Shaolin Temple Chronicles Volume 2

Five character ancient poem 

Send to Tang Wei Yingwu via Shaolin Jingshe to relatives and friends in the city 

Driving along the Songling Mountains, I climbed up a high pavilion. 

The way forward is limited, but the joy of achievement is even longer. 

When you go out and listen to the sound of thousands of sounds, you can see the forest and the quiet spring. 

Ringing bells give rise to the Taoist heart, and cranes and clouds fill the sky at dusk. 

Although it is comfortable to go alone, you will eventually find yourself tired. 

Fang Si knotted the grassland and returned to his twilight years. 

Shaolin Jin Yuan is good to ask 

The cloud forest is deep and clear, and Xiao Shuang is sitting in the Zen room. 

The clear spring is pure and clean, and the high cry calls for long time. 

I don't have the posture of a leopard, but I have thoughts of purple clouds. 

Looking at the clouds in the mountains, Ganoderma lucidum should grow day by day. 

Title: Erzu'an Demon Refining Platform Mingxu loses his name 

The sky cuts the stone and the hibiscus blooms, and the solitary county is half full of beauty. 

Divine light, Dharma eyesight, Zhuoximao nunnery knot. 

Li Xue prays for peace of mind, and passes on the clothes to understand the true verse. 

Zen is perfected by flying in the air, and the wild vines are confusing the terraces. 

I will go to the top of the mountain, and the world will end in Qiuyang. 

Carve poems to remember your wonderful travels, and the Buddha lamp will never go out. 

Climb the Demon Refining Platform Liu Dongxing 

Yan Qianren is on the upper plate, and the county is opened by one path. 

Lying on a stone wall, it is said that it is a magic refining platform. 

Looking across Mount Song to the east, the Yellow River comes from the west. 

Looking up at the vast sky, my body and mind feel cold. 

The gray and white clouds are as low as the sky, and the moss shines on the remaining doors. 

The earth conquers the sky and the ruins, Dharma King is at peace.  

A gift from the mountain to Ding Yuan's father for admonishing Yang Yurun 

The official was relegated to Songshan Yang, and the deep meaning of the mountain is not ordinary. 

The strict door opens by itself, how can it be hidden. 

I saw the young man's house several times, and the three flowers were charming at the foot of the forest. 

Books and books are displayed on long pine trees, and seals and ribbons are hung on deep bamboo. 

The mountain monk is like a monkey, and the officials are like reindeer. 

The rosy clouds ascend to the high mountains, and the beautiful scenery enters the deep valleys. 

Look at the ancient general tree, and see the emperor's tree that is resting. 

The sound of rain in the stone spring at night, several inches of moss on the steps are green. 

Since the Qi of Guan Dao is pure, how can it be restrained by the dust? 

The upright God does not deceive, the quiet and rational self-sufficiency. 

At that time, there were people from Jiying who talked about their feelings.  

Shaolin Temple Wang Shisong 

I have cherished my trip to Shaolin for a long time, and now I am staying in Shaolin Temple. 

Who calls it beautiful and beautiful? The E Palace is spacious and restored. 

The rock gullies are curling up, and the junipers and cypresses stand tall. 

The clouds on the building are empty and the sun is empty, and the roof is green and green. 

The beautiful scenery is far away from Lingzhou, and the original scenery is very charming. 

I came to prostrate under the eaves, and it seemed like I was coming from outside the sky. 

The incense of Sanskrit fills the emptiness, and the shadow of the lamp illuminates the place without sleep. 

Holding a torch and crawling through the pavilions, grinding tablets to read ancient characters. 

The middle edge of the area has been cut off, so how can one know that one’s life experience is tiring. 

The fertile fields are full of sand and dust, so we can stop recruiting soldiers here. 

Wall Stone 

Folding reeds and floating across the river, the true meaning is revealed in Cathay. 

If the heart does not turn the wheel of Dharma, righteousness cannot be established in words. 

The person who has been facing the wall for nine years has been living in silence. 

There is a shadow in the stone, adding the meaning of coming from the west. 

Gan Terrace 

Wear your clothes and climb the stage, the clouds and objects are so refreshing. 

Even if you look at the vast sky, your eyes will be filled with beauty. 

Xuanyang spreads out into the long sky, and the office is bright and clear. 

The plain is beautiful in daylight, and the green grass is long and green. 

The high emotions are unbridled, and the vigorous steps are enjoyable. 

I can't find anything close to my eyes from afar, and I suddenly get rid of my conventional thoughts. 

I still remember the dew, like a cactus. 

He leaned up and held the gourd in the sky, surpassing Xie Chenyang.  

On the Wall Stone 

Xijian fell down and sat down, and there were traces of the spirit shining on him. 

What kind of emotion can a stubborn person convey? 

There will be no stone's principle, and the clarity will be dazzling. 

The illusion returns to reality, and there is no separation between emptiness and form. 

There is no arrowhead in the clouds when sleeping with a tiger, and there are also changes when moving to the mountains. 

Being able to speak and nod often leaves behind suggestions. 

Sentence turns into ruthlessness, and the reason is brilliant. 

The powerful monk Bodhi is as powerful as yesterday. 

The journey to the north is easy to navigate, and the journey back to the west is possible. 

I wish I had not overflowed with energy after more than nine years. 

When I think of sitting like a corpse, I feel like I am sitting on a stone.  

Wuru Peak Visiting Bodhidharma Cave Cao Wenheng 

Who opens the breast cave? Bodhidharma meditates here. 

The nest is high and close, and the clouds flow from the ancient cave. 

How similar is the method of facing the wall, the light in the heart is calm. 

Miao Ming Qian Ling Moon, Entanyi Hing Qiu. 

Yao grass is silent and green peach, and the fragrance of flowers is floating in the air. 

The pearls reveal the sky, and the bay leaves do not know the autumn. 

Tian Hui was speechless and turned over the portrait. 

The true other shore of Juechen is a virtual boat filled with beautiful scenery. 

Yu Gu Yan Shuang, the same spirit Yuanyou. 

Qiankun is as big as rice, and every inch of clear blue can be contained in it. 

Title: Bodhidharma faces the wall intensely 

After Yan Zi sits and forgets, he can almost be empty again. 

After practicing hard for a long time, Zeng gained his ancestry. 

Therefore, the secret of the heart seal is not in words. 

Therefore, we know the principles of facing the wall, the sacred knowledge and the same merit. 

Traveling to Shaolin to show class leader Li Zhen 

Shaolin towers, and there is a road that reaches Congling. 

Half my life I have been pregnant with victory, and when I am old I have to practice my true state. 

The current is far-sighted, but partiality is still exposed. 

When you look up, you will feel like you are on a screen. 

The cattail wind blows in the wind, and the moxa color invades the collar. 

After rubbing the stele of the previous generation, the writing is very strict. 

The monks dressed up with vegetables and supplies, drank from the well, and the boys on horseback drew water from the well. 

Pick up the pure incense and make it into an ancient ceremonial cauldron. 

Super surpassing the past masters, Shun Ji is in the same mood. 

And on the stone, this immortal shadow is left. 

Although Zhu and Xia are in different ways, they both value the ability to make drastic measures. 

Sitting separately in the idle clouds, the remaining scene is after meditation.  

Wen Ruzhang of Chu Zu'an 

At dawn, I ascended to Chuzu Temple and stepped onto the top of Qingshan Mountain. 

The grass is dew and the clothes are light, and the world is different between man and nature. 

The shell niche is hidden in the pearl forest, and the smoke from the furnace is white and the book is eternal. 

There is a monk surrounded by snow in front of the steps, and shadows are cast on the stone wall. 

Pointing and knocking on the Zen gate, if it is empty, you will feel confused. 

Isn't it true that it is superior, but it is difficult to reach the other side? 

The wind and dew are lingering, and the summer moon is deep in the mountains and cold. 

The prime minister is looking for a way out, and his eyes are full of sunset scenery. 

Stay at Shaolin Temple Zhao Yuan 

Walking on two wheels, the road is divided into two parts. 

When you walk, you will find a pure house, and you will be hugged by the green hills. 

The peaks know that guests are coming, so the color is good. 

My shirt is full of dust, and I feel ashamed to be the abbot. 

The fragrance of diligence can remove the heat from my brain. 

World connections are like falling flowers, all traces are swept away. 

There is a bird's eye in the middle, so it's too early to set off. 

The ancestors of the nunnery are close to each other, and they will marry each other on a different day. 

Climbing the Demon Refining Platform and looking at Zhou Mengyang 

The Second Patriarch Yan is very strange, and the magic refining platform is perfect. 

There are clouds on the stone bridge, and the winding path is as far as the sheep's intestines. 

The moon is on the top of the mountain, and the body enters the star table. 

The four walls are cut into shape, towering and blocking the flying birds. 

Gaze the cup into the sky and realize that China is small. 

The Yellow River comes from Kunlun and passes through it as thin as a marsh. 

There is also the Yiluo River, which is boundless and faint. 

Xihua and Dongdai look like a smokey village. 

There is a lot of white jade ointment in it, which is light and fluffy when taken. 

The morning is like a foggy lake, and drinking is rare in this world. 

I love dining in the clouds, and I sit and wait for the dawn. 

Kageishi Tatsuma 

After Mo Gong crossed the reed, he sat on Jiuchun facing the wall. 

The stone is written with the figure of the lotus slumped, and there is another person in the middle. 

How to send an envoy from Congling to meet the Western Expedition? 

Since his body is an illusion of clouds, this shadow is not real either. 

Asked about the stone, the stone was silent, the mountains were empty and the water was calm. 

Wall-Facing Stone Zhang E 

There is a piece of stone in the deep mountain, and there are ancient caves in the forest. 

No one cares about it, let alone giving it a try.  

Whoever wants to come from the west is better than his heart. 

I fell down and sat down to avoid the smoke and dust. I forgot about winter and summer. 

When you look at the world, you will find no life, and your spirit will flow freely. 

If you shoot into this stone, you will be serious and will not admit lies.  

The men and eyebrows are both handsome and beautiful, as if they were paintings. 

There is a stubborn quality inside and a bright and bright spirit.  

I have only been facing the wall for nine years, but my shadow will remain for thousands of years. 

Hao Zeng visited here several times to pay his respects. seven character ancient 

The moon in the empty mountain is thousands of feet high, and the dew gate is deep and muddy. 

The thousand-year-old clan stick is always a borrowed one, and it is neither a reed nor a wall when broken. 

There are thousands of gaps in the lotus root, but only a few stubborn stones remain like Dharma. 

When will the sharp knife fly from the armpits and turn into a bear mountain shoe? 

Nine Days in Shaolin Rain King Sun Chang 

The rocks move along the path with little obstruction, and the sun rises and it rains three autumns. 

In addition, the rain in Shaolin has doubled, and the five breasts have been lost in the desert of Yunshan. 

The door is loose and the cover is loose. I welcome you like an old couple. 

Drunk with tea and full of ferns, I look at the dangerous towers and look for Mount Feng among the exposed peaks. 

Compared with Qiu in the distance, there is no explanation of Fuqiu. 

The Liang Dynasty was in ruins for nine years, leaving traces of men and women that lasted for thousands of years. 

It's like the reed-breaking monk blames the enemy, and the wealthy family uses it wastefully. 

Who is the person who is neutral in the snow? People are as free as the snow is deep. 

I had a taste of Longyan in my first journey, and I pursued the fairy Ao Zang again. 

Pursuing is not the meaning of harmony, but the first meaning of wanting to know is coming from the west. 

Facing the wall knows that it is not the heart of the ancestors, and it is troublesome to have a broken arm in the divine light. 

Everything that has potential is like lightning, and a vacuum does not need to be seen in a stone. 

Sanhua also has its own roots, not to mention Qin Huai has not changed. 

This year we have climbed high together today, and it will be a dream to look back tomorrow.  

Shaolin Monk Competing with Gong Gong

Shao Shao, the leader of the jungle in Cathay, was defeated by more than a thousand heroes. 

In what year was the Dharma sect opened, Hu Brigade followed Shen Xiang’s teaching. 

I spend my time in the mid-autumn period, and the sweetness of dawn comes to my head. 

Suddenly, the cyan garden became a cyan disciple, standing upright like a tree. 

Jia Yuyong bares his shirt and holds his arms, and the drums and drums of resistance are strong and thunderous.  

Every time I look squinting, I look forward to sniping. I leap straight ahead and see the frosty falcon in front of me. 

As fast as rushing down the flood, as light as autumn leaves following the breeze. 

The cliff eyes and high sockets frighten ferocious beasts, and the dragons soar with outstretched claws and wings. 

The shuttle travels through the hub and turns for a long time, and the poor ape's arm picks up the tortoise and the hare.  

Li Yang had time to use his old punches, and Shi Long was able to compensate for his vicious attacks. 

There was Ge Guang again, and Lu Li was squandering and colliding. 

Lions roar, snails ring in the house, and tiles shake in the cave. 

He specializes in practicing ancient dances and dances based on Shi Guan's wishes. 

From the time of Wude to this day, you Cao has also been helpful to the country.  

Occasionally, I came to the first place to listen to the sound of the tide and watch what happened to the soldiers in Zhilin. 

Isn't it the intention to clamp the mountain with the stick and hit the heart of the yellow leaves in Ningguan?  

Peng Zezai enjoys the wine in a cozy and quiet way, while Ya Gui and Gao Wu are enjoying each other's mood.  

For a moment, the Buddha scattered the flowers in the sky, and the courtyard was full of shadows and the sound of wind and springs sounded.  

Visiting Shaolin Temple Liu Xian 

I read ancient poems and learned about the Shaolin Temple.  

I have been suffering for ten years without a cause, but now I have achieved my original intention. 

The dangerous peaks with five breasts reach high into the sky, and their potential is connected with the young room.  

The blue sky is covered with white stars, and the sun window opens to misty mountains. 

When the monks saw the guests, they looked around and stood on the road as if they were stationed on horses. 

The vastness extends into the Zen Pass, and people worship diligently under the Dharma Hall. 

Follow the guide along the corridor to look at the remaining monuments, and give pointers one by one to talk about the time. 

Chongjian is only known as the prosperous Tang and Song Dynasties, and Su Huangqi is also known for his titles. 

For a moment, I was invited to reach the top of the mountain and look straight towards the cliff to enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

I wash my bowl by the stream and drink the clear spring, and I pick up pine trees and brew fragrant tea at the bottom of the stream. 

In order to say that this is a Dharma nest high in the mountain, it was the monk who created the fateful day. 

Once he entered China from Tibetan scriptures, he mostly built platforms and translated Chinese characters. 

Later, Bodhidharma Fang Zhuoxi sat facing the wall for nine years.  

After the success, I just walked back to the west, and my soul is still reflected on the rocks.  

At that time, Hui Ke took refuge deeply. He cut off his arm and stood in the snow to pray for peace of mind.  

The lights have continued for thousands of years, and the wonderful method has been passed down to this day.  

Before he could calmly answer questions, he suddenly heard the wind blowing from Xiao Sasong. 

The layers of rocks are moving and lingering, but I feel like I have been washed away. 

When I returned home, I was still enjoying the tranquility. I also went to the Bell Pavilion to have a wonderful view. 

Standing alone against the threshold, I paused for a long time, feeling like I was in the blue clouds. 

The ancient wheel collection in the west of Daxiong Hall stands facing each other. 

The pagoda is equally shaded under the moon, and there is every sound of fairy clouds in the sky. 

I lament that the beautiful mountains are really livable, but what will happen if the road is too long? 

All my life is full of mundane thoughts, and An Neng can eliminate them all for me. 

After leaving the house, the monks saw him off, and then looked back to talk to the monks. 

When he was young, he was ordered to return to his fields, and he was planning to find the Lotus Society.  

Shaolin Xing Shen Wenhua 

The ghosts dug caves in the empty mountains, and the wind in the imperial village was so cold that they poured jade. 

I don't realize that the sky is low, as if the blue clouds are blocking my feet. 

Spring flies invade the flesh in June, and rocks burst into new shoots to recommend the mountains. 

Shaolin is the best in Zhongzhou, and the yellow birds are singing and the flowers are laughing in the valley. 

If you don’t come here for provincial reasons, who can cut off the hibiscus to wash away the dust in your eyes? 

The mountain monk, who knew the officer's mind, mistakenly played a new tune on the sheng reed. 

The village man Muzi imitates my car, vying to talk about customs. 

He comforted Liang repeatedly with gentle words and cherished the poverty of our people. 

I can't sing with emotion when facing the wind, and the deep sound of the sunset vibrates the trees.  

Traveling to Shaolin and Yin Feng Shining 

The strong wind blows the clothes and the mountain dew is yellow, and the pines are wrapped around the body and become stiff. 

There is no danger of climbing up the stone stile. If you raise your head, there is still Qinglin. 

Yunxia is far away from Bodhidharma Temple, and in the middle there is a mountain hall where verses are said. 

The green pines are in the shape of a dragon, and the seal on the stone is the word "Perak". 

The waves in the river came to pick reeds, and the Western Region once visited the green lotus terrace. 

Once I sat on the Shaolin stone for a long time, purple moss grew on the five-rut peak. 

The autumn moon in the mountains is as bright as a mirror, and the clear springs under the mountains flow endlessly. 

The Zen mind is like the moon and the spring, and the sky is pure with the sound of wild birds. 

Occasionally I came here for a tour and climbed straight to the top of the mountain. 

Yunlin Yaoyao is as picturesque as three islands and ten states. 

If you don't hear the wind, the fairy has already covered it up, and the Aiyun Mountain is really lined with shields. 

Scan the rocks on thousands of cliffs to read famous poems, the ancient characters are as green as earthworms. 

King Guan Tang told Shaolin Temple to teach Qing Jingri

Shaolin's ancient steles are as dense as combs, with each one high, low, vertical and horizontal. 

The pines and cypresses cast a dim light, most of which were written by famous people. 

The most prosperous ones were in the Han and Tang Dynasties, and the moss and denudation cannot be seen. 

I came to chat under the monument, and the old trees in the deep wall were surrounded by the cold autumn wind. 

The mountain monk pointed out a certain site and looked at it in the shade in front of the monument. 

Shi Que breaks down the text to explain the general idea, searching for the lines and scraping the moss eastward line by line. 

There is a monument standing in the corridor for more than ten feet, and the bright light is shining repeatedly in front of it. 

In ancient times, I was absolutely similar to the objects of the Three Dynasties. The forehead seal marks the beginning of Zhenguan. 

It is said that the monks of the temple once joined the army and helped capture Wang Shichong in the past. 

Because of Emperor Taizong's achievements in Jia Pi, Chen Han, the imperial secretary, came out of Jiuzhong. 

On the south wall there is a stele of land granting, which still shines brightly like a tripod bell. 

I read it over and over again to narrow my horizons, and the love story back then was as good as it could be. 

Yan called Sakyamuni sacred, said verses, chanted mantras and revered Tianzhu. 


During the Qin and Han dynasties, there was no preaching, and there was a lack of proper learning and promotion of Buddhism and elders. 

Penglai East Island refines the Nine Pills, and the Lotus Flower in the Western Region proves the Three Treasures. 

I especially respect you as my teacher, the way of Zhou and Confucius is like Xun. 


The stele at the foot of Wuru Peak is immortal, and in the end the Taoism of the Tang Dynasty became a kind of immortality. 

Even if people are allowed to praise the Holy Spirit, it would be better to return to nothing. 

Jiuri Sanzuan Jiao Qinruo 

The busy life meets the festive season, and the autumn colors are so cool that I can’t bear to read them. 

约佣Exploring odd number invitations, three ancestors' hermitage mountain butterflies. 

Riding on horseback and walking along the winding ladder, the rugged terrain is exhausting. 

Danzhangluo Valley opens to the south, and its scale is meticulous and perfect. 

The houses are low, the trees are high, covering the mountainside, and the green mountains are jagged and hidden. 

The sky is as blue as a painted screen, and the green and rugged scenery is pleasing to the eye. 

Liang Yuan came to blow my clothes, and I wandered around looking around to borrow grass. 

Opening bottles is a leisurely activity, and there is endless talk and laughter. 

There are yellow flowers exposed in front of the court, and they are sipping the wine. 

On the wall of books, dragons and snakes are born with twists and turns. 

Fortunately, people of the same tune have prospered and died, and they have forgotten each other and their spirits have faded. 

Looking back at the empty mountain, I suddenly heard the sound of eagles. 

When visiting Bodhidharma Cave, there used to be a shadow stone hidden here, but now it has been moved to Jiao Qinruo in the lower nunnery. 

The Wuru Peak in the northwest of Shaolin is winding up and down from the temple. 

Guo'anli Mountain is on the edge of the mountain, and Zhiling supports the short section of the road. 

Go back to the forest and look up and up, straight to the edge of the rock. 

Someone dug a hole in the stone wall, and there was a small room in front of it as a barrier. 

In the cave of the first ancestor of Yuexi, I spent nine years facing the wall with endless thoughts. 

The spirit can be seen through the stone, and the true face remains on the stone to this day. 

It may be suspected that this shadow is fictitious and exaggerated by later generations. 

I don’t know how to express my sincerity here, and I can’t judge the shape and stone as one. 

Don't you see the banquet sitting on the rock, both of them are falling down.  

If you don't see Nanhua again, the Sixth Patriarch's indestructible body is still there. 

The saintly Buddhas from ancient times have so many spiritual abilities, which is beyond ordinary imagination. 

I hope to climb up to see the statue of mercy, and I should only bow down and admire the ancestral style. 

What's more, the mountains and rivers are green, and the misty scenery is clear and beautiful. 

You can look around freely and drink deeply. Why not lie down when you are drunk? five-character rule 

Fortunately, Shaolin Temple responded to the problems of the Tang and Song Dynasties 

Cyan Yu crosses the sky room, Hui Luan refers to Emperor Xiu. 

The twilight welcomes the end of the sun, and the spring air embraces the rock flow. 

Empty music is flowing and flowing, and cigarettes are thin and silky. 

From then on, the jade paste spreads, and the fairy rides to Fuqiu.  

Shen period 

I travel to the treasure land with a long song, and move to lean against the Pearl Forest. 

The Eagle Tower is as old as the weather, and the Dragon Pond is as old as time. 

The cyan garden is clear in the evening sky, and the blue sky is overcast in autumn. 

On the way home, the clouds are cloudy at night, and the cicadas are singing everywhere.  

Visiting Shaolin Temple Dai Shulun 

Entering Zhaoti Road, I visited Daolin. 

The stone niche is covered with moss, and the fragrant path is deep with white clouds. 

The two trees are full of autumn colors, and the solitary peak is covered with sunset shadows. 

As I walked through the corridor, I looked back and chanted for a long time.  

Climbing Shaoshi Mountain Temple Chu Chaoyang 

The clear clouds come first in Fei Pavilion, and the cool weather comes early in autumn alone. 

The flowers reflect the near moon in the window, and the fragrant osmanthus blows on the eaves. 

The three peaks of  Mount Huayue are small and the area around the Yellow River is long.

The sound in the sky points to the way back, and there are weeping poplars in the smoke.  

Visit to Shaolin Temple and learn about Nanjin from the Ming Dynasty 

First I was turning over bay leaves, now I am facing the official. 

Having hair is always embarrassing, being homeless is tiring. 

There is no snow on the platform, but nine years of spring remain on the wall. 

Make an appointment with Xiling Mountain to know the twelve causes.  

Looking at Shaolin Zhu Heng 

When Xundian was first divided into Luo, he once lived in the second room. 

But I recall the shadow on the high wall and listen to the Shaolin bell in the distance. 

The old juniper trees are full of spring clouds, and the cold pond is full of moonlit nights. 

There is no reason to accompany Miao He, and if you go to the county, you will follow each other.  

Shaolin Temple Jiang Ji 

The temple is the ancient Shaolin, and the temple is unique. 

Feng Huai is forgotten for generations, and the treasure pillar is laid in Huayi. 

The cicada sheds the stone and takes a photo, the dragon returns and the pond is filled with snow. 

The sutra-turning hall is silent, with dewy flowers hanging on the rockside. 

On the road ahead of Liuliu Peak, there is still time to travel in cool autumn. 

The cyan palace lapels Yingshui, and there are floating docks and pillows in Qiu. 

I feel that my heart is always bright, and I can ask for verses when I come. 

Watching the cranes dancing in the empty courtyard, the cypress shadows are scattered and quiet.  

Paying homage to the First Ancestor and Sun Jihuang 

The clouds opened in the ancestral hall of the first ancestors, and the chimes were used to perform rituals and fragrant feasts. 

The seat is surrounded by three flowers and the lamp is bright with several leaves of Zen. 

The mountain screen is surrounded by mist, and the stone chamber is filled with springs. 

If you want to ask about the meaning of coming from the west, the wind in the sky is so random.  

Wall Hole 

How many years can a reed cross? This cave remains for thousands of springs. 

A piece of stone left behind appears on the body, Tao and Gufengzun. 

The clouds are coming in from Qudeng, and the ancient snow is turning over the cliffs. 

I had no intention of coming to the West, and I forgot about my luck. 

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