are from the early Yuan Dynasty. 

There is a Vajra statue outside the Heavenly King's Hall and a statue of the Four Heavenly Kings inside. There is a plaque with the name "The First Ancestral Court in the World" in the 43rd year of Emperor Kangxi's reign in the Qing Dynasty. A three-character plaque with the imperial letter of the Shaolin Temple was awarded and hung outside the hall. 

In the Daxiong Hall, in the 43rd year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, a plaque of fragrant lotus hanging on the Royal Book of the Treasure Tree hangs in the hall. In the 13th year of Yongzheng's reign, the left beam was rebuilt. 

In the Kinnara Hall, three statues of King Kinnara are enshrined in the left side of the main hall. According to legend, the middle statue is a self-made bronze statue of the king. The left bronze statue and the right iron statue are all very similar. From the Yuan Dynasty to the Zhengzheng Dynasty, it is said that the king wore a red scarf. It is very strange. Everyone is in awe and calls this temple protector Jialan. He is worshiped in other temples. It is different that the Guan Sheng Emperor is Jialan 

The Sixth Patriarch's Hall enshrines the Sixth Patriarch's statue of Guanyin on the right side of the main hall. There are two mountain paintings and twenty-nine monks who have been passed down. 

The bell tower is ten feet high in the south-west direction of Kinnara Hall. Four people surrounding the bell tower can hear the sound for thirty miles. 

The Drum Tower is located to the south east of the Sixth Patriarch Hall. It was formerly known as Zhuanlongzang and was renamed Drum Tower in the 13th year of Yongzheng reign. It is as high as the Bell Tower. 

The Hall of the King of Hell is located in the south-west direction of the bell tower. 

The Dragon King Hall is located in the southeast direction of Drum Tower. 

Xiangji Kitchen is on the left side of the main hall 

The warehouse is on the right side of the main hall 

East Zen Hall is in the north of the kitchen 

The Western Zen Hall is in the north of the warehouse 

The Dharma Hall is located in the back of the main hall. The five couplets are for eminent monks to preach the Dharma in the eighth year of Qianlong's reign. 

The living room is on the left side of the Dharma Hall 

Shizutsu room Zaihodo right 

The abbot is behind the Dharma Hall 

The east and west dormitories are in front of the abbot 

The abbot retreated to the southwest of the abbot 

The Kuoran Hall used to be built in the southeast of the abbot, facing Cai Runan, the governor of the Ming Dynasty. It was built in Shenquan and inscribed on the forehead. It is now abandoned. 

The standing snow pavilion is behind the abbot, where the divine light of the Second Patriarch stands and waits for Bodhidharma, where the snow is as deep as the knees and does not move. 

Thousand Buddha Hall, also known as Pilu Pavilion, was built on the mountainside behind Lixue Pavilion. Empress Dowager Cisheng of Ming Dynasty removed the materials from King Yi's palace and built it. 

Baiyi Hall is to the left and west of Thousand Buddha Hall 

Ksitigarbha Hall is to the east on the right side of Thousand Buddha Hall 

The above temples have a total of seven floors from the mountain gate to the Thousand Buddha Hall. 

Xilai'an is located in the corridor outside Tianwang Hall and Xisi Temple was founded by monk Zhenxi and rebuilt by his disciple, monk Guan Haidai. 

Qianfo Nunnery was rebuilt by Monk Qingjie of Dongdong Temple inside the mountain gate. 

Ciyun Nunnery used to offer sacrifices to the west of the Thousand Buddhas Hall. In the 25th year of Emperor Kangxi's reign, Zhang Siming proposed to donate money to rebuild the most secluded area. It was rebuilt on the north side of the temple outside the mountain gate. It is narrow in scale and only its name remains. 

Guanyin Temple is located in the east corner of the temple as the reception hall. 

Nanyuan was built in the south of the temple by the Zhou dynasty during the Ming Dynasty and is also known as Zhoufu nunnery. 

Yonghua Hall is located in the South Garden. The Ming and Zhou dynasties built it for the monk Wuyan Taoist government. The only remaining foundation is now abandoned. 

Baiyi Hall is in front of Yonghua Hall 

Baiban was planted behind the Yonghua Hall by Ming Wuyan Taoist priests. Thousands of cypresses covered the cliffs and valleys. Looking out into the distance, they were green and lush. The most magnificent temple was Ming Dynasty. Liu Yuhu was a discipline and warning. 

Shifangyuan is located in the west of Yonghua Hall and directly opposite the mountain gate of the temple. There is a post pavilion in the temple and a walking inn. There is also a stone bridge over the stream, only half of which remains. 

The first ancestor's nunnery is located three miles northwest of Shaolin Temple. In front of the wall cave, it leans against the five peaks. It faces two streams, ancient pines, and towering old cypresses. It is a scenic spot in the mountain. The ancients built a temple with three couplets to worship Bodhidharma. There are two mountain paintings of Bodhidharma. Outside are the Buddha statues of the above 27 generations. A small pavilion in the east is dedicated to Bodhidharma's parents and brothers. A small pavilion in the west is built with stone walls. Later, Fu Yuan, the abbot of Thousand Buddha Pavilion, established the monk association Zhenxi and rebuilt the inner stele. The stone tablets are like a forest. All the inscriptions and chants by famous officials of past dynasties are displayed. text 

The first ancestral nunnery is located on the half-bowl peak of Shaoshi on the other side of the temple. It is a Zen resort for Huike. 

Sanzu'an is located more than ten miles east of the temple behind Fawang Temple. It is the ruins of Shengzhulin Temple and there are Luohan Temple monuments in the north.  

The Song Book of Qin Huai Song records that there is an ancient Sophora japonica behind the Sutra Pavilion of Shaolin Temple. According to legend, it was planted in the Qin Dynasty and was awarded the title of the fifth-grade Sophora japonica. Song Wenyan's poem said that the fifth-grade Sophora japonica is still in Dumu. Travel notes say that the Qin Sophora japonica is ten feet high and surrounded by twenty feet. Scholars’ nature records that the wind has destroyed them for twenty years. 

The shadow stone has been polished for nine years. The shadow has passed through the stone. Now I can see that the stone circumference is about three feet long. It is as smooth as an egg-white black text. There is a monk sitting on the stone with his back, revealing his side chin pattern, which is like a light ink painting on the pleats of clothes. It seems to be completely sincere and different. 

After the abbot of the temple came from the Western Regions, the sala tree was as strong as a peach but had no flowers, or the cloud was like a beetle. 

The three-flowered tree was planted in front of the ancestral nunnery with a cypress tree attached to it. It is dark red in color and is lovely. It was planted when the temple was founded. 

The Sixth Patriarch planted cypresses with his hands on the left side of the first ancestor's hall. It is tall and tall with flowers and trees. In Lu Neng's alms bowl, there is an inscription at the bottom with the words "The Sixth Patriarch planted cypresses with his hands" in Wang Shixing's great book. 

The word "Pagoda" facing the wall is on the right side of the temple under the eaves of the Sixth Patriarch's Hall. The font is strict and powerful. It is a precious book written by Cai Jing of the Song Dynasty. 

The characters "Thousands of Cliffs and Tens of Gorges" are written in running script in front of the Heavenly King's Hall. Two characters on the front and back are ancient and steep. They are written by Zhang Qin of the Ming Dynasty. 

Gao Zongfei's white book written by Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty. Fei's white book is inscribed on the wall of the temple. The explanation is found on the altar of death today. The explanation is found in Jingwen Wang Shizhen . The postscript of Zhang Jie's book is all written in the temple. There is no test on it. 

Su Shi painted plum blossoms in Shaolin Temple. There were two plum blossoms, one upright and one lying. It is said that there were many fallen plum blossoms. 

Su Zhaozi, Wang Shixing's Diary, Shaolin Temple inscriptions, various inscriptions, Su Zizhan, Zhao Meng's generation, especially those of 

For details on Ganoderma lucidum stele, see Xiangyi 

The first mountain stele is on the left side of the mountain gate. The stele of Dong Qichang and the four stele are all in the temple. They are auspicious and different.  

In the early Yuan Dynasty of the Kinnara Kingdom, there was a monk with at least one monk, his head bare-backed and barefoot, who worked in the kitchen for several years. He worked diligently and paid a salary, and in his spare time he closed his eyes and meditated. No one knows his name. On March 26, the eleventh year of Xinmao, Yingzhou red scarf thieves led a crowd to break out. At least Lin Yuxing robbed the monk. He came out with a fire stick and transformed into an independent peak dozens of feet tall. When the thieves saw it, they fled in horror. King Kinnara also said it, but he did not know that it was the incarnation of the Bodhisattva. There is also a statue in the temple, and it is the protector of the Dharma. To this day, the spiritual records are recorded in the lantern. It is recorded in the Emperor Kaihuang of the Sui Dynasty that Zen Master Zhongtiantai lived in Yuquan Mountain, Jingzhou. He had supernatural powers and paid tribute to a former general of the Shu Han Dynasty, Guan, for his military exploits. This mountain wants to camp Jinglan, willing to shelter and serve for seven days, and achieve great success. He heard that he was granted the seal of a certain Yuquan Mountain to protect the Kalam God. Today, all the temples are dedicated to Guan Gong, Shaolin alone, and Kinnara King Dynasty. 

In the first year of the founding of Lingzhi in the Jingguo period, twelve stems of Zhi were born in Shaolin Temple, and the guardians' pictures and memorials were sent to the emperor in May next year. 

There is a white bird in the martial virtues. The white bird sees the white bird again on the day when the heavy pagoda was built in Zhenguan. 

Five-Colored Clouds. In the 13th year of Yongzheng’s reign, the temple was built under the imperial edict. There were five-colored clouds that were dazzling in the west. Thousands of people came to see them. The supervisors and ministers drew and submitted. 

In the Year Chen Han  

Monument of Master Bodhidharma in Praise of Emperor Wu of Liang  

The master concealed the fact that Bodhidharma was from Tianzhu and did not know that his residence was unknown. His surname was based on the name of Yumen. On December 5, the second year of Liang Datong, he was finally buried in Yumen Tomb of Luozhou in Xiong'er. He used the seal of Xihong to commemorate Zhao Lai, saying: "A treasure is born on the top of Mount Lengya. There is gold in the moon." Human beings are covered in brown and have the same shape as the earth. They are like hollows. They are as colored as glass. They are as bright and clear as snow bandits. They are always pure and bright. They are surrounded by clouds and mist. Their hearts are clear. They use their strict bodies to touch things according to circumstances. They are always happy. There is no nothing. There is nothing but coming and going. Listen and discern often. It is impossible to tell the truth. It is empty. I am separated from life and death. The great and the small are separated from each other. In an instant, I ascend to the wonderful enlightenment. My heart jumps out of my scales and the sea of ​​wisdom surpasses the sage. It should be that the water of Dharma will flow forever. How can it be temporarily surged and temporarily exhausted? The inner lamp of Li Longzhu is falling. The white-haired blade of wisdom is like this. The front is short of birth, the apprentice is suddenly Yan, the eyes are closed, the Zen river is standing, the beam is broken, there is no going, there is no coming, there is no right or wrong, each other's body, the heart is broken, they are gone, they are all gone, the silence, the reason, there is no existence, choked with life, holding the hand to pass the light, life and death come like lightning. If you can be sincere and sincere, you will not be burned by fire. This is the one true method that will never be destroyed. Even if you don't understand it, you will be lost.  

Message to Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty from the Supreme Leader of Shaolin Temple in Baiguwu  

Taiwei Shangshu ordered Shaanxi Province Yizhou Daoxingtai Yongzhou Mu Zuoyou General Wuhou sent Chijie Liangzhou General Manager Shangzhu State Qin Wang Shimin to report to the master of the Shaolin Temple in Baiguwu, the disciples, military and civilian leaders, scholars and common people alike, and the world was in chaos. Fang Wu, the master of the world, fell into the Three Vehicles. The path of the Three Vehicles was overthrown, and the Yama was overthrown. The armies and horses galloped across China. A group of demons competed with each other. They aroused the dream of our country and were protected by the right truth. Riding the elephant and the flywheel, they came to the great treasure. Therefore, they were able to pass through the virtues of Li Shou. All the blessings from the other side are inherited. Wang Shichong has a glimpse of the traces of the Nine Residences that were not revealed according to the torch of wisdom, which illuminates the path to open the Eightfold Righteousness. Masters and others are able to deeply understand the opportunities and early recognition of the wonderful reasons to defeat Jiayou and return to the blessed land together to capture the evildoer Kuozi and worship him in the Pure Land. Shun Shu Zhong's follow-up method leads to the path of cultivating the truth through Que Ting's enlightenment. The way of cultivating the truth is more macro-scopic, observing and hearing, admiring the inconceivable offerings, and appreciating the special truths. The eternal number is now in danger. It is necessary to encourage the final merits and order Fan Ge's old career to be safe and rest forever. Therefore, the founding police of Deguang County, Shangzhu State, were sent to him to report what he had in mind. One or two guards came here to meet each other. No more information. On April 30, the monument was in front of the bell tower. 

Given to Shaolin Temple to Empress Wu of Tang Dynasty 

In the provincial capital of Lingta Temple, all the new bamboo shoots are born. They have the wonderful awareness of knowing how to be kind and condensing their hearts. Feng Shengsheng is so solemn and solemn that he can grow this phoenix in the eagle palace during the winter festival. Drawing a ton in three places indicates that three are due to long-cherished thoughts, one is a sign of quality, and one is a symbol of the ancestors. It was also caused by the blessings of the master and others. The original repair was slightly humble. How dare I look forward to Gion and go twice as deep as possible? Send a letter to express that I don’t dare to be cloudy.  

The Empress of Shaolin Martial Arts  

The summer heat is about to begin, and the mountains and forests are quiet. I am having a pure banquet in the Buddhist temple. I am sitting in meditation. I want to be a disciple. I follow the phoenix and drive past the eagle rock to pay homage to the pagoda. I wander around the place where I have cultivated the pure deeds of my late concubine. I have not yet completed my work. I feel sad at the sight. Surprises and emotions are gathered together in the treasure tree that climbs, carrying the sorrow of the tree in the deep wind, and the hanging shadow of the tree, the pearl spring accumulates the thoughts of the cold spring, the disciple's self-respect, the thinness of the town, the heartache, every autumn, the pain in the heart is doubled, the heat and coolness, the transportation, add to the grief that cuts into the bones. At the end of the thirty-year period, Zhong Er's jealousy multiplies the hatred and sorrow when exposed, and becomes even more sorrowful. Who asked for blessings from Master Tian? I am about to build the camp and hope that the merits will be over. I sincerely express my gratitude to Fengjin Liang to support me, and I will comfort my fans with a brief note indicating that it is not cloudy.  

Imperial Poetry Empress Wu  

Since I was lucky enough to see the place built by my late concubine in Shaolin Temple, I have become more and more sad and distant. 

Accompany Luan to visit Naiyuan, waiters and admirers go out, the clouds are gathering, the canopy is covered with clouds, the clouds are low, the sun palace is dredging, the moon hall is opening, the gate is golden, the golden wheel is turning, the golden ground is fragrant, the fragrant clothes are chanting, the hair streamers are lightly blowing, the mist is shaking, and the past encounters the burning red volcano. The flying flower terrace has no penumbra, the lotus pagoda is full of brilliance, it depends on ability, benevolence, wealth, good deeds, majesty, kindness, destiny, prosperity and happiness. It is all gone. I take refuge in the wind branches and cannot calmly weep. Why is the blood chasing the stele inside the mountain gate?  

November 19, the fifteenth year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty  

The emperor ordered the abbot and monks of Songshan Shaolin Temple to use the Buddhist teachings in the classics to guide good people to enlightenment, to protect the country and the people, and not to help the helpless. The Holy Mother of God proclaimed Mingming and the Empress Dowager Su ordered the seal to be engraved and continued. The six hundred and thirty-seventh letter of the Tibetan Sutra has been promulgated and promulgated in this temple. You must solemnly recite, recite, and treasure it. People of all kinds are not allowed to play with it and cause it to be lost or damaged. This edict is bestowed upon you to protect it and immortalize it forever.  

In the 43rd year of Emperor Kangxi's reign in the Qing Dynasty,  

The four-character plaque with the imperial book, Treasure Tree, Fragrant Lotus, is hung in the Grand Buddha Hall.  

At the same time. 

A three-character plaque conferring imperial letters to Shaolin Temple hangs outside the Tianwang Hall  

Leap April 13th in the 13th year of Yongzheng's reign.

Henan Governor Wang Chengzhun  

The Central Hall is Opened and Enshrined  

According to the imperial edict, Wang Shijun, the governor of Hedong Province, said that the Shaolin Temple in Henan Province has been in disrepair for a long time. Now the committee members have confirmed that it needs to be rebuilt, and the drawings and drawings have shown that the twenty-five rooms at the front of the gate are far away from the temple. The scattered places are not in this temple. In the province, there have always been many monks in the house who do not follow the rules and act recklessly and cause harm to the Buddhist sect. Now that the Shaolin Temple has been built into a jungle, it should not be allowed to scatter these monks outside the temple. It is difficult to inspect and control. All the houses should be demolished. The left and right sides outside the temple wall are used as dormitories. How to renovate them depends on Wang Shijun's discretion. After the construction is completed, who should be ordered to be the abbot? I will send people from the capital to come here.  

Attached to the governor of Hedong, Wang Taoshi Junxu, as an imperial envoy  

According to the edict, Dengfeng Shaolin was the first ancestral monastery in the East. It was passed down in the cold for nine years. The five leaves opened the thread of the sect.  

The saint came out of Dapei for the first time. 

En Lun  

Specially ordered to use funds to rebuild the Zen Buddhism Headquarters Temple.  

The edict was entrusted to Nanru Road, Nanyang Prefecture, Cheng Shouqin, at least Lin, and Henan Prefecture Liu Shoujing sincerely estimate that the relevant matters have been confirmed.  

The emperor's official request has been postponed and he is now petitioning.  

The emperor has designated an auspicious day for the start of construction, and we are waiting for you to gather materials as soon as possible.  

On the date of the issuance, the Chief Secretary was ordered to investigate and find out the silver taels from the rice price saved by water transportation in the twelfth year of Yongzheng's reign in the Treasury, and the accumulated silver taels donated by Hebei Province and deposited with the public. Henan Province Liu Shouxun went to the Shaolin Temple to lead his delegation to the governor. Henan Prefecture General Magistrate Xie Wei Mianchi inspected Wang Zhonggong County History Qian Li Luoyang County Cheng Yufu Sheng Yongning County History Wei Bing Dengfeng County History Jin Dalun Luoyang County History Yan Wei Yin Yanshi County County Prime Minister Lu Tinghua Procurement Materials and Parts Affairs Each person Dan Chengyang Deputy  

The Holy Son of Heaven blessed the country and the people and met him face to face.  

During the holy pilgrimage, the light and wind revived and crossed the river among the reed leaves.  

In the prosperous age, the glory of the ancient temples is exhausted, and the hearts of the feudal lord Wenhan are not betrayed.  

Reconstruction of Shaolin Temple: Jiajing Guichou King Shouyangzi of Ming Dynasty  

I have heard that the victory of Shaolin Temple is also the first cloud viewing in Songyang. According to the geographical location of Zhongyue, Mount Song, the so-called intersection of wind and rain, the intersection of yin and yang, is sixty miles southeast of Song. For the sake of Sanfeng Mountain, I respectfully test that the longevity is hidden in Yan's saying. It is said that the gods of the mountains are beautiful and the bells are praised by outstanding people. Poems about students and scholars have come about since ancient times. Renzi accepted the emperor's order to retire and serve the king. This is the virtue of his ancestors. Yu Yan is thinking about it, so please go to the court to pay homage to the pine trees and catalpa trees, and the common people are in the ceremony. I am looking forward to the distance and thinking about reward. You are already in the cloud. The ceremony was completed because I took the road to Songshan Mountain to seek the so-called Shaolin Temple. I traveled to Yan. At that time, the spring breeze was harmonious and the sun was harmonious. This is the etiquette of Fengshi. Yue Shenli's second room, reading three platforms, looking at the peaks of nests, shaking clothes, pots, and Qiu, floating as if chasing green flames, supernatural, and listening to the sound of phoenixes with the princes. The mountains are surrounded by water, the mysterious forest is lush, and Shaolin is the best. The chestnut is like a piece of wood, it is like a feather, it is as spectacular as what I have heard, it is just what I have heard, it is the founder of the ancestral nunnery, it is said that the shadow of the stone on the wall has been sitting in danger for nine years and one night, it is not Bodhidharma. It is said that Zhuo Zai Hui Ke's ambition is also covered with snow on his waist. He stands unwaveringly and passes down the clothes and laws. He is not perfect. Who can do it? Since he is reading the bamboo slips and tablets of the village, he says: "Yi Zai Si Yu Zu Kao's ambition is kept in his hands. How can it be seen by others" But Wujizhu donated a large sum of money and ordered the abbot, monk Wu Wandong, to rebuild the Gantai Tibetan Hall. The imperial court conferred a gold and bronze holy statue of the Sutra, and painted it. The abbot erected a snow pavilion to point directly to the single transmission of the inner Dharma. The five-color auspicious light from the sky will shine again in a moment, and the golden light will rise up to the sky. It is the beginning of the autumn, and it is the day of the middle of the autumn. It is also the origin of Shaolin's unique origins. The weather of the mountains and rivers sees the bell and the spirit responds. The ears of the halls, the pavilions, the doorways and the steps are slumped. Yan Xi is decorated with Yan Yue and Wan Lai will be successful next spring. It is said that there are three good deeds in this battle. Yan Zhao repairs Yin and offers sacrifices to Dun Ben Ye Yu. Then Xing Zun Du also increases the name of the temple. He also worships ancient righteousness and Zun Du Gong Ye Dun Ben Ren also gathers three good deeds in one move. How can there be no discipline? If I don’t dare to live there, I will record the years and tie up the stones.  

Monk Bedun's stele has not survived. Emperor Yingzong of the Ming Dynasty and Lu Sun granted him the title of King Houzun of Xinchang.  

The name of Zen Master Bedun was Wukong. The son of the Chen family in Yuzhou was also over 20 years old. He went to the Shaolin Temple to pay homage to a Buddhist monk and Lama as his teacher. He asked the famous master to say that the Tao is invisible. What is the name of Youkong? All the Buddhas of the three generations have names. His disciple Ande was alone as a teacher. I was taught the Heart Sutra and read it until all the five aggregates were empty. I suddenly realized that my body is still an illusion. Where can I ask for a name? One day, I hand-made a large hoard in front of my teacher. The teacher pointed out that the plaque hoard is your name. I also answered that even if it is named, there is nothing in the hoard. The master said. Later, he went to the top of Emei to live in a thatch. One day, he saw Amitabha Buddha holding a part of the Great Amitabha Sutra. He said that there was a sutra inside the collection and nothing outside it. He gave it to Ru Guang and ordered him to pass it on. The Amitabha Sutra returned to Shaolin soon after the Qianzang was recited. Shaolin was the place where Bodhidharma was single-transmitted. He gave three hundred dollars and two parents led the monks and monks to hold a Dharma feast together. In the 42nd year of Emperor Jiajing's reign, he again traveled to Emei and arrived at Zhoujiang River. In the middle, it is said that the road is vast and boundless, and there are not many people who have landed on the shore, sitting and passing away. Disciples Sun Puming and others said that the place where my master was born in Shaolin was buried and his young room was built. The pagoda was completed and he walked to Junyang to worship at Buqi. In order to express his pity to his aunt, the Zen Master gave a detailed description of the Zen Master's behavior to block the public's expectations and to look forward to the passing of time in the second year of Yunlong Qing's reign.  


Shunzhi fourteenth year.  

The Ministry of Rites officially promoted the Bo direct sect to continue the sect's tradition and honor the country's rituals. The temple offered sacrifices to the Qing officials and the case was submitted to the headquarters to send the monk Lu Si Xingning and other eight people to declare that the Henan Songshan Shaolin Temple has become the world's Buddhist school since Bodhidharma's face to the wall. In the ancestral court, all successors who transmit the Dharma are invited by the Ministry of Rites to pay the abbot, Shaolin Tiyan Zen School, the descendants of the Zen School, the ancestors, the lamps, the monks, the real people of Yansheng Taoism who have been here for thousands of years, and they have not followed the changes of the generations. They are also the 20th Shaolin Temple today. The eight generations of abbot Haikuan who taught the Dharma were descendants of the previous twenty-seventh generation abbot Hui Xi who taught the disciples of the Yi Bo Sect the moral purity and refined Zen philosophy, which set an example for a generation. In July of the twelfth year of Chongzhen in the Ming Dynasty, the Ministry of Rites taught the Dharma to the abbot who entered the temple. Fortunately, the Qing Dynasty established the Ten Thousand Laws Reform in March of the third year of Shunzhi. In March of the third year of Shunzhi, the governor of Inner Mongolia issued a message and the Henan and Beijing officials announced that he had recommended the Ministry of Education. Abbot Haikuan was exchanged for the new one. He returned to the temple due to Kuan's foot illness and was not given the gift. Now that he has recovered, he went to the Ministry to ask for the exchange. The new people have relied on the Buddha's lineage for thousands of years, and their merits will last forever. Because of this, they went to the ministry to be approved and sent to the chaplain hall. In March of the third year of Shunzhi, there was a message from the governor of Henan and the official of Henan Beijing announced that he would protect the abbot of Shaolin Temple. The transfer of monk Haikuan to a new one is on record. Now, according to monk Lu Si Xingning and others, it is said that Haikuan's moral integrity, Zen practice and refinement can set an example for a generation. He is the person who taught the Dharma in the twenty-eighth generation of Bodhidharma. It was exchanged for the new continuation of the Zen sect. The monks could also wait for the permission to submit the case to the abbot and submit it to the ministry. Therefore, He Haikuan went to the Shaolin Temple to abbot the robe and the monks burned incense to continue the Zen sect. To the right of the payer, the abbot of the Shaolin Temple in Songshan, Henan, Haikuan Zhun, paid this inscription on February 2, the 14th year of Shunzhi.  

Shaolin Temple Monument in the Gate of Tang Dynasty Pei  

The original husband, the star of the holy fate of the Brahma world, opened the world of transformation. The sun shines on the palace, and the miracles contain the three spirits. Expanding the causes of suffering, opening the door to wisdom, profoundly understanding the world of happiness, the crane forest changes color, watching the heart of admiration, the wild goose pagoda opens, leading to the path of admiration, the Shaolin Temple was built by the late Wei Xiaowen, and the Taishi near Dian, Tokyo, is located in the west, and the righteousness resides in Liuhe. The capital of the Qing Dynasty controlled the Hui Gou Mountain in the north, stood on the Tianmen of Wanluo, and wandered in the south on the Yingshui River in the clouds of the Jing River. The profound Taoist industry of Myanmar came from the Western Regions. Xiaowen, the king of the country, lived in Huangwu, Jingtaihe, Shenxianlin, and Zhongzhao ordered the temple to provide the pure water for Dharma to the master. He built a relic stupa on the west platform of the temple and then built a sutra translation hall. Perfume becomes a gold-coated rope, a promise of painstaking efforts and night painting, a land of many treasures, a golden body, and the words of the Tathagata Chrysostom, which connects the clouds and can be sheltered. The long stream on the west edge is surrounded by pines and cypresses, and the deep cliffs are covered with dense fireworks in the north. Under the thick mist, the fragrance of the sky and the clear sound of the spring are heard at dawn. The music of Bhatta is breathless. The earth is happy and quiet, and the mind is filled with a sense of tranquility. Then I come to this place to realize that when I am sleeping, if there is a god and man, he will give me a stone chime, four feet long, to regulate the rhythm of nature. At that time, Master Tripitaka Lerna translated sutras and treatises, and Zen Master Tuchou traveled to Jisha to search for the true Dharma. Emperor Wu of the Zhou Dynasty built the pagoda temple and built the temple. Emperor Wu of the Zhou Dynasty built the Dezhong Na Yuan Song's theory and ended the teaching of Shi Lao. He led Tu Jialan Xian to restore the Buddha statue from the destroyed elephant of the Ming Emperor. The statue of Tianzun was erected in a temple in each of the two capitals. They were named Zhi'an because of filial piety. Zhi'an in Luozhong is the temple. In the Sui Dynasty, Emperor Gaozu accepted Zen and Zhengshuo changed the emblem. However, the name of the temple was still opened in Huangzhong. There was an edict to cultivate one hundred hectares of land in Baigu, which should be given to the Shaolin Temple. At the end of the great cause, the temple was robbed by bandits. The monks resisted the thieves and set fire to the pagoda. All the buildings in the courtyard were destroyed together. The Zhanyan Lingta remained alone. Fifty miles northwest of the temple, there are a group of Baigu villas. The peaks merge with the deep valleys, winding and complex. The clouds overlook the dragon realm. The Buddha on the high roof stands next to the bird road and lives in Jin Chengwu. In Qi, Shichong, the king of Qi Dynasty, arrogated the official title of Yuanzhou and took advantage of the dangers of the land to set up a beacon and support the army. The map of Luoyi general. Emperor Taizongwen of the Vatican Palace, Long Yue, Taiyuan Army, Ci Guangwu University, opened the palace, went to practice the army, monk Zhijian Huitanzong and others went to examine the spirit and family members, discerned who belonged to the eulogy, led the crowd to reject it, and acted as a teacher to resist. Ming Dashun served as his nephew. Therefore, Emperor Taizong of the present dynasty commended his righteousness and frequently sent a letter to express his condolences. He received excellent teachings and inherited his favor. He was given 40 hectares of land and was rolled with water. This is Baiguzhuang. This is also Wudezhong Temple. There are white sparrows on the day when the heavy pagoda was built in Zhenguan. Baique Furui, Emperor Gojong, the Great Emperor Xianheng Zhongcheng Yuruzhi Yufei, inscribed in gold on the Boruo stele, left a flag, statue and a gift of Yongjunzhong's imperial letter, and flew in white on the temple wall, inscribed with "fly" on the temple wall. The sages built meritorious deeds. There are winter bamboo shoots in the hanging arch. Behind the pagoda, there are vines. The sage sent money to the vines to repair the steps.  

In the winter of the 11th year of the 11th year, a benevolent decree was sent to a group of masters to engrave the Shaolin Temple. The Emperor Ming ordered all the temples in the world to watch the farm and to blame the emperor. The land of this temple and the special place of Nianxian Shengguang Xiduo, which has been returned to the temple in many years, are not under official control. There is no more spiritual mountain in the sea than Songshan Mountain. This is the dojo in the mountain. The two rooms of Shengdian are close to the eight valleys. The flower gate, the stone pillars, the wonderful tower and the fragrant pavilion overlook the Qiao Ringing the golden bell in the forest, the quiet praise of the Dharma Realm in the clear desert is like the blessing of the royal family. It should be so forever and ever. The palace of Trayat and Li was robbed and the dust emblem was recorded. The meeting of the iron siege was refined, and the precious stones were visited. The good workers will be inspired by the poet's words. Praising the virtues of the Golden Immortal and proclaiming its meaning far away, it is a metaphor for the vacuum. The co-words say: Hengsha, land, dust, false visions, flying towards the righteous heart, storage cabinet, dark road, Mo Xiao, pure roots, will fall into the clouds, covered with happiness, entangled in sleep, steaming, the great sage descends into the world. Snorkeling, returning to the Treasure Axis, Guangyun Cizhou, the real non-destruction, showing that there is a descending Cyanosis Palace to the west, a white horse flows eastward, memes, slow life and enlightenment, starting from the Jade Temple, building a treasure mountain, holding a flower platform, a bamboo forest, clear springs, wonderful water, stillness, only the truth is clear and clear. Zhiyan Yansongling Heluo Juzhen subordinate Jiuxi Shangqian Qianren Tiandeng heavy block Immortal capital Qingjun style creation move is the capital to lure into Wanbi Shangde Zai birth Qi spread the industry of Western soil performance education Chinese filial piety and application of the gift of respect are still added The business banquet room is located in the north of Yunxia Zhongyue, at the western foot of Songgao, in the slanted boundary of Yuchi Cave, in the Baigu Valley, in the Yugong Stream, in the continuous stream of water, trees and sandalwood clouds. Flowers are found in the ground, Zen is used to understand the empty space, Ying Zhen is tacitly understood, Kaishi rides on a cup, travels by cup, collects vibrations, and translates secluded verses. The immortal chime inspires spiritual sparrows, brings good fortune, and delivers earth and wood. Blowing the Dharma body, Xianyi, purifying the country, with the emperor, or hearing the news, resurrecting, vibrating and collapsing, the god Yao should be in time to bring order to the chaos. Anyway, the emperor felt his power and made a grand blessing. He suppressed the ugly disciples, supported the saints, and sent down the benevolent edicts. At the time of Emperor Gaozong, Yu successively conducted divination campaigns. Urgently return to the carving chariot, repeatedly leaning on the rainbow, strict inscriptions, jade letters, vibrating gold sound, treasures and talismans, recommended to the present, my emperor, Longxing, has the code, salty rank, Yizi, the upper realm style, the magic pen, cloud shake, Dawei Luanhui Shaoshi, grass hanging fairy dew Lin Sheng Buddha protects the Eightfold Righteousness every day. Every time Nengren Batuo descends to the Duke of Virtue, he has a neighbor. Later, the true couple spread it. Because of discerning talents, high conduct and immutable pure dust, Zhuoyan Brahma has been a wise man for generations. Now, all my masters are overtaken by Zen. Heng Du Jing is beyond the ice and snow and is far away from Jinliang. It is nothing but a bitter festival. Yingshang Lingyue mountain treasure palace shows Brahma sky solitary mark. Shen County must be sincere and exhaustible. Mulberry fields are changing. Zhenshi is always published. Spiritual flowers are always everywhere.  

The inscription in the Shaolin Temple's kitchen storehouse has not been preserved. Gu Shaolian of the Tang Dynasty  

Enlighten the true vehicle, formless door, stillness, exert the great merits of the teaching of the image, nothing is impossible, it can reach the extreme, nothing is not possible, it cannot be transformed into the ordinary, also by looking at the shadow, seeking the form, seeing the smoke, knowing the fire, the Tathagata induces good, the road is the crowd, the dark, the bright, the steps are along the shallow In fact, the profound knowledge can be traced back to the dream of Emperor Ming of the Han Dynasty when a golden man walked into the palace. He heard about it in the court, picked up Yi Ran's poems, obtained Zhu Qian's Weixiang statue, built a pagoda temple, and succeeded the Shaolin Temple. It was renamed Xitian, the Elephant, when the Emperor opened it, and if he was following the sky, he would help people capture thieves, help the believers, and destroy the demon army. It would flood the pure land and protect the pure land in the haze. This is also obvious to us in the Tang Dynasty. Its miraculousness is the Sutra of Yorobhadra, and the Shiling Pagoda will not be burned by fire during the tribulation. It refers to the hope that the spring will flow to the west, and the Duke of Chu will wave his staff, and the two beasts will end their fight. Hui can cut his arms, and the dust of the three industries will cease. Fenlan will be planted in the forest, and the crane will fly in the Dharma Realm. Where the wind and rain are balanced, the beauty of the high and steep mountains intersects with the fresh air and accumulates the secret traces of spiritual immortals. Therefore, people with lofty ideals, curious people, and those who are tied to dust cages often come to seek banquets. Those who sit there can live forever, but the treasury is empty and the kitchen is poor. Every time the believers in the royal city offer alms, they store up the cypresses in the upper fields, and collect what they put in. Although the true nature is not false, there are many hidden things, but the conduct of the great road is evil, and they abandon the ground to explain the true and eternal words. The founding is aimed at Hongji, Henan Yindu Gong Huang Shanggong, the master of the distinction, diligent and false innocence. The stipends were paid to the people of the capital, including the white cranes, who jointly planted the seedlings. This is a blessing for the poor, and the effect is rich. The God of Wealth, the dragon, gives beads, and the elephants. Junli adds to the temple half a cliff, crawls on the road, competes with pines and cypresses, controls the evil spirits at the top of the mountain, and is a Buddhist charity at the bottom of the rock. Teach people to forget their labors and start planning. It is enlightenment, it is to level its ridges and its broadness. The people of the city are the craftsmen of Cheng Ying. They use skill to accumulate the stems, such as the Fu to transport the catties. In the period of time, the daily work is not wasted. Find the ruler, chisel it in the middle, use it to cut the dirt, and do not invade it. If it is a curved protrusion, it can relax the smoke and clear the sinus, so that it can flow. If it's too old, it'll be boiled, and it'll be steamed out in the cauldron. The steamed essence will be clean, so that the juice will be soaked, the flame will be injected, and the fragrance will be ventilated. When the wind comes, it will wash away the troubles. It was sealed and used without any expense, so that the public offerings would not be wasted. However, in the Ming and Yuan Dynasties, it was sealed and sealed. It was also appropriate to secure the treasury and worship the Buddha. The pavilion is vast and the dining hall is full of incense. The tower is towering and overlooks the mountain of Qi. Every time the bells ring and the sun rises, the disciples of the three houses gather together to eat in the hall. They always blow to express solemnity and worship. The sound of the sea tide is completed, the five salts, the seven dishes, and the heavy fragrant rice are from the Chinese kitchen. They are made in Guangxie. Don’t desecrate the things you have done. Those who seek diligently will never have trouble. Those who work hard at the end of the day will have the ultimate trust. Don’t arrogate to Su Ke Zhuang Qi You Dali. Ji Shaolian was appointed as an official and his entourage entered the officialdom in the second century. In the year before this, he met Luo Shi in the Dian Dynasty. He met the famous Taoist monks in the mountain and still obeyed the original words. The king's affairs were restrained, so he got his way and wrote the record of the kitchen library. Yunshi Zhenyuan was the Wuyin-year-old emperor. Twenty years of mourning 

Shang Gaozong Shu Xuanzhuang 

Xuanzhuang has learned a lot of teachings since he was young, but he has no time to settle down in the Four Zen and Nine Concentrations. Now the original Tuolu Zen sect has a clear mind and a calm mind. But this state has Songgao, Shaoshi, mountains, overlapping peaks, many strange streams, pregnant winds and clouds, containing benevolence, wisdom and fruit medicine. In the midst of the abundant luxuriant grass and clear sky, there are temples such as Shaolin, Jialanju, etc., all across the pillow rock gully, with forest springs, Buddhist temples, and dignified rooms. This is the place where the Tripitaka Bodhisattva of the Later Wei Dynasty translated the sutras. It is also a place where you can take refuge, practice Zen, and observe the two dynasties. The scholar is relieved and returns to his sea nest. Many lay people still know that Qi Ji Xuan pretends to be a monk and serves as a Dharma translator. 

The explanation of the inscription on the altar of precepts is pure. 

The Karma Dharma is in the holy religion, regardless of its form, golden mouth or respect. It is based on observing the Western Regions, the staff, and the East, visiting the grand events, and following the joy, chatting and journaling. Now the Shaolin Ordination Altar has lost its place. Songshan Zhi said that the right Ordination Altar Monument was opened by Zhang Jie, a bachelor in the third year of Kaiyuan. Wang Shizhen, the calligrapher, said that at that time there were still few outstanding figures and they did not use the title of the book. What Pharaoh Chengner and Shizhen called the spiritual stele was the calligraphy of the monks at that time, which was unparalleled in the holy teachings. All the strokes are similar to those of today. Fortunately, it still survives. I don’t know where the altar stele is. Time is dead  

The monument to Master Bodhidharma in the Shaolin Temple has been rebuilt and no one has survived. Ouyang Xuan  

Master Weixi Bodhidharma hid his chamber in the dragon gate and hid his boat. Emperor Xiao Liang and Emperor Wu of the time recalled that Hui Ming personally made the dome stele and promoted it from generation to generation. The old inscriptions were lost and the inscriptions were only in the third year of Emperor Yuan to Yuan Dynasty. The Shaolin elder Xi'an of Si Mao was going to cut the stone Luo. The source of Zen in Shubiao sent his disciples to Beijing to seek verification at this time. The emperor and the empress dowager ordered ministers to narrate that Bodhidharma, the first ancestor of the Eastern Territory, came from Guangdong to China from Zhuqian. In the battle of the camp, Hansheng was defeated. The teacher was very sad and went to save this evil. Liang Wu worshiped all the people, Lin Zhengai defended the law, and the golden soup was the medicine that saved the world. The husband died in the Ming Dynasty and sold it. If the king fails to do so, he will stop advancing and retreating. How can there be any improvement? Although Liang and Wu are short of needles and mustards, they have slightly chiseled the traces of conflict and incompatibility. Looking at the traces of his writings, he laments and sincerely returns to the way of worshiping the monarch and his ministers. The friendship has always been meaningful. In the Song Dynasty, The clouds meet the green hills, and I understand the nature of birth and death. I have no faith, and it is as unpredictable as going and staying. The secret decree is not replaced. I think about the four truths and merge the three bodies with the same life span. I have enough achievements. Hong, but my Yuan is vast and magnificent. I can use it to candle the vastness. The calamity is like a breath bag. The Dharma Realm is like a niche. The earthen house in the gold. The Southern Society of the Song Dynasty. Its famous mountains and rivers, the great deeds of the past generations, are not destroyed. They also show that they uphold the great emperor and the queen mother, follow the ancestral teachings and secret covenants, and use the heart of the Buddha to promote the common world. For example, if thunder moves without any fault, all things will have an opportunity. The moon will shine on a thousand rivers selflessly. Then the master's virtue will be reproduced in the Zhao Dynasty by reproclaiming the previous king's text with false emblems. How prosperous it is? The old texts and bamboo slips made by the Gu Xiao family are like the new Lu Guan, but they still use the old materials to polish and retouch the left side. Yongxi Hongxiu will give it to all the future generations.  

Reinstallation of Buddha Statues and Stele Festival in Luemingshan Xizhi  

After the Shaolin Temple, Wei Xiaowen created it. In the past, Bodhidharma promised to come to the west to sing a solitary farewell to Fu Miqi. Liang Wu crossed the river to the Wei Dynasty for nine years. There is a cave in Rufeng. Since the Wei Dynasty, it has been established or abandoned. The former Yuan Dynasty Qi Zuo Xueting Ying The imperial edict came to the ancestral seat to express the silent truth. There was a slight lull in Qihan's Great Heat for a few years. During the period, the sect's style was greatly strengthened. At the end of the world, all the famous temples in Bandanghai were burned down. Only half of the ancestral court remained. There are things in it that are ignorant and ignorant, which is pitiful. In the fourth year of the reign of Haiyu and Hongwu in this dynasty, in Xia Luoyang, Chai Yuanjin and his wife generously offered a ransom for the third generation of Buddha. It is hoped that the rewards of good and evil will follow each other like a shadow. It is easy to say that in a house that accumulates good deeds, there must be those who celebrate Confucianism. Is this true in Buddhism?  

A summary of the reconstruction of the First Ancestor Hall, Luo Hongxian in the 39th year of Jiajing  

Bodhidharma stopped facing the wall in Shaolin for nine years and never recited sutras, but he always showed the secret meaning of Buddhism to outsiders since Sakyamuni. He often recited the true sutras and answered Liang Wu's theory. He had countless merits and virtues. He built temples, but everywhere he established wonderful pure and majestic Buddha lands. He often built treasure temples in Shaolin. For a moment, it was said that Zhu Si, our party, had always heard about it. Gu also said that he was able to criticize Yang Mo, that is, the saint and his disciple Sa Sao should deal with the essence. From this, he saw that he could be promoted to Confucius Hall. Thousands of Zhu Si's disciples sang strings During this period, I was not tired of learning the beans. It is difficult for people to follow. I have not advanced with them. Since Da Mo entered Cathay, I have been called the first ancestor. The Five Transmissions of Huangmei Dharma have become more and more prosperous. Although they gradually parted ways, they still have Yu hands holding the clothes and bowls. They must stand up and break the snow. At the beginning of the arm, he taught each other, and his teachings must wait for dozens of people to pass them on. There is a sect title, a large chapter version, Shunde, Li's son has been taught by famous monks since he was a child, Jiajing, Dingsi, Henan, Shoulian, and his name has led to the granting of ultimatums. It has not been four years since The treaty was abolished and the old temple was renovated. The original temple has not been rebuilt. The sills and edifices are strong and strong on the old wall. He sent his disciples to protect him thousands of miles, begged and expressed his trust, and said with a smile, "I have tried to criticize Yang Mening'er," he said with his words, "Guangguang protects me with sorrow," and asked for mercy. His sincerity is enough to inspire our party to record the years and return them to Chu Zu'an.  

Jia Yuanshan was not recorded in the inscription on the stele of the Dharma Hall when it was rebuilt  

The ancestral temple of Shaolin stood in the middle of the camp during the Wei Dynasty. Zhuoguan Jungle was built up and down in nine hundred years. At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, soldiers suddenly emerged. The gates of the temple were still there. The monks came out to preside over the fusheng hall. It fell into ruins and was unable to become a holy dynasty. The Hunyi sect was restored to the Qing Dynasty, and the monks obtained their teachings and gained their true benevolence. The mountain scholars became virtuous and well-behaved. They were dedicated, distinguished, and respected by all the people. They were respected by all the masters and practiced their duties. They thought about the predecessors. The Dharma Hall took on a new look. Every visitor must not miss it. I am happy that the Buddha has come to greet me, and the water has come to welcome me. I have achieved enlightenment and achieved the physical form. I have performed meritorious deeds, gold and stone, and preserved my name forever.  

The reconstruction of the meditation hall was recorded in treasure. 

Chaos is divided, and then the universe is determined. The universe is determined, and then creation is created. The creator is as bright as the sun, moon, and stars. The five elements are as thick as the mountains, rivers, mountains, and rivers. All things are born, hundreds of counties are merged, and the nine states are ascended. The stars are spread out, and the ground is connected to Luoyang. The heart of heaven and earth seizes the heart of the world. Delicately, twenty-five miles west of the city, the ancestral court, the Shaolin dome, is extremely beautiful. On the face, the young room faces towards the front, on the back, with five breasts, the back leans on the alms bowl and the incense burner. On the right, the big room has a beautiful girl. Around it, the beautiful girl looks up at Qianxun. Below, there is a majestic and majestic place. The land, the spirit, the outstanding people, the wonderful sight, the water, the mountains, the brightness, the beauty. Within the four dimensions, it is the paradise world. I believe that I am the Brahma King and recruit Bodhidharma. I return to the ancestral court from Liang and face the wall for nine years. I only encounter the divine light, amputate my arm, and feel at ease. The secret of heaven is leaked. I just walk to the west and return to freedom. Since the Tang and Song Dynasties, bowl lanterns have continued to explain the great sects, Youhong Weiwei, Taizu Gao of the Ming Dynasty , sacred texts, Shenwu, unified transport, Hongwu, Jianyuan, the world, a mixed cart, the same track, the same text, the production of rituals, the prosperity of science and education, and the treasure in the first year of Chenghua. Zen Master Xin Shi Suiyang Li's mango shoes, bamboo cane, playing in the rivers and lakes, traveling and hiding freely, hiding his light, hiding his traces, pillowing on stones, sleeping in the clouds, cultivating the Tao for several years. One day, he returned to the ancestral court and wandered around, looking around at the pavilions and halls. The strength of a new division is the strength of a new division. The disciples are enlightened and can see the division's merits. They belong to Wen Zhen and Shi Shou. They will be used as a tortoise in the future. This is to be remembered.  

Renovation of Zen Hall by Zhang Sixiao  

Shaolin is the majesty of the world, the ancestral seal of Buddhism, and its ancestral origin. It was originally the place where Bodhidharma taught Dharma. Later, Emperor Xiaowen of Wei and the eminent monk Batuo founded it here. With its beautiful peaks and mountains surrounding it, sentient beings can set up temples to pray for the righteousness of their husbands' lives. Since the Sui, Tang, Song and Yuan Dynasties, the Xianghuo Yuchi Temple has an old bell tower, a hidden pavilion, and the Jialan Patriarch's halls. All the halls are still neat and tidy. In the middle, there is the Daxiong Hall to accommodate the saints in the west. In the north, there is the Shanchuan Hall, which is used to realize the world. In the east, there is the Xiangji Kitchen, which is like a Duxi Zen Hall. The tiles covered by the area are basically intact and have fallen off over the years. There are dangers of wind and rain. The beauty and evil of the temples are different. The clouds wander and hang here. Those who live here cannot stay for a long time. There are many monks from Anye Temple, Zhou Guangyou. Motivation, he generously invested in the work of carving out beasts and pottery tiles, and the scale was very new. In the past, the processing started in Gengwu, Zhengde , and ended in April. In June of the same year, all the money was spent. Today, Shi Shi, if one person can achieve many things, he has become a monk and is happy to tell him that he can achieve it with just one person. This cannot be done without words, so that he can take advantage of it. The first monk in the future can achieve Yu Bai, and after the things have happened, he will talk about it to record his years.  

Traveling to Shaolin in Songshan Mountain and Remembering the Golden Loyal Warrior  

Since ancient times, those who have been called "Zhuang Tour" must be said to be the Five Sacred Mountains. In the past, Xiang Ziping was so ambitious that he had to stay before the wedding was completed. It was still difficult for the rude ministers to crown their heads, and it was not difficult for those who organized the position to be dedicated to government and specialized in traveling. Nowadays, only two or three ministers are allowed to leave official positions and travel at the same time. They patrol the world under the emperor's express orders and govern the world. There are no fixed places in the famous mountains and rivers. There are traces of chariots and horses. Yanzi has been in charge of the station for several years. For the first time, he was in Guizhu, the ancient Yelang realm. The landscapes and rivers are not less strange than those in the Xia Dynasty. They were desolate and desolate. They lived in exile in Yu Gongzhifang. Now that the native people are simple and unintelligible, how can they be lost to the world? Then Liang Zhejiang is regarded as the first vassal in the world. It is like Tianmu. The waters of Kuaiji, Siming, Yandang, such as Qiantang, Zhenze, Fuchun, and Tiao River, are used by celebrities and rhymes to show off Yang Xu. They are no more than the abbot Yingzhou. The letter is called a beauty. However, the five mountains, four mountains, and rivers listed in the sacrificial canon are not included in one, and it is not a grand view of the universe. Zhejiang Service Finally, there is Zhongzhou. Zhongzhou is the ancient emperor. Jidian is the meeting place of heaven and earth, yin and yang, and the intersection of the four seasons. It is also very comforting. I have been thinking about it for a long time. I am happy to quit and go to Daliang in the second spring of Wushen. Although Daliang will only rely on the river, there is no view of other mountains and rivers. When Da Liao was on his way to the victory of Songshan Mountain, he would lead him to the west and see the peaks of the second room, which were faintly inserted into the Han Dynasty. Even if they were not there, they would be extinguished. Even the poem said that it was as high as Mount Wei in the sky, and the god descended from it. According to the tribe, the story should start from Hebei. From Linyan across the river, those stationed in Gongcheng for a long time, along with the guards at Sheqi, arrived at Qinhuai and looked at Jidu. Every time they saw in the public the so-called "Hanling Maimen Wangwu" and the mountains leading it, they were always in Songgao. On the first string of June, they returned the next day. Cross the river from Mengjin and enter Luonai to the south, becoming the place of Dingding of Zhou Dynasty, which is destined to be the best in the world. Looking forward to Yique and behind, looking to the north of Mang and Yiluo Stream. On the left and right, people ask the people who sealed it. Yuntai, Bronze Camel and Golden Valley, all the ancient monuments have been reduced to thorns and rubble.  

Bai Zhongyue, who is one of the only remaining names in the field for more than ten days on official duties, is in Dengfeng. The story is that it is appropriate to visit and offer sacrifices. He sent an order from Henan to Dengfeng to prepare fragrant silk and rice until the end of the day. The next day, he drove across the Yishui River and crossed eastward. Fengshi stayed in Yuanyuan, Gengchen, and Huzhumu were traveling eastward. It was raining heavily and the weather was new. I saw clear clouds in the sky, about to fall, and they were about to fall into the mountains near and far. Peaks and peaks appeared one after another. Suddenly, twenty miles away, they reached the entrance of the mountain. The stone road was very steep, and they were in the second room. The branch is also located in the same ridge as the Tang Dynasty Emperor Gaozong's chariot road. The rain wall faces each other in the shape of a carriage. Eight miles southeast, at least Lin Temple is located at the northern foot of Shaoshi Mountain at the Yangtaihe Center of Wuru Peak. Later Wei Xiaowen was the founder of Hu Monk Batuo and was temporarily guarded by the abbot. Liao Shaojun, like a dragon, came with his troops to pay a visit to the county. Yao Jiuwan, Li Yang Tiren, was enthroned. Fu Meiji came in one after another. After dinner, the monk came to stay and brought tea for a sip. The abbot was enthroned. Snow Pavilion In the past, monk Huike served Bodhidharma in the snow until Teng Buqi died. Later, it became Kunlu Pavilion. Therefore, the materials of Yiwang's Farewell Hall were moved to this extremely magnificent site leaning on the peak. The temple dome was restored. From the front of the Dharma Hall, you can see the inscriptions. Lin Liyi Zen recorded that when Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty was the king of Qin, he sent a monk to make an appointment and sent troops to capture Wang Shichong. After that, the monks were among the 13 who made meritorious service. Only Yunzong paid homage to the general and gave him 40 hectares of Baiguzhuang. This was enough to make up for the shortage of the Tang book. To this day, the monks of the temple have been praised for their bravery and bravery. A hundred steps further to the West Corridor is the Gandai Terrace, where Xibhatu turned over the scriptures and read the nectar from heaven, hence its name. It passes through the foothills of the forest for three miles to the Chu Zu'an. The pines and cypresses are very strange and ancient. Then, turn northwest and turn to the northwest. Outside the door of the hall, there are six characters of "Dharma" carved on the wall. It is written by Bian of Cai Dynasty in the Song Dynasty and has a stele with sixteen words of praise. It is the statue of Bodhidharma in the study room of Huang Tingjian. It is a stone high and two feet wide. It is said that the statue of Xiao Bodhisattva was made of stone when it was facing the wall for nine years.The person on the mountain is very suspicious. He is also led to the Qin Huai behind the Jing Pavilion with the monk. It is ten feet high and thirty feet in circumference. Wen Lugong Shaolin poem has the fifth grade of the poem "Feng Huai". I don't know where to find it. In the afternoon, there is an inscription of Shaojun inviting him to drink in the Zhangzhong in the south of the stream. Watching the group of monks, they drank together for ten rounds and then started to make a sound. Walking east for about 15 miles, Sheguan Road looked for a trail. Then, looking north at the mountain root, Hui Shan Dharma King's temples were densely covered with trees. We went straight to Songyang Palace to see the Han Dynasty's three cypress trees. The perimeter is three feet to five feet, then three feet, and then two feet. The root is used to help suspects. In the third generation, Wu Xiong of the Han Dynasty whipped the four barbarians. When he read Taishi, the public guard Huo Fu said that he was lucky enough not to be exhausted. Now his body and bones are all rotten. Sanbai is called a general, but he still has good feet. It seems like there is a monument to praise Li Linfu's saintliness. Why don't you cross out the words of flattery to the female minister and retreat, beat Yang Yongshu for it and postscript to it. I want to use this to look up at the heights of the peaks of Songding. The boundless setting sun covers the green color, and you can see the young room. Cui Eluruo and the royal family are competing with each other. It is really a wonder. You can also look east to Chengtian and Chongfu. The two palaces are deserted and you don’t want to go there. So you go into the city and arrive at the county magistrate’s office. Then you enter the Baiji Temple. When Zudou is ready for the sacrifice, there is the so-called Luyan stone in the southeast of Baicheng. There are many traces on the right side of the mountain. Please take the bridle and go to me. They all face the order to save the animals and make repairs in the morning. After the sacrifice is completed, Nanqiao, you give the order to Weiwei. When we came out, it was night and the sky suddenly became overcast at the third watch, and the rain was making fun of us. The birds were singing and the sky was still falling, so we sent an order to tell Gaixin that it was already dawn, so we went out to the east gate and arrived at the temple in the rain. When the rain stopped, the ceremony was completed, and Ji Shaojun invited him to drink in the Tianzhong Pavilion. I thanked him and went to the Bijie Hall to change his clothes and send the order to the Song Dynasty King Zeng, Chen Zhiwei and others. He didn't hesitate to read the inscriptions. Then he got up and looked at Huang Gaifeng from the distance from the curtain. The temple system has a heavy door and a long temple. The monuments are like blocks of pines and junipers, like clouds. He can't take it easy.I have seen that if Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty met a young boy and received a beautiful woman, he heard the long live birth and Fuqiu, and all the immortal sites in Jin Dynasty, I could only look for them in the pictures and records. I couldn't find them one by one. The geology was also returned to the city by the old road. It was published when the rice was moved. The sun is getting high at Ximen, and the flow of water across the small river is very fast. It has changed its shoulder and headed south. It is the end of the year. There is a drought. There has been no rain since the first month of spring. As for summer and June, the wheat is withered and there are no green crops in the fields. The elders are crying and imitating accusations. I am trying to help you. The trip to the mountains by the husband of the feudal lord, Si Yi, was supposed to be a pleasure. The tour lasted for several days. The crowds who looked at the abundant dishes here felt sad secretly. Wang Boyun knew the number of the moon in Yingxu. He also left the city for fifty miles and looked around. The mountain became more and more steep as it got further away. The poet's praise in the sky is not to deceive me. The white tiger reaches the clouds. The mountain in the center is only added with the word "high". How can the center be located in the four directions? So it is high. Therefore, I went to the gate of the country with three simple letters and traveled tens of thousands of miles. Half of the world is located in the five mountains. Now I start to travel. The first is to drive the king's affairs in one day and try to see the sixty peaks. How is it different? It is difficult to believe that it is one of the nine tripods. However, it is possible to travel among the five mountains. If you are high, you can reach all the other four mountains. It is said that you can travel all over the five mountains. Also to remember He also left the city for fifty miles and looked around. The mountain became more and more steep as it got further away. The poet's praise in the sky is not to deceive me. The white tiger reaches the clouds. The mountain in the center is only added with the word "high". How can the center be located in the four directions? So it is high. Therefore, I went to the gate of the country with three simple letters and traveled tens of thousands of miles. Half of the world is located in the five mountains. Now I start to travel. The first is to drive the king's affairs in one day and try to see the sixty peaks. How is it different? It is difficult to believe that it is one of the nine tripods. However, it is possible to travel among the five mountains. If you are high, you can reach all the other four mountains. It is said that you can travel all over the five mountains. Also to remember He also left the city for fifty miles and looked around. The mountain became more and more steep as it got further away. The poet's praise in the sky is not to deceive me. The white tiger reaches the clouds. The mountain in the center is only added with the word "high". How can the center be located in the four directions? So it is high. Therefore, I went to the gate of the country with three simple letters and traveled tens of thousands of miles. Half of the world is located in the five mountains. Now I start to travel. The first is to drive the king's affairs in one day and try to see the sixty peaks. How is it different? It is difficult to believe that it is one of the nine tripods. However, it is possible to travel among the five mountains. If you are high, you can reach all the other four mountains. It is said that you can travel all over the five mountains. Also to remember 

Fu Mei said that the next year in Meiling County will be the year-old summer and June in Wushen territory. He directly pointed out that Jin Gong had something to do. He passed the Shaolin Temple in Zhongyue and the Songyang Palace was completed. The elders in the south blocked the way and asked him to leave a message to Su Gong. Fu Ruo also said that I saw it in person. There is no green grass in the fields. I don’t want to use my officials to work in the kitchen. I have to pay attention to the common people’s worries. Not many disasters have occurred. I have not yet received relief. Qiu issued an order to lift a group of young people out of the ravine and eat there. I went to the base and made a public notice. An inscription on the plum blossom. The Zhenmin is listed on the wall of the lecture hall, and I have a few words written in it. A proverb from the Later Xia Dynasty says: "A trip to Yu is for the princes. In the past, those who patrolled the hunter now dare to praise those who patrolled the hunter. The future will still see the present, and the present will still see the past. I will continue to travel here." It is also the case of three complexes  

Travels in Shaolin by Yuan Hongdao  

The Shaolin Temple has a few rooms and is completely different from the natural surroundings of the mountains in front of it. The ancient monuments between Jingluo and Jingluo are all ruined. Only this temple still survives as a typical example. Today, people travel to the East Capital to look for the ruins of the Forbidden City. It is impossible to know and inquire about the famous garden recorded by Uncle Li Wen. There is no such thing. The ruins of the statues on Yiqueyu Cliff are broken, the moss is peeling off and the moss is peeling off, which makes people cry. This is so bad that people can no longer sigh for it. The Taoist said that today's good people are valuable, and in ancient times, "Wan" means "knowledge". The mountain was hunted in the ancient Yu Dynasty, and the Wuyunliao Feibu cliff and gully were completed. Since the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the steles and forests have been listed in the courtyard. The monk at the head of the hall said: Taoist, if you want to build this mountain in Guancheng, please give me a price. Taoist, I have already had strong people to bear it. The rest of the monks laughing loudly at the head of the hall, the children and grandchildren under Caodong, who are in charge of the courtyard, also cross the courtyard from east to west through the winding road and cross the Gan terrace. There are ancient tree roots leaning against the stone, and the void is like a beam. They have left the temple and walked west to look at the shadow of the first ancestor. The black painting on the white ground is exactly like the real image. The old monk said that there is a stone in the stream. It can cast shadows on water, trees and clouds. I said, "The stone is as heavy as the shadow. It is as heavy as Bodhidharma. It is not a shadow. It is not a stone. It is not a wall. There is no need for snake feet." After traveling for more than 30 miles from the nunnery, I found the first ancestor's cave. The rocks in the cave were like waves that could not be swept away by the Five Ru Peaks. I had descended the mountain to the Nanling Mountains for more than ten miles and found the wisdom of the heart. The platform is shaped like a bowl and leans against the green wall. It faces the wild course of the Yiluo Yellow River. In the mist of fate, I have returned to the hospital, walked through the pavilions, removed the kitchen, and rested in my husband's room. Taoist Gu Chong said, "There are traces of clothes and footsteps in the clouds, trees and smoke. It is like an old acquaintance. I have been wandering in this mountain for a long time. At dawn, I got up and the doorman stood in a white shed to beg. The master of hand fighting said that there are many stories in the mountains. There are many stunts that are tried. I want to reach the young room but there is no way. I stop at the young room. I can’t see it. I can’t see it from a distance. Those who practice martial arts look at the ancient clock and look up from the mountains. Those who come from you can only see it. Thousand-leaf hibiscus and the sky are swaying green. The clouds are just mountains. The walls on all sides are covered by mountains. The outside is so crowded that you can't see the top. You can only see the shadow. There are so many tourists and it's not comfortable. Heroes happen to be in the crowd. Even ordinary people are shoulder-to-shoulder and sheltered. They can stay far away in time. The shoulder coverings and rotten leather are all gone, and the world is beginning to look at them like flying immortals. A few years ago, I walked to Nanyang Road far away from Cuiqianxiao. The natives said that Jiuding Lianhua Village was also there. I don’t know what it is called. When I passed the mountains, I suddenly did this. Famous people only know that what they see is five hundred miles away, and the beauty of Shaoshi can be seen.  

A Zhou Xu of Traveling to Shaolin  

Turning south from Yuanyuan Road, only five miles away, the Shaolin Temple is covered with bamboos and trees, and no one can see the sun. The flowers and grass are still fragrant and the fragrance is lingering. There is a snow court behind the lecture hall, so Buddhists can receive the Dharma from Bodhidharma. They can try to serve Bodhidharma until the snow is deep to the waist, and they can still get his Dharma. I sighed and said that Yang Zhongli, the husband who traveled to Ding in the past, set up the snow in Cheng Menzu. His teachings are so beneficial that he can learn Buddhism and make disciples all over the world learn from him. There are some who fail to achieve it. Yin Guan has built inscriptions on steles in the past dynasties. The oldest one has the text inscribed by Emperor Wu of the Liang Dynasty, and the praises of Master Bodhidharma. The rest are all in the Tang and Song dynasties. From the northwest, we follow the cliff for about three miles and climb up. The mountain is steep and the forest ravines surrounding the temple are surrounded by the temple. If you look under the table, there is a stone shadow in the nunnery where Bodhidharma faced the wall. It is the remains of Bodhidharma facing the wall for nine years. Sometimes the rain stops and the clouds disappear. The smoke is clear, the cicadas are chirping, and up and down, there are suddenly thoughts of monks outside the dust. There is Huike'an in Bali Ridge in the southwest of Yunnan Province, and Zhuoxi Spring is covered with hazel grass.  

Song Travels by Wang Shixing  

Shaolin Temple Huan Ying blocks the sun, dragons and elephants are like mountains, there is no summer, and there are various inscriptions. Su Zi looks at Zhao Meng Zhao and hopes. Especially, the junipers in front of the temple rise into the sky. When the Han Dynasty asked the Qin Dynasty to seal the Sophora japonica, it was destroyed by the wind for twenty years. Today, a Sophora japonica in the east of the temple can also be a monk for hundreds of years. It is often falsely pointed out that the temple has more than 800 monks who praise tourists for being ignorant. Since Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty retired, Wang Shichong granted Yunzong official monks various martial arts. The temple was founded by Batuo forty years later, and Bodhidharma came from Xizhu where Batuo translated scriptures. The abbot, Ming Ming, and the first ancestors of the nunnery, went in to pay homage to the ancestors. The white-skinned monk with phoenix eyes said that this statue of the prince who traveled to the east later lived in the east, tasted the six poisons, and was slightly red. The three flower trees in front of the nunnery canopy. The flowers of the vine growing from the juniper are blooming deep red and lovely. Before Bodhidharma arrived, there was a high cypress tree on the left with a flower tree and Yun Lu Neng brought it in the alms bowl. There was also a book written by the Sixth Patriarch. He planted the cypress characters in a small space behind the stone nunnery. The pavilion is the shadow of Bodhidharma. The stone on the wall is about three feet high. A monk is sitting in the stone, writing a verse. He climbs to Wuru Peak. The white clouds catch the clouds on the mountainside and hide them in the cave as they pass by. Waving his sleeves, clouds fly out from the palm of his hand. The cave is also there. The stone milk enters the cave, and the cold rows of millet rise. It is impossible not to imitate the bottomless monk cloud cave. It is the home of the fire dragon. From then on, it goes down the mountain and turns south. Ten miles up the wall in front of the second ancestor's nunnery, the well is decorated with embroidery. The fourth well is the second ancestor Zhuoxi. The springs are different in appearance and have different tastes. One mile to the south is the magic training stage. When you go up to the stage, you can see Yiluo surrounding Mang Mountain. Beyond the mountain, it becomes a line of the Yellow River. From the west, you can see it within two hundred miles. The splendid view is also here. The young room is unparalleled. A long time ago, after a heavy rain, the water in the mountain stream rushed up to the shins, and there was no other way up the mountain, so it was in vain.  

Song Shao's Travels by Zhou Mengyang  

After walking down the steep slopes from Huishan for more than ten miles and passing through streams, I was overwhelmed with greenery. I saw the green glazed color, which was very high and on the same level as the mountains. The follower said that this Kunlu Pavilion was also close to Shaolin. As I walked forward, I suddenly found myself in the dense forest. After leaving the Xiaogu Temple, the monks of the temple had already led the rest of the way into the Zen forest. There were cypress trees to the east, and the monks' dormitories were shaded by several acres. During the Qin Dynasty, locust trees were also installed in front of the Buddha in the Daxiong Hall to offer incense. What I saw was that the Empress Dowager Cisheng built the Kunlu Pavilion based on Luan Mountain to store scriptures. One of the directors, Zhonggui, went out to pay tribute and was very prepared to go on a tour. So he looked around at the forest of inscriptions and inscriptions, and he couldn't see anything. For a moment, the master monk pointed to the Tang Dynasty. The stele from the Song Dynasty shows that I only know a poem about heaven and two or three poems from the Tang and Song Dynasties. Erxi left under the Five Rufeng Peak to seek the first ancestor's nunnery. The winding stream is circling. There are many stone steps and the roots of the trees are staggered. They look like snakes and dragons. The nunnery is the third level. Looking at the statue of Bodhidharma, there is a standing stone in front of it, which is two feet long. It is reflected on the wall of blood. There are five cypress trees in front of the nunnery. One of them was planted by the Sixth Patriarch. It is tall, tall, smooth and luxuriant. It is towering. Its three green vines are bordered by people in the mountain. They call it the three flowers of the young room. From the lower nunnery to the Gan Terrace, I looked at the second ancestral nunnery at the top of Bo Yu Peak as if it were on the horizon. I asked where the nobles from the top looked so frightened that they couldn't say goodbye. I happily went to the cliff to climb. I crossed the cliff and climbed down, as if I had been cut into a monk. It is said that this son is Jinfeng, and the former monk suddenly made music. If Zijin plays the sheng, I will explain it. At that time, there are many peaks, with the leaves high and indistinguishable. The door climbs up the stairs for a long time, and then it starts to reach the nunnery with negative Yang and Baoyin. There are four wells above and below the platform. Bibi looked at each other, drank several mouthfuls, and covered the small room. If there was no water, there was only Bhatta, who was scolding to the west. But there were good feet on the peak. Different people had already gone up to the gate of the nunnery and looked at the magic refining platform. The road was not very far away, but it was steep and inaccessible. The monk said that tourists were When I arrived at the second ancestor's nunnery and arrived at the magic refining platform, I left with a smile. After a while, all the peaks on it were lowered. I shook my clothes and looked around. I saw the clouds spread out in the northwest, and the trees and trees were as white as the practitioner. The monk pointed to the flow of the Yellow River. It was raining lightly in the west. Xian Yi and Luo Er returned to Shaolin and were reluctant to leave, so they went to bed and sat waiting for the moon to hang in the corner of the palace. When they fell asleep, Xi Ming set out and stood shoulder to shoulder, looking at the side of the Tianmen Gate, as if they were chipping away at the bird. Can't explain it  

Traveling to Shaolin 

Wen Xiangfeng came out of the Shaolin Temple twenty-five miles west of Dengfeng. When he was in the young room, there was a peak in the shade, saying that Wuru was dragging an arm from the young room to the north to hold the temple. In the hall of Bodhidharma's robe and bowl, there was Fang, who said that he was passing on his method alone. The seat is like a king's residence, for the scholars to debate Confucianism and Buddhism, and the mountains and rivers of the earth stand on the snow pavilion to ask Qin Huai Zong. Looking at it, Jiao Zi Fuheng inscribed it and the names of the ten scholars. He went out of the stone carving and invited the remaining monks to pass over it. Cao Zongshi alone sent Bodhidharma to observe the Qinhuai people in the left courtyard from the Gan Terrace of Batuo at the northwest of the Chuzu nunnery. They looked at the shadows on the wall and the stone. The stone was about two feet away. Yan Baiwu was afraid of the poison and heat. He went forward and asked Beido. Three flowers were applied to the cypress. He rubbed the hands of the Sixth Patriarch and planted the cypress. He returned and watched the monks. He used his palms to fight with the sword and the halberd. Then he went to the second ancestor's nunnery in Zhibo Yu Peak in the southwest for ten lives. From the time when Ma Xian supported himself and became a mere breather, he insisted on saying no to the nunnery. The rain and rain in the four wells coincided with each other. The second ancestor Zhuo Xi got it and found it. There was more than ten feet of stone. When there was a ravine, he found the heart of the pavilion. The custom of refining the demon was given. Mo Cang went down to the mountainside and borrowed grass to talk about wisdom, benevolence and bravery for all living beings. Then he paid his master the Dharma at night. The poem he got in the mountain showed all living beings. The green color in the cup came. The clear fragrance on the young master's seat sent Ying Ji to him. Tomorrow, he will look back to the young room and crown it. The lotus folds like sending it back to a guest.  

Xinan Bai Ji Liu Yuyou  

Since the eldest son of the young family, Zhuxian Zhuoxi, the Buddhist saint, has turned on the lamps. The ancestors have passed down the Dharma in the place of worship in the past dynasties. Master Wufang hangs the monk to preside over the Xuanfeng Yabo. Looking at the old Tan Na, he salutes the feudal king. He can't help but use the ten thousand yi to the south of the Zizhi Garden. The garbage tripod creates the blue pheasant and the thorn stand and the ten thousand couplets and eight districts are used to live in the back of the disciples' dormitory. The art cypress is at the foot of the valley. This is not the work of one hand and one foot. It is also the vulture forest. His merits and deeds in Lingyi are abundant, and they are due to His Highness Zhou's obedience to Qu Tan's will. Puhong Qi La's lofty aspirations, whether he is praying for everlasting success and keeping the rules, or cutting off the merits and ruining his achievements, no matter how he tarnishes the Dharma, he will bring about his own downfall. And those who have offended the world cannot escape the axe. They dare to recite words and accuse them.  

At the age of Bingyin, he was collecting and compiling old relics. There was a broken stele lying on the steps in front of the Baiyi Hall in Gunan. He was washing and reading it and found out that it was the words of Wei Bai, the Marquis of Liu Yi. A corner of the cypress fell off. When the temple was built in the 13th year of Yongzheng's reign, all the materials were cut down. I urgently collect this scholar's ambition so that future generations will see it like seeing Baiyun.  

The reconstruction of Shaolin Temple in the ninth year of Shunzhi (1652) by Fu Jingxing of the Qing Dynasty  

I heard that a lamp illuminates the world, the light changes into the sky, the sun and moon, the five leaves send out the fragrance of flowers, spread to the jungles of the earth, and the Zen mantle points directly to the single biography. Because of the difference in skin, flesh and bone marrow, the origin of Buddhism and the reach of monks are also the Shaolin Temple system in Guangdong Province. The ancestral court of Buddhism in the world began when Emperor Xiaowen of the Wei Dynasty created Batuo and Bodhidharma. Nine years later, the second ancestor Shenguang Lixue taught the Dharma. Since then, the ancestors have passed down the lamps one after another and ascended to the hall. Fang Xian Sheng Xuan Jin Bao cut the golden shengjue road and lived in the old sea. He lived without food and returned to the truth. He heard about it and woke up. He followed the Ming Dynasty and the rise of the world. Wild apes burst out from the poles in grief and came out of the valley. Birds alerted them, so the wind and sand blinded their eyes. The Brahma universe penetrated the clouds, that is, the Dharma couple. Yushan is not high, the forest is not dense, the cave is not high, the forest is not dense, the cave is Tianfu, the subway is armored, and the Shaolin ancestral palace for thousands of years is occupied by red eyebrows at night. Nanshan is plagued by disasters. It is extremely dangerous. Those who are not the den of roaring people in the green forest are fortunate to have the master of the other side, Fa Tao, Hai Kuan and Hanzi. Shaolong, the son of Prince Neiqiu in Zhili, the ancestral seat of Shaolong, the chairman of Shao Shao, Gong Fayu's golden soup, keeps the Buddha's wheel in the fire of calamity. The mourning lamp always shines brightly, upholds the balance of the righteous Dharma, destroys the palace of evil spirits, and then changes the vicissitudes of life to restore the Buddha land. The throne of the Dharma King is tied to a line. Master Yan in Zhongtian carries the mantle and bowl as the true master of Buddhism. He carries on the past and the future. It is a plan for the Buddha. Can it be planned for the Buddha's place? The ear is clear and the tongue is moved. The good sounds of the West are diligent and wise. They keep Xu Gongxun and patrol the public. They appear as officials and practice Bodhisattva conduct. They want to make up for the shortcomings of the universe and return the world to Ping. They are in charge of tax and driving. They donate money and renew it. The collection of stonemason work began in Renchen and Mengxia. It was completed in Guiji and Zhongqiu. The main hall, Dharma, Zen, Yueyu Hall, and the bell tower, hidden pavilion and mountain gate of Wusheng Patriarch, the abbot Xixi finished, and the golden and chalky colors reflected the ancestral court. The flame of my nature is due to the lingering words. The immortal husband is immortal. The remaining words are immortal. The Buddha's immortal Bodhi and wonderful heart are also the immortals of the holy knowledge. The immortal is the most virtuous and the best. Now Yutai has become the master with the holy virtue and the best. The wonderful heart of Bodhi will open the ten-thousand-leaf treasure lotus and shine brightly. Zhi Hui Ju Huan District Buddha disciple Yun Er has taken refuge, but the situation is very important. He is covered with gantang, Fu Zhanlu and Xiwei. There is a noble gentleman who can never die. Today, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty set the tripod to reform the three religions and congratulate those who have boundless longevity and carry the Buddha's day in the important period. Husband, I will never wait for the rest of my words to be immortal, and I am ashamed to write them down without writing them down.  

Rebuilding Thousand Buddhas Pavilion, Vegetable Burnt Favor  

In the late years of Guangdong, since Lingshan, the wheel-turner Lin Jie of Luyuan wanted to pay Kassapa alone. The twenty-eighth patriarch went west to the great master Bodhidharma, and the pearl flowed eastward from the Yaode River. The holy truth was not in harmony with the court of Emperor Wu of Liang, so he had his arm cut off by the divine light. With peace of mind, the Tathagata's True Dharma Eye Store spreads widely in China. Although the sect is divided into five sects, thousands of lanterns are taught, there are rules, teachings, and Zen. However, the Shaolin Temple mentions, comments, and chants and uses the teachings to enlighten the mind and combine these three. It is called the ancestral court after the Daxiong Hall. After the Dharma Hall became the abbot, Luan Mountain became the pavilion, with the Thousand Buddhas of Vairocana in the sky. The towering towers stand out from the forest, smoke and clouds, and are the most majestic. They have been shaken by the madness for decades, and the spiritual rain has drifted, and the Brahma King has become the only one in the Dharma Realm. The garden bead forest destroys the birds at dawn, the wind is silent, the bells are ringing, the tiles are broken, the mandarin ducks are wandering in the night, the moon is wandering, the mice are wandering in all directions, looking at the moon, admiring the rest, the righteous man has no support, the good man Bai Yuan is confused, and wants to return to the past, looking at the general account of the property. It is not easy to win a good man with a clumsy move at the expense of a lot of gold. He wanted to leave during the Yan, Zhao, Qin and Jin Dynasties. He insisted on sparse recruitment and transformation of Yu Su. It is not a false belief to be a Buddha. It is not wrong to say that he has an equal heart and is loyal to me as a Confucian. If he expands from this idea, he does not need to be a sravaka. For the sake of perfect enlightenment, I am the Bodhisattva hammer, and the original desires of Hongji have no origin other than this thought. I pray to my comrades to respond to them wherever they come. It is not a waste of time, because there are leaks in the cause and effect, the village is neglectful, and the heart is in the future. The stone, the two chambers, the three flowers. There is immeasurable merit among  

Tour to Shaolin Temple Preface and Master  

The oldest ancient temple in the river and mountain still exists. The sun and the moon are working hard. Visitors should not lose the year. When the summer of Bingshen enters the mountain, the summer air turns into autumn. When Genggui comes to the temple, but the fragrance is not burned, the crazy people of my city cross Songlu to explore the wonders of Jinkou. Famous people pass by Yuanyuan But Sheng lingered, faced the wall, and remembered the Xiang religion. It was founded in Hu Sengzhao, looked up at the dome monument, and knew that the Zen forest originated from the Wei Dynasty. It was like a dream in the six dynasties. The emerald forest was a reed, and the place where the cassock was neglected became the Bibi Palace. After drinking wine in the smoke valley, I met a monk among the bamboos and sat on a rock, poetry, suddenly I crossed the bridge and saw a wild deer in the green water, carrying the sound of bells, flying across the ink clouds, and bending the wings of birds to listen to the trivial bird sounds. Who came to the peak to fold the pepper leaves on the beach? I asked The sound in Xitou is not the same as that of leaves or small ones. Occasionally, there are woodcutter playing wood and ding-ding. It seems like there is no shortage of shepherds riding oxen in the clouds. Sometimes they come and leave. So the carefree wooden road dies and the snake bed overlooks the alms bowl. Who knows that I meet the tiger and overlook the imperial village of lotus. Don't be afraid to ride a dragon and rain through the Qingxi Mountain. The mountains are dripping green and turning to pieces. The water is in the ancient fog barrier. The valley is green and the trees are green. It's hard to find the place at the foot of the gorge. I'm looking for the path. I'm encountering the waterfall. The stone is sinking into the pool. The claws of the dragon are about to be broken. And how can we hinder each other across the bead trees? The iron flute falls and the birds sit in the evening hills and return to the distance. The old ape in the pear garden sings in the south garden. The old ape in the south garden listens to the flute and the leaves sing. The fairy sheng in the Gouling Ridge helps to ring the pine waves and wears clothes in the night. Pillow with pattern of stars and moon, entering the forest, soul meets cormorant, dream of beloved, wooden fish, tin stick, sound and light are not like the ancient ghosts and immortals talked about in the city, all separated from the ladle, sometimes the wind blows, farewell to Fuqiu, comes from Zhixing with the prince I, the former sage, looked at the orchid pavilion and drove the good flowers, loved the guest, and kept the fine grass. He listened to the rise and fall of the past and present, the rise and fall of the yin and yang, the rise and fall of the yin and yang, and the recruitment and payment of Yunxiang. The collection of this can determine the year, send the world to the universe, and say that he is really capable of the world. He will come to the temple at the right time. How could the temple say a word about the mountains? It’s like saying goodbye. Walking and seeing the red rain, people are carrying the rosy clouds of the Great Beginning. From now on, they will be green. Dreaming around the empty forest.  

The inscription on the reconstruction of Ciyun Nunnery is in the abandoned site, written by Zhang Siming and written by Jiao Qin.  

Songshan is the most respected among the Five Mountains, and Shaolin is the ancestral home of the world. When the mountains are standing in the forest, I am in my dream. In the spring of Renxu, I was in Yufan. When I came to Liangcui, there were several cases. I was yearning for it. It was a mess of duties. I didn’t have to read the three years of Kangxi Jiazi to accompany me. As soon as the worshiper arrived at the mountain, it had been a long time since the fire. The grass in the Dharma Hall had long dispersed. The rain had dispersed. However, after a long time, I walked west to the Thousand Buddhas Hall and saw dozens of scattered tiles and rafters in the wasteland and filth. The wind and rain did not cover the rafters. It was founded under the rule of Emperor Xiaowen of the Wei Dynasty and was invaded by the bandits. Since then, I have been active in donating funds to promote construction. The prince of Zhongcheng was generous enough to help the province. Colleagues competed for their approval and chose to build a palace in May of Yichou. The gates and verandas are all in full glory. Bingyin finally allowed the stones to be cut down in the winter to conquer the Yu Wei Dynasty. When the Songshan Mountain was victorious, many famous sages came to visit and chanted and chanted songs. For decades, Shi Ding was killed and burned by soldiers. Scholars are also left in a state of desolation and desolation. Years have passed. Today, the road has become clearer and brighter, and the sun has become brighter. It has been more than forty years. Who knows that today, I am still enlightened, and everyone is supporting me. I have achieved success. Gods like this, and ordinary people's emotions and consciousness are touching this feeling. My old friend's ancestral temple, my heart is filled with respect for the tomb of Zhixu, my heart is filled with sorrow for the gates of Denlin Palace, my pure heart is born seeing the wheel palms, threads on my golden arms, beaded armpits, and my repentance for my wrongdoings is born, Isn't Qu Tan's teaching a supplement to the king's administration and not as good as the assistants' administration? It is difficult for those who have trouble to give. It is appropriate for Dazhong Cheng and Xian Si Mu to agree on the same goal. Monk Yunshi and Zhongshi Peng will be moved to burn Xiu Shishou. In the future, disciples Ruosun Shang will pay attention to the rules and regulations. The bad thing is probably a monument to commemorate the monks  

An excerpt from the inscription of Zen Master Lingyun in front of the Tianwang Hall by Tang Cuiqi  

Spiritual luck Xiao, a native of Lanling with the surname Xiao, was born after Emperor Wu of Liang, and the Master also gave birth to Jiezhu when he was conceived in the mother's womb. Water was used to signify the child's nature. He often thought that the illusory world was unreal. Soaking in the body was the cause of my trip to Songshan. There was at least Lin Temple there. The ultimate ambition, the wise eye, is pure. The body is also like what is outside the mind. All the trees and earth are illusory. They are nothing more than the Buddha's temple. The empty mountain is in the sky. The ape sits silently for years. The ape looks at the tea, the bird, and the Zen nunnery. The mountain has no mind. It is my heart. The stream has no nature, it is my nature. In the Kaiyuan period of Guangdong Province, seven out of ten sacrifices were held in summer on the 22nd day of the fifth lunar month. However, in the end, the disciples Jian Shun built Tazi Mountain and chopped stones with an inscription: Master Yi He passed on my Dharma seal. Knowing the waves, Mifu's dream is neither illuminating nor clear, becoming a great doctor, becoming a great Chan Boyue, erecting pine trees, ancient lotuses, green moon and white, destroying the world in one day, the world is desolate, the sky is crazy, the clouds and mountains are suddenly deserted, the body is withering, the body is deposited with gold. The world is surrounded by faintness. All I have left is the source of my heart.  

The inscription on Yugong's stele is outside the wall. Cheng Jufu of Yuan Dynasty wrote the book of Zhao Mengzhao.  

In the spring of the first year of Emperor Qing's reign, Chen Hao, a scholar of Jixian University and a minister of Ronglu, presented a petition to the abbot of Shaolin, Fu Yuzhi, and presented it to the great minister Kong Kaifu Yi and the third division of the Jin Dynasty. What kind of heart is this? He has been confused. He has not tried to withdraw from the earth. He has not tried to push the deep and clear waters. The emperor of Liang has done something discord. The true source of ancient Buddhism instructs Lao You to observe the precepts. Thousands of pines and forests have joined together and the speeches have led to the participation of three hundred people crossing the river. The customs have gone to camp Shishan Committee. The temples in Songyang are golden and green. The crowd is gone, the monks are gone, there are no corvees, the crowd is happy, they say that a Buddha is born and meets the Son of the Tomorrow. His person has been destroyed. His path will not die, he will not be empty, and he will not live in heaven and earth. The emperor ordered him to give advice. It is appropriate for him to be in the four directions for a hundred generations. Only your law is appropriate. But what I said is that teachers and ministers worship Jishou and do not violate the Holy Religion. It will be broadcast as a poem and it will be immortal.  

Huan Xiurun Zen Master Ji Wucun Wang Daokun  

Since the Buddha's surrender to the middle calamity, it has been the twenty-eight legends of the saints from the West. The Eastern soil is the first to have ancestors. Scholars led the Shaolin sect, Cao Xirungong, Shaolin's free family, advanced sages, and Huang family. When he was young, he entered Funiu Mountain to pay homage to Ping Gong and give his blessings and name him. Chang Runzi Daqian's self-titled Huanxiu Kuiyuan is cultivated, his appearance is solemn, his response is like a great bell, his universality is like a wide cutting, his waves flow like a mountain, his randomness and manifestation are like beads running on a disk, and his solemn awareness is that the crowd is confused and the sun is shining. With Taoism, I took charge of myself and many of my disciples. I passed away in French with thousands of words and three stanzas containing the recorded sayings. In the fourth month of Yiyou, I hid the relics on the breast peak. I followed the righteous way to visit me and seek to remember. I both remembered it and tied it to the inscription: "I am crossing the quicksand." The first ancestor Juesi thought that he could go to Nengxuan and Banni's father. The five roads were south of Caoxihu. Fu Zongmen Shengzu Wu Xingji returned to the Pure Land together. Hehexiuzai. This is the authentic sect of Caodong. Twenty-five  

An inscription on the stele of Master Huan Xiurun written by Yuan Liaofan and written by Huang Hongshu  

There is only one fruit of mind in the ancient Dharma Realm, and there are two paths. Fruits and there are no two paths. Therefore, the division of the three religions originated from the decline of the great road. It was not the intention of the saints. The Buddha's teachings entered the Eastern land, divided the religions, divided the sects, and the sects were divided into five. Then it arises from the decline of the Zen way. This mind, this way, can't talk about it, can't think about it, can't give up, is not filthy, abominable, not pure, can be admired, no bounds, no way to practice, one method, still false, five sects, more than forty years of Sakyamuni's Dharma. Even though he was obsessed with things, nothing happened, and the sect of Nian Hua Smile has been in existence for more than forty years. The Dharma mentioned by Ananda is the leader of the sect. Nian Hua Smile Kasyapa is the leader of the sect. Later Ananda He actually accepted the order of Kassapa and became the second ancestor of the sect. The so-called fact is that this is the only fact. The mind has no two magic weapons. There are thousands of masters and masters who can respond to things. Since the doors are opened to guide them, it is inevitable that each path will be different. Nowadays, those who promote sects in the world often recommend Shaolin, and the sects of Shaolin are the Caodong sect and Bodhidharma faces the wall. It is true that Shaolin is Zizi, and then Qingyuan Shitou succeeds its sect Yaoshan Yun Yansheng. Its biography ranges from Dongshan price to Danxia Chundai. There are authors here. It is not the true lineage coming from the west. The sects from far away places are getting weaker and weaker. The scholars of Mingzong, who has a young family, cannot bear to be so few. They also use the purpose of the five schools and sing the song. The words will show the speechless and the law will show the law. Therefore, the husband sect Those who do not establish words and characters are empty caves that sweep away the emotional dust. If there are no words, they can be relied upon. If you must insist on words, you will be sick and not the sect. In the non-duality of things, there are similarities and differences. Zen Master Huan Xiuren received Shaolin education. He asked for the great chapter to promote the purpose, and it has been three years since then. His apprentice came from his young room to seek writings to remember his teacher. Jiangxi Jinxian had great ambitions to secure the Dharma Year. He carried an alms bowl, trained many preparations morning and night, and pushed him to practice asceticism. It is said that if the true interpretation is not achieved, all hard work will be in vain, and all the past chapters will be discarded. All the lecturers will explore the classics and gain insight into the mysteries. Many teachers will come to the table to teach. The teacher will say that the teachings are not related to the writing. At least Lin met the monk Dazhang to study the sect. When things got together, he became a disciple of Yunfu Sakyamuni and paid Ananda for his teachings. Ananda followed the teachings of the sect and taught Bodhidharma to support the young master. The young master borrowed the teachings of the Ming sect, Tongye Yiyegai, to seek the teachings of the sect and the teachings. It means that Zhenjiao borrows Mingzong from Mingzong. It means Zhenzong. There is no duality in the Tao. However, the meaning advocated by Huanxiu today is that Damo Xi came. The meaning of Damo Xi coming is that Sakyamuni is a great event. How can there be such a meaning? There are no words to say. There are more than a hundred people who were waiting at the table at the same time. All of them have the names of the books on the stele.  

Daogong's inscription was written by Dong Qichang outside the east wall.  

Buddha is the awakened person of ordinary people, and ordinary people are not aware of it. Therefore, the body and mind are the three karma. The Buddha is awakened, so the body, discipline, sutra, and mind are Zen. Zen is close to the Buddha, but it is not enough to convey the heart of the Buddha. If you are in Shaolin in Cathay, The Lingshan Mountain in Xizhu is called the Lanjing Temple in the ancient sea. It is called the Lu Temple, the Dao Temple, and the Zen Temple. Shaolin is called the Ancestral Palace. It is not something that all parties dare to look at. His ancestor Bodhidharma and Zong Caodong are built from the medicine mountain. Ling Yan uses the precious mirror to spread the wings of Samadhi. The two public servants open the door to the door for the five monarchs and ministers. The sects proposed by Zhiwei regarded all schools as independent secrets. Therefore, all five sects are Dharma kings. Shaolin is also the same as Caodong and Julu. It is the Zhou ritual . There are hundreds of Dharma masters who are the most disengaged. There is no public desire to disown the public service. Those who serve are solid and do not dare to respond. For ten years, the law hall has been deep and the disciples have fallen into disgrace. So they issued an order to ask for public release at Zong Boxun's story office. In the tenth month of the tenth month of Renchen of Wanchuo, when the abbot of Shaolin was held, the master had been practicing precepts for ten and seven years since he led the congregation. He practiced ice cleaning, discerned the spring flow, went to the hall to preach, or entered the room. The little monk did not push the doubtful city and climbed to the shore. In the Shaolin hall, there must be Master Ji is the master of Tong Hui and others who do not remember in vain. His name is Zhengdao and his name is silent. His son, father, and mother, Yang, are all newly built in Hongdu. His son, father, and mother, Yang, are all from the Shanglan Temple. Bi Tang asked what was the family custom in the cave. Huan Gong saw two osmanthus branches in front of the three-flowered tree under the sun and the moon. He also asked the monk if there was anything else. He said, "This is the only thing the master has realized." Yan Muren holds the palm of the stone girl Shu Yanxiu's public seal, which can be praised with a verse to inscribe Xu to be a human being. The inscription of Yun Xi says: "Song Gao Shaoshi. In the heaven and earth, the Mahayana atmosphere is lush and green. When the end of the face meets the wall, the true wind is not special. The ancestors and Buddhas are not special, but change can lead to it." Generally speaking, if you are ignorant, your spiritual light is not ignorant. Like a cool pool, like a fire gathering straight down, you will have questions. It is strange that all living beings have the wisdom of the Tathagata. His two and five schools of purpose are like the painter of the world, who picks up the painting in the void and does not apply clay. The cow, the moon, the roar, the wooden bird, the wind hiss, and does not live in the void. Not to be left behind at this time, the outstanding among the three virtuous monks preached nirvana. His heart was wide and his tongue was long. Two osmanthus blossoms were spread on him.  

The inscription on the Daogong Monument is not missing. Wang Xijue wrote a book by Dong Qichang.  

It is said that the Buddha has words about nirvana, his wonderful heart smiles and spreads doubts, and the vehicle is the true interpretation. It is said that the Buddha is speechless and dews. The collection of five thousand journals is like cutting off metaphors. He uses the Dharma as a boat, Cao Xi secretly means the great road, and perfects it to become the king and his ministers. He has real power. Silently speaking, Ke Shao Zu Yan Kang He Jue Zong Yichang Jiu Xixiang taught the teachings of Tan Zhan and Wei Song Shaonai became a monument in Zhuqian and was inscribed for thousands of years.  

The inscription on Xigong's stele is Jiao Yuanpu  

The name of the master is Huixi, the word is Xinyue, the name is Hanhui, the family name is full of people, the son of the Liu family, Chuncheng, Qi Dao, You'an, Zen, and the silent Taoist priests cultivate for his disciples. The record of the abbot is engraved on the Minluan stone and the sound is cut and the speech is broadcast: the snow mountain is hidden and the people are heading to the sea. They are practicing without being born. The Emperor of the Kaibao Realm, Xilianyu, accepted the imperial edict, and Youhui followed the cracked nest and established the precepts. Master Sheng praised it and went to Guangjin first. The waves turned over his robes and the sound of drums came to the room. Hundreds of people entered the room secretly. A new Dangsha complex record was revealed to Hou Qi. At the end of Lingyi, I learned that the Dharma wheel was manifest, the axe, the axe, the lust, the desire, the traces, the deep reflection, the separation, the empty model, the assertion, the mere joy, the common use, the humble residence, the vajra king, the kudzu, the vines, the equality, the kindness, or the practice of Jisheng, the perfect enlightenment, and no regrets in the world. Sincerely feel the inaction, have a good sense, sing, accumulate eyes, blow the wind, ask the way, scatter beads in front of the sky, beg for Dharma in the void world, and set up a metaphorical fantasy cave, happy pieces of words to testify, explain the rituals, and be the ancestor of the world.  

Qinggong Monument Xue Youjian  

Chen Hao, a scholar of Yanwu and Qiandong, and Lu Qinggong, who belong to Yu Wen's stone industry, are said to be the masters of the Five Peaks, and they are also the source of Buddhism. From the Eastern Han Dynasty to the period of Wei and Wutai in the Middle Kingdom, the first ancestor stayed in Xi Shaolin for nine years and faced the wall without writing any words. Seeing the nature of the heart is the way to prove the Buddha's fruition. The principles of nature are also contained in the inherent nature of the heart and heaven. However, it cannot be passed on. How can Shi Shi know the nature of the heart and see the nature? He even said that it develops its inherent sense. There is no nobleness or inferiority in the inner shape or the outer appearance. It is suitable for practicing it with faith. His teachings are so popular throughout the world that they are like this. Later, those who followed his teachings and practiced them were called masters and his teacher's name was Huiqing. His surname was Jiang. He was named Wufengquan, Xuchang, Ma, and his parents were members of his family. He expounded the Dharma in Shaolin Snow. The court care was very generous, Yi Chou Song rarely disturbed by the imperial bandits. The Snow Court was offered as a teacher to the deputy temple. Renshen fell into prison and found the temple to seek advice. Mi used a lot of wood, carts, carts, demolished the old temple, rebuilt it, and all the instruments were stored. Jiangzuo bought scriptures and returned to the capital. He asked for posthumous titles and inscriptions for the snow court. He also protected the gates of the courtyard and the Emperor Wuzong gave them a six-month temple tree. Monument 2: Xueting's Writings and Publications Zhuzi Xin Youchun created the Master Zhuanlong, strictly engraving rewards and allocating good deeds, and has always cultivated several or three hundred couplets. He has taken care of them and brought glory to the achievements of his predecessors. Therefore, he has been repeatedly honored by superiors and honored as a teacher. It is appropriate for him to hear about it later, and he will use the order of a bachelor to write it. The poem about the mountain scenery that cannot be expressed in words is still loud. The poem says that the first ancestor came to the west to face the wall of Shaolin. There is no text to say it. It is so heart-breaking that it is deeply touching and profound. What everyone has seen and heard throughout the ages is that Master Xueting Wei is the heir to the sect. Master Mingwei is of exceptional talent and talent. Many of the elders of the current generation have commissioned Xueting Weishi to be the direct descendant of the sect, maintain the sect, and increase the temple. There are no dwellings, flowing clouds, and flowing water. Five peaks stand erect. They are virtuous and old. They write poems, make stones, and come to style. The eminent monk  

Bhattacharya - people in this country say that the Buddha made friends with six people and five monks when he was in that country. However, Bhattaga did not achieve enlightenment. Those who say that the opportunity to practice Taoism is not good, and the disciples died in vain, so they can establish a predestined relationship in Cathay. From then on, he worked diligently and traveled to various countries until he came to Wei. When Emperor Xiaowen saw Jinglong, he sincerely gave him money. After that, he moved south with the emperor and made the capital Yiluo. He built a temple on Shaoshi Mountain and built a temple for him on Shaoshi Mountain. Today's Shaolin Temple is also where Tuo Ji Zhuoxi came. Scholars heard the news and gathered hundreds of people in the congregation, one by one, planning tirelessly and then visited two ascetics in succession.  

Hui Guang - Monk Chou, Shi Daozhen, moved to the outside of the temple when he was old. He felt that a good deity always followed and supported him. He painted a statue of the deity on the door and died. This was the beginning of Chinese monks. Hui Guangchen, whose surname was Yang, came to Luo with his father at the age of thirteen. He followed the Buddha. The scriptures learned by monks and monks were recited and recited, and the scriptures were praised by people. At that time, they were known as the holy novice monks. The Buddha also taught Lu Fu and taught him the beauty of Zen theory. Zhaojunhui Buddha lived in the Shaolin Temple and presided over the translation of all the sutras in the ten places. Guang was the Mingzhu and released it. Huayan, Nirvana, Vimalakirti, and other ten places also wrote their secret decrees. His director encountered drought and asked for prayers at the Songyue Pond. He died after Liu Zhan. This is the first monk in China to save monks - Seng Chou - surnamed Sun Ju. Deer Man glanced at the Buddhist scriptures, Huan Ran divinely understood it, and went to Shaolin Temple to present the testimony of the Buddha: "You are the most profound in Zen Buddhism in Congling East. I went to Songyue Temple and the monks were surrounded by hundreds of spring water. Suddenly I saw a woman sitting on the steps with her clothes on and a broom in her hand." Listening to the monks chanting sutras, the woman who was sent by the crowd had a look of anger, so she splashed the spring water with her feet. She stood up and her body was dry, and she did not show up. The crowd called out to Upasika three times to tell the monks that they should support the way. The woman splashed the spring water with her feet. He rushed up to Houyi Wangwu Mountain and heard that the tigers were fighting in the rain. They were touched by tin sticks and scattered away. Emperor Xuan of Qi Dynasty often visited Chuchu and sat on the bed but refused to greet him. He only moved. Chu said that the Venerable Xitou welcomed King Asoka and started to walk seven steps, causing the king to disappear. In the seventh year of the Kingdom, he was a poor man, although he had few virtues. He hoped that the Emperor of Ji would be blessed. As a result, he was given the title of the emperor. He returned to the temple and executed him for his disrespect. He had already known it beforehand and traveled ten miles to greet the emperor. He asked the emperor and said that he was afraid that his body would be stained with blood. Therefore, he came to kill him from afar. Erdi Quran worshiped him as before  

Bodhidharma - the son of the King of Tianzhu, his surname is Kshatriya, his real name is Bodhitara, his teacher Prajna takes the meaning of Tongda to change the name of the famous teacher. He has acquired the Dharma and stayed in Tianzhu for more than sixty years. He resigned from the king and traveled east to China. After three weeks of cold and heat, he arrived in the South China Sea. In the first year of Datong, Emperor Wu of Liang Dynasty, Emperor Xiaochang of Wei Ming, in the third year of Xiaochang, also went to Guangzhou to assassinate Xiao Angbiao. After hearing about Emperor Wu's edict, he came to Queting and asked, "Since I came to the throne, I have built temples, written scriptures, and monks are incomparable. What merits have I had?" The teacher said, "There is no merit." The emperor said, "Why is there no merit?" The teacher said, "There is no merit." This is the reason for the leakage of small fruits in human and heaven. Although it is not like a shadow, the Emperor said, what is the true merit and virtue? The answer is: the pure wisdom and wonderful round body are empty and silent. Such merit and virtue do not seek the emperor in the world. Also ask what is the holy truth. The first righteous teacher says it is Kuran Wu. The Holy Emperor said to me, "Who is my teacher? I don't know the emperor, I don't understand the teacher, I know the opportunity is not suitable, so I went to Liang to cross the river and lived in the north. I ended up in the Shaolin Temple in Songshan. For nine years, I sat facing the wall in silence all the time. No one can guess it. It is said that watching on the wall can be wise at times." It is said that the Buddhist master had finished alms-giving and taught the Dharma to people. He went to Qiansheng Temple in Yumen for three days. The prefect Yang Xianzhi prayed for the purpose and begged the master to stay. He said that I was passing away soon and could not stay here for a long time. He passed away in the second year of Liang Datong in Wei Dynasty. From October to December of the third year, he was buried in Xiong'er Mountain and built the pagoda in Dinglin Temple. Two years later, Wei sent Song Yun to the Western Regions and met his teacher in Congling. It was only a shoe, so he took the shoe and offered it to the Shaolin Temple. In the Kaiyuan period of the Tang Dynasty, it was stolen and moved to the Huayan Temple in Wutai. The current location is unknown. The emperor’s posthumous title was Master Yuanjue. According to the monk’s secret practice, Master Yun told the Venerable Prajna Dora: I Having obtained the Dharma, which country should I go to and perform Buddhist services? The Venerable Master said, sixty-seven years after my death, I should go to China and set up a great Dharma music. I will directly go up to my roots and listen to my verses to record what happened. The verses say: The road will cross forever and I will meet the sheep again. I will be crossing in the dark and miserable. The river is not pitiful. The two osmanthus trees are young and prosperous. The two osmanthus trees are young and prosperous. The two osmanthus trees are young and prosperous. The meaning of the endless teaching is.

Huike's surname was Ji's Hulao. During his life, the house was full of light, so he was named Guang. He had read many books and understood the mysticism since he was a child. Later, he read Buddhist scriptures and became detached and content. He then became a monk and spent all day feasting and sitting for a long time. Suddenly, he saw a god in silence and said that he would receive the fruit of his desire. Why are the bandits on this road so far away from you? Guangzhi Shenzhu changed his name to Shenguang Bai. Yu Baojing Zen Master said that your appearance should be auspicious. There should be proof of the divine order. The person in Runan meant that Shaolin Bodhidharma, your teacher, also made Guangsui. Shaolin Master Bodhidharma sat in the Master Hall in the morning and evening. It was raining heavily and the snow was shining. He stood motionless. Chi Ming was covered with snow reaching his knees. The Master asked compassionately, "What are you praying for after standing in the snow for a long time?" The light wept and said, "But the original monk was compassionate and opened the nectar gate." Master Guangdu Qun said that the supreme and wonderful path of all the Buddhas is difficult to carry out with diligence and hard work. It can be done without forbearance. How can you be patient with small virtues, small wisdom, light heart, conceited heart and desire? A disciple of the true vehicle works hard and suffers. When I heard the teacher's instructions, I could seize a sharp knife and cut off my left arm. I placed it in front of my teacher. The teacher knew that the Dharma artifact was said to be the form of Dharma that all Buddhas first sought. You have broken your arm and asked me in front of you. So I changed the name to Hui Keke and said that the seals of the Buddhas' Dharma can be heard. The master said that the seals of the Buddhas' Dharma are stolen from others. I got it and said that my heart is not at peace. I begged the master and Anshi and said that I will give you my heart. I said that I have found my heart. I can’t get it. The master said that I and you have peace of mind. It has been so long. The teacher of Bodhidharma will show his silence. May Wisdom Ke say that the Tathagata of the past has the eyes of the righteous Dharma. The great master Kassapa of the Tibet passed it on to me, and I now give it to you. You should protect and bestow the cassock as a letter of the Dharma. You can kneel down and receive the cassock. I will continue to explain the profound wind and seek the Dharma's heir. I will give it to the monk Cantao Guanghui who passed on the Dharma robe and bowl. The traces passed away in the Sui Dynasty and are now called the second ancestor.  

Hong Zun , a native of Xiangzhou with the surname Shi, became a monk at the age of eight and lived in the Shaolin Temple in Songshan Mountain. He listened to Huanran Tongming before and after Ziyun Gong. Later, he visited the Zen forest to learn Dharma. The master of Qi was awarded the title of Jushi Shamen. In the seventh year of the founding of the emperor, Yique and Tianzhu monks translated the scriptures together. After the article, I asked him to be the Holy Master of Laws.  

Yuan Zang - see Shang Gaozongshu for details  

Zhi-Hui-Tanzong-see Taizong's book for details  

Yijing--for details, see Jietan Ji  

Wei Kuan - a native of Quzhou, surnamed Zhu, became a monk at the Shaolin Temple in Songshan Mountain. At the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, he was summoned by Bai Letian and asked Zen Master Ri. "Why did he preach it again?" Kuan said, "Supreme Bodhi." Zhiyi Ye Jianghuai River Han is named everywhere. Although there is no one water, there are no two laws, that is, the Dharma is inseparable. Zen says how to differentiate in the middle. It is said that there is no distinction, how to cultivate the heart. It is broad. The heart is not damaged. Why should it be repaired? No matter whether it is dirty or pure, it is one. Don't remember that although the gold layer is precious in your eyes, it is a disease. True cultivators cannot be diligent, have no nearness, perseverance, rest, and ignorance.  

Repaying kindness - a Liyang person with the surname Liu was a young man who read Confucianism but was not promoted to the imperial court. He asked for a hairpin to become a monk, so he wandered in the ancestral path and soon after he cast his son, he realized what he wanted to teach him and said: "When you come again, you should protect yourself and pay homage to all the famous people." They were all sealed, but Prime Minister Han Zhen asked for his blessing. He went to the Shaolin Temple one day, picked up his stick, and said, "Look at the snow on the earth. Spring is coming, especially Hanling Peak. It has nothing to do with the young room. Let's not talk about the Buddha's meaning. The ancestor's meaning is full of words and iron words." The cow was released without a trace. The bright moon and the reed king looked at Naizhuo, leaning on his staff and sitting down. His comments were strange and mysterious. There were many such things.  

Fuyu - Wenshui, whose surname is Zhang, read a thousand words when he was young. He was called the holy boy Yixiu in the countryside. Master Zhufa of the Yuan Dynasty ordered him to live in Shaolin under Song Shao's simmering furnace. The city's Songyang temples are resplendent with new sutra altars. They are all rich and powerful. In the first year of Emperor Qing's reign, he presented the great Situ with the title of Duke of Jin. I have detailed inscriptions on Cheng Jufu's stele.  

Chekong - the name of the Dharma. His distant ancestor was an eunuch from Daxing. He lived in Luosui's house. Yan Bensheng had a text in his hand and wrote the word "ci". When he was young, he wished to be a monk. Tianshunzhong ordered the monks to leave. Those who were not saved returned to the secular world and returned home. After their parents discussed the marriage, they invited him to visit. I got the Caodong Zhenzong from the public. I sealed the French hand scroll with Sangha Li and dusted it with the hand. I wrote a poem and said, "The shadow of the pine and bamboo house is heavy. I send a good message in the Vanity Fair." The Chairman who has been accompanying the Chairman for three years has been invited to open the hall with courtesy. His Majesty sits on the chat machine and speaks loudly. The four people are blowing clothes. This is an eminent monk who also works as a craftsman, writing poems and writing poems. He walks outdoors and is always full of sunflowers. He died in the west of Shaolin Temple.  

The article contains another name: Yuezhou. The people of Tongzhou performed various Buddhist rituals and blessed their hair. After that, they studied the Shaolin North and read the Tripitaka. In their free time, they browsed various books. The Zhengde Temple arranged the conferment on the Shaolin Temple. The master dressed up and became the abbot of Shaolin for sixteen years. There are thousands of disciples.  

Plaque store--see Xinchang Wang Monument for details  

Chang Run--see Art and Literature for details  

Big Shoes Monk - I don’t know where the people are or how many people are in Xia La. People call him because he wears big shoes. Because the name Big Shoes Monk doesn’t know the word, he meets the Shaolin Temple and listens to the lectures. He lives in the Bodhidharma Cave on Wuru Peak in winter and summer. Yiyi goes down the mountain for three or four miles every day to beg for food. He often returns to the cave alone at the second watch. If there is heavy rain or snow and nothing good happens for four or five days, he will look for someone who is sitting there. If there is someone with food, he will stay. I don't want to eat it. I want to save trouble, but I am afraid that it will be annoying. When people ask, the casual answer will be simple and mysterious. Jin Geng Gu knocks out the true interpretation of the cloud. Every time you suffer from something, you can't say it, but you can seriously deal with it, so why bother? He asked suddenly when he wanted to go one day. When someone asked, he said that people were looking for him more and more, and there were still some losses and leaks. He also entered Zhongnan and did not know where he was. The Shi family passed down the Dharma from generation to generation.  

According to the Buddha's book, the Buddha did not start from Bodhidharma. There are twenty-seven ancestors in the Western Heaven. Up to Bodhidharma, there have been twenty-eight transmissions. At least the Lin Zong branch and Dunyan are all from China. However, there are no transmissions in the West, so the Western sect started from Bodhidharma and ended in China. The teachings are actually from the beginning of Bodhidharma and beyond Bodhidharma  

The first ancestors were Sakyamuni, Mahakasyapa, Ananda Shanna and Shuma.  

Upastuta, Titoka, Chaka, Vasumita  

The Buddha's camel is hard to lift. The Buddha's dog is dense and threatens wealth. That night, the sound of horses is extravagant.  

Kapimala Nagarjuna Janatibharata  

Master Po Xiu Pantou Moluo Helena  

Vashesdo is not as good as Miduo Prajna Dorado Dharma  

From Shaolin to Bodhidharma  

Bodhidharma, Hui Ke, Chan Daoxin, Hong Ren, Lu Neng, Xueting Yugong  

Liangshan Guan Gong also met Duke Qing, Songting Yan Gong, who voted for his son.  

Shengxia Fu Gong Ju Kong Bin Gong Tiantong Jue Gong Wansong Xiu Gong  

Lumen Jue Gong Yu Shan Ti Gong Da Ming Bao Gong Kong Yin Tai Gong  

Dayang Xuan Gong Chunzhuo Caigong Tianning Baigong Qingzhou Bian Gong  

The public has no way to sell the snow to the prisoner, the public has no way to sell it.  

Koyama Book, Genkyuyun, Kobaiyuki, Kanden Kaikyo  

Silent Dao Gong is cold and gray, Gong is happy, Han Yu is wide, Gong Wen is Yuan Purun  

Five sects of Zen  

The five sects are all descendants of Lu Neng, and Huineng taught him. Yu Hong retired to Caoxi, and his disciples Huairang, their actions, and their thoughts all went deep into his secrets.  

Huairang preaches and learns from the Jiangxi sect one by one, and its biography is Huaihaihaichuan Xiyunyun  

It is said that the apprentice of Rinzai Huiteru, Yoshimoto Cesheng, is the sect of Linji.  

Huaihai imitated Weishan Zen Master Dayuan and preached to Master Shanzhitong Huiji that he was the sect of Weishan  

The biography of the master of Xingsi, Xi Qian's study in Hunan, is the biography of Tao, Wu, Wu, Chongxin, Xinchuan, Xuanjian, Yicuncun. The master Yunmen heard that Yan was the sect of Yunmen. Gui Chenchen passed down the Fayan master Wen Yi as the sect of Fayan  

Xiqian imitated it as Yaoshan Weiyan, and it was passed down by Tan Sheng Sheng, master Dongshan Wu Ben, at a good price. Master Caoshan Yuancheng, Ben Ji, was the sect of Caodong.  

According to the five Zen sects, Linji Caodong is the most prosperous school of Shaolin. Naizong Caodong was built since Yaoshan Lingyan used the treasure mirror to spread the wings of Samadhi separately, and the price of Ji was open to the public without a gate. The outline of the sect's refining of demons is different, but the legend of Caodong regards all the schools as unique secrets. Shaolin is also like Lu in Caodong, and it is also the ritual of Zhou.  

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