Shaolin Temple Chronicles Volume 3

 Pay homage to the Second Ancestor 

The ancient palace is hung with green smoke, and the empty mountain faces the evening Zen. 

The thousand realms above are silent, and the first ancestor shines with a light. 

Ask the Dharma mind why it is so painful, and you can tell the true story. 

Snow falls in the cave every year, spreading to the sky.  

Demon Refining Table 

The climb is steep and the sun shines on the usnea. 

This place is empty and ancient, and the wind from the sky is blowing and refining demons. 

The empty dragon in the pond enters concentration, and the silent tiger passes by. 

I also have many dusty obstacles, how can it be like being born in this world?  

Staying in Shaolin and encountering snow Zhang Yingdeng 

The dawn leaks towards Zhongyue, and the dusk clock stays in Shaolin. 

Three flowers bloom with precious colors, and thousands of valleys fall with voiceless sounds. 

If you want to stand up to a high pavilion, you will only find it on foot. 

Where the plum blossoms first bloom, they move and sing for a long time.  

Stay at Shaolin Wu Sanle 

Looking at the mountains brings endless excitement, and I return to the Zen forest. 

Flowers fall on the empty altar at dusk, and lamps hang in the shadow of the ancient palace. 

Turning over sutras, the Buddha lies down and listens to the chanting of the monks accompanied by the Dharma. 

The young room is leisurely and interesting, because it peeks into the heart of a quiet person. 

Opposite the green screen, the remaining bells stand in silence. 

The valley is quiet, the wind is blowing, and the window is empty and the moon is loose. 

No life is always a dream, lying down has become a dream. 

Tomorrow I can climb a mountain with a short stick.  

Visiting Shaolin Temple and seeing traces of ancestors Xue Qu 

I passed by Shaoshi in the past, and I visited again today. 

The bells of the Buddhist temple are silent, and the rain is floating on the empty mountain. 

The dogwood heralds the festival, and the wild chrysanthemums enjoy the clear autumn. 

The old acquaintance of the monk is still there, and he will stay again before leaving.  

Revisiting Shaolin Temple in 9 days 

The beautiful land of Shaolin, I would like to visit it again. 

The nine-day meditation hall is quiet, and the thousand-year-old ancient cave is quiet. 

The mountains are green and the mountains are green, and the white smoke floats on the isolated temple. 

Old friends share the yellow flowers, and Taoran stays drunk.  

Face the wall hole Yang Yurun 

On the first day of Cathay, haze opens the cave door. 

Moss grows on the stone wall, and my meditation clothes are wet with snow. 

In front of the five-leaf lantern, three flowers fly overhead. 

I don’t know why he returned to the west after teaching the Dharma.  

Summer Tour to Shaolin Temple Du Chengxu 

Luobao Temple in Wanshan Mountain is filled with green smoke of junipers and cypresses. 

The dragon and elephant open up the golden realm, and the cloud gate cultivates the field of blessing. 

The shape of the mountain marks the ancient times, and the terrain ranks in the middle of the sky. 

He also wanted to come to the west and pass the lantern across the sea.  

As a gift to the Silent Master Yang Yurun 

Sanyu, isolation, meditation. 

The heart will be extra rational, and the agreement will be in the middle of the sky. 

Whoever realizes all the Dharma first, the three vehicles are always mysterious. 

Take refuge now, there is a true message in the ancient cave.  

Spending a Snowy Night in Shaolin to Reverend Master Xiu 

The guest has passed the day again, and the Zen gate cannot be opened. 

The sound of verses echoes in dreams, and the bell rhymes with clear sorrow. 

The lonely cloud in the young room is dark, and the song in the middle is destroyed by thousands of valleys. 

The pagoda is empty, so where can I find the Tathagata?  

A speechless visit in the snow 

On a cold day, the wind is strong, and I am heading towards Shaolin with my fur coat on my back. 

The snow-capped rocks are jade-studded, and the frost is deep in the mountains. 

Isn't it said that I came to explore a strange place? It's because I came to visit the road. 

Dagong once had an appointment, and now he went to Huxi to look for it. 


Listen to the speech without words 

The ultimate path is speechless. Come to the west to see the Dharma. 

A single reed is the true source of enlightenment. 

Take a seat in front of the mountain arch and ascend the altar to this Taoist venerable person. 

The smallpox is still falling randomly, and the dust has long since ceased.  

Climbing Shaoshi Mountain at night 

Songfeng often falls into dreams, and this night comes. 

The sky is close to the sky, and the wind is high, chasing the customs. 

Light clouds cover the cliffs, and the bright moon illuminates the Zen heart. 

In the Holy Days, I think of Shenfu, and the gods are only virtuous and happy.  

We will go to Yiyang in a roundabout way and pass by Shaolin. 

The second poem is about a day when the light rain is thin and light.  

Ji Wangwei 

Searching in the mist, I have been talking about Shaolin for many years. 

When the rain arrives in Menshan Mountain, people chant in the stone spring around the temple. 

The sky is pure when flowers fall, and the pine trees hide deep in the palace. 

The lamp niche has not been extinguished, but it still illuminates the Zen mind. 

Grass and trees extend to the central mountain, and mist reaches the north. 

Ancient Zen spread to the later Wei Dynasty, and Weijie stood in the early Tang Dynasty. 

The sound of whales in remote areas is strong, and the cranes on high peaks have long rhyme. 

The move to Fukui has not yet left, and I pay homage to the famous incense every night.  

Shaolin Tour Li Tinglong 

The stone walls rise to the sky, and the lonely pine trees look like old Zen. 

Ling Xiao has a day, and he has been working hard for many years. 

The secret of establishing one's nature is the secret of success, and the secret of forgetting one's nature is the secret. 

The Tathagata has met face to face, and his heart seal has been passed down first.  

Stay at Shaolin Zou Shouyu 

The fragrant Yao grass grows in the valley, and the golden barrier welcomes friends. 

Good travel is not easy to come by, and beautiful places are even more common. 

The flying crane flies under the pine, and the bell urges the monk to meditate. 

There were many monuments in the previous dynasty, and the tall towers still had broken lights.  

Envoy Daliang visited Shaolin Temple and Pan Yuzhi 

Stay in the festival and escape to Zen. This place is cool and refreshing. 

The clouds are deep and the chime is wet, and a lamp hangs in the ancient temple. 

You can know the monks by reading the trees, and you can engrave the tablets to remember the year of the Buddha. 

The ghost is not a guest of Lotus Society, but the empty one is a wise man from afar.  

Entering Shaolin Temple and Zhouyi 

The Brahma Temple is said to be wonderful, and the mountain monk is famous for its beauty. He talks about Xuan Geng and practices martial arts, worships Buddha and loves discussing military affairs. 

He is brave enough to conquer all armies, and he is ambitious and heroic. 

The flying feathers of the Central Plains are used to kill long whales.  

Looking at the young room Zhang Bangji in the rain 

I have been thinking about Jiuling Mountain for several years, and I have been climbing up the mountain in clear dreams. 

The trees are misty, and the scenery is far away. 

The clouds and clouds merge at the entrance of the cave, and the wind and rain are pouring on the rock head. 

Looking up at the fragrant temple, you should hold the candle. 

Presented to Wuyan Zen Master Shen Shixing 

After Xian'er found peace of mind, he spent his poor years lying in Cuiwei. 

Rice and hemp birds look at the bowl, sitting on the stone and the moon make clothes. 

If you don't want Tan Tianyu, you can turn on the motor. 

Someone asked about the meaning of Zen and talked about Ziling Yunfei.  

Two silent poems from Li Yangong 

A lonely cloud away, the Emperor Shi's house is far away. 

The two rooms are built with thatched grass, and the three flowers are picked by flying tin. 

The lotus is the sutra seat, and the cup is the ocean cup. 

I am confused about the other shore, and I am willing to point to the end of Tianjin. 

Appearances are all illusions, and silence is the only truth. 

You can understand the Great Wisdom, and I also understand the causes. 

The lonely moon hangs the heart seal and turns the wheel of Dharma in three days. 

Thousands of years after Bodhidharma, who is facing the wall?  

Send Wuyan to Shaolin 

I have reached the point where I am speechless, so how can I pass on the Dharma? 

Nine years of facing the wall in vain, a thousand years of peaceful meditation. 

If Chaos is like this, chances always come. 

Yuzhang is filled with treasures, all of which are inserted into the sky.  

To the speechless Wang Qin 

The guest travels to Hengling, and the Zen hall controls Bicen. 

Only the shadow of the stone is left, but the heart of the flower is not finished. 

The grass is lush in spring, and the pine cliffs are covered with sunset shadows. 

How can I be free from restraints and find the wildness in the wild?  

Inn Shaolin Temple Qin Jin  

At dusk, the monk has just settled down, and a guest in the forest passes by. 

The orioles are blooming in spring, and the moon is shining brightly in the terraces and palaces. 

The bird path borders the blue wall, and the bells ring out from the green rosewood. 

Who asks for the price when entering the mountain? Poetry Xu Shaoling.  

Shaolin Zen Temple Yin Zhao 

Go south to Yuanyuan Road and enter Shaolin for meditation. 

Surrounded by the foothills of the mountains, there are dense cypress trees all along the path. 

Forget fame and fortune when looking at the scenery, and read the ancient and modern monuments. 

Cui Wei's shadow on the stone, who knows Bodhidharma's heart?  

Shaolin Li Han 

The jungle is next to the ancient road, and the luggage passes by again. 

The mountains are thin due to the rain, and the sky is colorful. 

The trickling stream lingers, and the old trees hang long daisies. 

The stone is full of inscriptions, who can share them?  

The abbot sits at night with Mei Huiyan 

How come the gatherings of 灹素 are burning incense and talking late at night. 

The bamboo shadows are cut out in the half-light, and the sound of the sound is cold through the clothes. 

The hands are cold, the branches and vines are thin, the heart is empty and the room is wide. 

You are so graceful that you forget to sit or lie down, so you deserve to have sex.  

Erzuan Wen Ruzhang 

Gufeng Buddha Realm, the Palace of the Dharma King of Ten Thousand Calamities. 

The golden knife fell from his arm, and his body was still in the ice and snow. 

The flowers and trees grow in the heart of words, and the water and springs of Zhuoxi are connected. 

Leave the sweet world to be quiet, and spread the evening breeze under the lamp.  

Facing the wall shadow Zhang Yi 

I also want to escape to Zen, and my journey will take me to Gion. 

There are many strange and shy ribbons, and the words Jin include mountains and rivers. 

In what age was Shi Min shadowed? The lamp was burning in the niche for five nights. 

You can't stop seeing the famous names, and you can't stop looking at the places.  

Shaolin Temple Song Xuan 

I never tire of reading the song when traveling, I regret that it is so late. 

Yellow leaves bloom in the Autumn Palace, but there are no old monuments on the green hills. 

The clouds return to the dragon's cave to be wet, and the pines and cranes' nests are in danger. 

It is necessary to leave a name on it and carve poems on the cliff.  

Shaolin Temple Fang Chengyu 

One person is in Yuanyuan Ridge, and Panyu meets Shaolin. 

The white cloud monk is cold, and the gate of Huangye Temple is deep. 

The Bodhi seed comes out of the fruit, and the sound of Sanskrit is flying from the spring. 

In the cool and refreshing spiritual environment, it is best to wash away the troubles.  

Shaolin sits at night and waits for the moon to come to Mengyang 

Everything is silent here, and there are few stars in the empty mountain. 

Hanging in the forest, the waning moon vomits, and a monk returns home after entering meditation. 

Who invites you to drink on the crossroads? The dust has not yet subsided. 

The nostalgia for homesickness never goes away, and my desires are just beginning to fade away.  

Shaolin Prime Minister of Wan Sitting Area 

The mountain is facing the sunset, and the stone chamber is blowing out green smoke. 

The door faces the Sheng Mountain, and the window faces the ear-cleansing spring. 

Yanyin returns to the bamboo courtyard, and the fragrance rises from the flower sky. 

Sit and wait for the floating crane to sleep on the pines after returning.  

Shaolin Temple Yan Yuxi 

The beaded forest of Fan Que is quiet, and the towering pillow is big. 

When the house is surrounded by Lan Hui, there are many flowers separated by the rhyme of birds. 

The Zen room leads to a secluded path, and the golden fields are long with wild sand. 

The mountain gate is surrounded by Luoshui, and the sound of thousands of sounds is clear and peaceful.  

Wangri Tour Shaolin Chen Pei 

The sun sets outside the ridge, and it's already dusk in the woods. 

The true state is hidden in the orchid, and you can find it in the secluded place. 

The lamps illuminate the Buddhist world, and the full moon fills the mountain gate. 

I want to ask about the method of passing on clothes, but there is a phantom in the stone.  

Shaoyang River Plum Blossoms 

The water flows from Shaoyang Peak and turns into a river. 

He spreads Qingse in the mountains and spreads Subo out of the mountains. 

Fragrant trees shade Huazhu, and white birds fly along the green grass. 

I enjoy this place where the waves are blowing, and I don’t hear the songs of children.  

Four Shaolin Songs 

The stone bridge is connected with the golden rope, and the adventure is climbed one by one. 

The clouds in the wild are closed like officials, and the ancient cypresses are as bare as monks. 

The Buddhist rhyme is like thousands of forest rains, and the Zen heart is like thousands of valleys and ice. 

There is not a single word from the West, and there is no other word for the Three Vehicles. 


The mountain leaves are about to turn red in autumn, and the mountain springs are full of streams. 

After participating in Zen, I learned that I was clumsy in politics. I went to the temple to feel rested. 

The shadow of the tower is leaning towards the calligraphy, and the bells are ringing in the evening. 

Yipu has finished offering sacrifices. If you want to leave, you will stay in floods.  

The sun sets over the mountains, and the wind blows away and the evening becomes cool. 

Open the curtain and take a seat with clouds, imitating a house with trees forming a wall. 

The dust and worries are gone, and the flowers are gone, and the clear water is long. 

Where is the green lotus, the fragrance of flying spittle lingers.  

The trees are dense and the books are long in the shade, and the clouds on the mountains are white and can be found. 

Bouldering in the cold pine trees, walking slowly through the forest. 

Kosan Shinryochi, Tomei Fujishin. 

Far away Gongrenshe, who fell in love with the flower hairpin again.  

Youmianbidong Huanghong 

Tiptoeing on the upper ridge, thousands of peaks are covered with sunset. 

The green mountains are covered with hibiscus, and the miscanthus is deep in the white clouds. 

The cave leads back to the charming path, and the altar is empty except for the sound of Sanskrit. 

Looking at each other facing the wall, it is said that they are washing their clothes.  

Rain while visiting Erzu Temple 

It's dusk in the distant green mountains, and the solitary clouds are slanting over the stone steps. 

The staff and shoes are wet, and the drizzle wets the cassock. 

There are more than two cypresses in the ancient well, and the mist is scattered with five flowers. 

In what year did Xie Xuanmian study cinnabar here?  

Entering Shaolin and arriving at Chuzu Temple 

Whether the stone is here together or not, the green mountain remembers the dream. 

Climbing into the clouds, new tunnels are divided, and old stones and trees are supported. 

Fujikoro Banbun, Inko Kabe Kage-mon. 

Mo Gong is so cunning, how could he have gone without just walking on his feet?  

The speechless abbot 

The stick moves the autumn smoke, and the leader has been in the hall for twenty years. 

I'll give you a half-faced negotiation and beg me for a moment of meditation. 

The stone wall is divided into windows, and the pine breeze is facing the couch. 

Floating and general, all have snow and hair hanging on them.  

Shaolin Night Huai Huang Chengyuan 

The bells in the tower are far away, and the sky is silent in the long night. 

Outside the Moon Turning Bowl Peak, the monk returns to the imperial village. 

The waving flower energy moves in, and the couch tree is shady. 

The imperial palace is far away from each other, and the layers of mist are flying.  

Prime Minister of Xinan Jingshe District 

After Yideng preached, mountains were opened here again. 

Two rooms and three flowers, among thousands of peaks and trees. 

Bringing guests to the incense table, waiting for the clouds in the bamboo courtyard. 

Now that you understand the peace of mind, there is no need to stay in seclusion for a long time.  

The layman lives in heaven and earth, in a fine house beside water and rocks. 

Imitate the treasure world opened in the forest, holding a bowl to drink from the fragrant spring. 

After the flower hair conveys the light, the bird returns to sing the chime. 

In the guest room above, the pines and the moon sit in peace together.  

Stay at Shaolin Xu Wan 

My pillow meets the monk's house, and my dreams are clear even when I sleep alone. The mountains are deep and the clouds have feet. The night is quiet and the rain is loud. 

If you want to return to the nine-year wall, it's hard to violate the love of an inch of grass. 

In the Ming Dynasty, when I stationed my horse, I was greeted by apes and cranes.  

Two Shaolin Songs by Wang Yingqi 

The road to seek truth is at the end of the road, at the top of Ma Song Peak. 

The crane roars loudly, and the clear chant falls on the drunken beard.  

The ancient stele remains in the Dharma realm, and the blue pagoda has high eaves. 

I want to pass through this frequently without feeling worldly. 

The cock crows, the musk deer martingale is bitter, and the crane attracts the deep sleep. 

Ming clouds hang down, and the vegetables are cut sweet by frost. 

The medicine column is sealed with soil and mushrooms, and the curtains are folded. 

I am ashamed that I am not an immortal, and we will be drowned by the sun together.  

Shaolin Temple Nine Days Qiu Zhaolin 

Climb the clouds on this day, this day coincides with the mountains. 

Before praying to Song for help, first pray to Buddha. 

Chrysanthemums are suitable for the eyes of famous people, and pine trees are suitable for the faces of old monks. 

It's hard work in autumn, but the dangerous rock has already been climbed.  

Stay at Shaolin Zhu Heng 

The first ancestor opened the first land, and the fragrant platform was empty and blue. 

Lingquan Hongdeshui, five-leaf scattered pearl forest. 

Zhongding Zen is closed in the evening, and the mountain is cold and the pagoda is overcast. 

A piece of moon in the empty hall will seal and break the heart of the reed. 

When traveling to the county, I passed by a famous temple and held a Buddhist feast due to the wind. 

When you arrive, everything is quiet, and a lamp hangs wherever you go. 

There is no way to prove the Dharma, forget the destiny and never leave the destiny. 

Burning incense and holding half a gatha, one has attained super-enlightenment of the True Quan.  

A gift to Song Shien without words 

The Tao comes from the west, and the monks come from the higher country. 

There are two rooms for reading scriptures and three stations for performing Dharma. 

锡挂嵩云break, Cup floating sea moon times. 

There are many trees in the world, and the flowers will bloom every day. 

The Dharma will be preached in the Deer Garden, and the Sutra will be preached in the Dragon Palace temporarily. 

The lotus is covered with treasures, and the bay leaves are full of red. 

Meditation is far away from the sun, and the name is high enough to correspond to the stars. 

I still hear that Copper is here, asking me about the mountain spirit.  

Climbing Wuru Peak Xu Wan 

The young room worships the morning rain, and the Zen room stays for a long time. 

Climbing to the top of the mountain, relying on the name to drink Longqiu. 

The red sansho pepper is thin, and the green smoke and wild trees are thick. 

The setting sun shines over the forest, where the sound of the flute is faint. 

There are few tourists on the road in front of Wuru Peak. 

When you are excited, you will be rewarded with great rewards, and you will be so drunk that you will forget to return. 

The leaves of the play are divided into the pith of the mountain, and they penetrate the clouds and break the stone clothes. 

The sun sets in the west, and the cave master covers his firewood.  

Shaolin Temple Liu Yuhu 

Not accustomed to the dust, I often think about Shaolin. 

The fragrant flowers lead to silence, and the mountains are deep into the clouds. 

The eyes are looking at the moist mountains, and the cup is poured out from the stone while sitting. 

After the rain, it becomes even more secluded, with verdant green dripping from the distant ridge.  

Two leaf seals from  Shaolin Temple

There are also few monks left in the chaos, and they sit quietly in the evening. 

The ancient palace is full of water, and the monuments are like hemp. 

Qin Huai doubts the fifth grade, and Beishu thinks of the third flower. 

There are still dense cypress trees, and Lingyun can boast of them. 

It is known as a famous temple in the sea and an ancient monastery in the sky. 

The ancestral court should be the first, but the holy truth is not ordinary. 

There is no interpretation of the law , and the legacy is stronger than the test. 

When the spring is three feet deep and the grass is deep, who will open the hall again?  

shadow stone 

Where is a piece of stone? The clouds shine on Bodhidharma's body. 

The shadow is colorless, who can believe that there is a god? 

For nine years, I have only been on the ancient wall, and I have only walked in the past. 

A lot of humorous words are used to spread the truth.  

Su Shaolin Li Tianfa 

When the rain passes by Dengxiang Temple, the sound of pines sounds like the sound of Sanskrit. 

The Zen dwelling is completely silent, and the abbot's lamp is bright. 

Tired birds are high in the forest, and apes are singing at midnight. 

I often can't sleep at the guest window, and I often see stars flying across the window.  

Looking for the wall facing Dharma 

The old Zen ginseng can be broken, and you can realize the vacuum when facing the wall. 

Escape far from the hustle and bustle of the world, hiding the knowledge of Taoism. 

9th year Sanya, Kenishi Soan Junior High School. 

Reminiscing about the past, I drifted across the Luhua River.  

Facing the hole in the wall, Shi Runzhang 

The middle peak is divided into five breasts, and the cliff returns to Qianxun. 

The road twists and turns and is dangerous, and the rock penetrates the tiger's den deep. 

The meaning is worthy of his words, and the stone knows his heart. 

I have worked hard to find traces of the past, and they are vast from ancient times to the present.  

Shaolin Temple Shen Quan 

I heard about the Shaolin Temple and the Sutra of Tribulation Ashes. 

The remaining monuments are covered with moss, and the cliffs are old and empty. 

A place where thousands of Buddhas transmit lanterns, and three flowers stand in a snow pavilion. 

The dense cypress tree is the source of spiritual growth.  

Shaolin Ancestral Hall High Price 

The monk in the sky was silent, knocking on the door of his ancestral hall alone. 

Gemstones are shining brightly, and golden lamps are shining brightly. 

The pure truth of Mahayana comes out, and half a word of wonderful sound returns. 

The falling pines and flowers outside the door should be like the flying rain.  

Shaolin Temple Bamboo Burning Restoration 

The bamboos in front of the eaves of the great masters are green and can be seen for a long time. 

Chanjuan remains in plain shadow, reflecting the waves. 

The moon is wet and smoke curls up from the branches, and the wind blows on the leaves. 

I can stop the wind and lead me to shame, but I hate poetry.  

Comrade Yasha Shaolin Four Shou Jiao Yihyung  

In order to fulfill the appointment with high friends, I went to Cuiwei in the early morning. 

问山藏 Vice-sumi, Shōyu Arrival Clothes. 

Letting go to see the snakes, Xiao Sao sits on the rocky rock. 

There should be a gull waiting by the side, but the bird has forgotten the opportunity. 

The mountain is deep and the air is refreshing, and the humiliation is reduced and the persimmons are restored. 

The liquid is wine bamboo bark, which can be used to make crowns and waterfalls fly. 

Thousands of trees are ringing with smoke, and thousands of peaks are cold. 

You can admire the stones with clear feet, and you can see the bridges with full moon. 

A Qiu ring fights for the land, and the Gui boundary is cleared. 

The Bodhi rain showers your head, and the Portuguese wind wraps your lapel. 

If you have a good skill and a bare hand, you can solve the problem of Bilian Palace in summer. 

All the senses are dependent on the ice, and the fire is not easy to attack. 

The blue sky is quiet and the earth is new, and the poetry is perfect. 

The fire clouds gather thousands of miles away, and the cool rain comes several times. 

Leave the chime behind when you stay, and open the window to let in the blue mist. 

The heroes are fighting for peace, and Gong Bi is disgusted with Songnan.  

Shaolin Temple Wang Wuyi 

The temple is broken and there are few monks on the mountain. The summer stream is quiet when people come here. 

The golden wheel sinks into the green tiles, and the iron phoenix rings against the soul. 

The moon is chaotic and the fireflies are flowing white, the wind is high and the trees are about to fall. 

When you enter the forest, you will find benefits far away, and when you fly to the tin, you will travel together.  

Title: Bodhidharma faces the wall with stone coke and drinks pampering 

The Holy Truth is unique and comes from Shaolin, the ancestor of the West. 

There is only one trace left in the shoes, and the heart is sealed in stone for nine years. 

Phantoms exist in heaven and earth, and lanterns are passed down to connect the past and present. 

Climbing vines and scenic spots are rare, and the clouds are as deep as the wild nunnery.  

Summer Shaolin Master 

The clouds are floating on the rocks in the summer, and the clouds are reaching the top. 

A lonely temple stands in Tianpan, and the rain disrupts the mountain flow. 

The hands are hanging down, the jujube flowers are dark with autumn leaves. 

Recruiting and accumulating secluded meaning, I believe this place will be flooded and stayed. 

In the dangerous rock in the dangerous pavilion, the strong wind is unstoppable. 

The emperor of Wei remained in the deserted state of Taiwan, and the old monk said that he was the king of Zhou. 

Buddha pigeons rush past people, while mandrills hide behind the sun. 

The bamboo forest is a shelter, who laughs at Ruan's madness. 

Looking at the King of Shaolin Temple 

Shaolin is at a high point, and the paths are divided into ridges. 

The temple is open with five breasts and two pines diagonally facing the clouds. 

The hazy light floats far away from the chime, and the spring scenery writes flying articles. 

Lying in the mountains every day, he often leads the deer with the herd. seven character rule 

From Longtan to Lin Temple, inscribed to fellow traveler Tang Bai Juyi 

There are six or seven virtuous people wearing clothes in the mountains and fields, and their fragrance is flowing through the green grass. 

A glass of wine falls under the moonlight in Jiulong Pond, and the three pines are blown by the wind. 

It is healthy and suitable for tourist resorts, and it is cool enough to survive the summer. 

Only then did I know that there were no immortals on the earth who were free and happy outside the clouds. 

Stayed at Shaolin Temple outside the back wall of Xichan. Song Wenyanbo 

Sixty-six immortal peaks surround the Buddha's residence, and the secular world is temporarily eliminated. 

When I came to the west, I didn't realize the Zen master's intention. When I went north, I returned the envoy's chariot. 

The fifth-grade sealed Sophora japonica tree is still there today, but what it was like in the past when it was facing the wall for nine years. 

Knowing that it would be difficult to sleep after one night, Huazang looked for the Bayeux book again. 

Stay in Shaolin Mountain, Min Daoyang 

The bells ringing in the temple are heard on the mountain, and the Dadianzhi escape is always famous. 

The dragon at the mouth of the cave listens to the Dharma, and the tiger walks in front of the cliff. Yao grass, stone altar and zhi are merged together, and the stove is smoked and the cup of tea is poured out. 

I have been searching for the true secrets for a long time, and I am lucky enough to be on the other side of this life. 

Shaolin Liu Shaoji 

Thousands of peaks gradually come in one after another, and the circle becomes more prosperous. 

I am still a guest in front of the yellow leaves, and I am a monk deep in the white clouds. 

On the night of the third watch of the month in the Central Plains, the sky in Shaoshi opens for the first time. 

If you try to see the dew color on the high platform, you might as well borrow the jade lotus lamp again. 

Shaolin Temple Liang Jianting 

The heavens reveal their fortunes, and the poets of the present and ancient times are vying to ascend the bridle. 

Back in the wilderness, there is no dust and a thousand worlds are quiet. There are temples in the barren mountains and thousands of empty spaces. 

To the west is the Tripitaka of the Wonderful Dharma, and to the south is the Five Tombs of Seal at the middle peak. 

Seeing Mani shining in the world, he also searched for true monks from that place. 

Fan Tour Shaolin Wu Sanle 

Strange peaks and green mountains surround the mountains, and the stick should be climbed everywhere. 

The stream flows from Yinhan Music, and the Zen Palace is half closed by white clouds. 

I know the monk is calm by the shadow on the wall, and I also think that the sound of the sheng is far away. 

The haze I love most is now with me, and I want to collect herbs to stay in spring. 

Visit to Bodhidharma Cave by Chen Wenzhu 

Thousands of clouds atop the vast green ridges, leaning against the cliffs, the sun is about to sink. 

There are no people in Wuru Gufeng, and the nine-year-old empty shadow is a group of rocks. 

Baoguang still reflects the inscriptions on the stele, and Sanskrit is heard from ancient trees. 

What's more, my friends can bring me wine, and I can check the Sakyamuni manuscripts late at night. 

Shaolin Shi Gongzhi 

While patrolling, I occasionally stayed in the mountains, in front of the young room in the southwest of Songyue Mountain. 

Quietly love the mountain clouds and lighten the taste of the world, temporarily follow the monks to avoid meat. 

The pine breeze rustles and the rain comes, and the dusk smoke rises above the green barrier. 

Facing the wall and the rock head, the moon is shining through the ages, and the cold light is silent and escaping Zen. 

Interview with Shaolin Wang Yaobi 

I went down the road to Qianxun in the west of Songshan Mountain and visited Shaolin in the afternoon. 

I wandered toward the clouds seeking the path of birds, and suddenly the sound of a whale roared from the sky. 

The peak returns to the tree and the tower comes out, and the road turns to the mountainside to reach the palace. 

Several old monks flew over to me, clearing away the dust in the depths of the meditation hall. 


The scenery of Shaolin is unparalleled in the world. I heard it thirty years ago. 

If you love ginseng, you don't care about the bamboo. When you come, you like the wild clouds. 

After thoroughly opening the Sutra and viewing the flowers, he sat facing the green screen in the meditation hall. 

I would like to ask where the real person is going. Half of the epiphyllum flowers are withered under the eaves. 

Su Shaolin Ren Weixian 

Several clear chime sounds greeted Lin Fei, and the harp and crane followed the monk into the green sky. 

Absolutely unconventional faith can be obtained without dust, and there is really a person who started the mountain like Xi Zengfei. 

The green peaks are all invisible, and their white hair is still thick. 

I sit on my Zen couch by the window at night and have a deep understanding of the past. 

Shaolin Temple Liu Yuhu 

The golden wheel, incense, and green smoke are heavy, and the spring is green and green with several peaks. 

The woodcutter keeps axing all day long, and the monk rings the six clocks in the sky. 

Ying Lian brushed his seat and left the clouds covering him, wandering around the dragon hall to see the snow cover. 

The old cypresses and withered locust trees lie in Daze, making people admire the ruins for thousands of years. 

Climbing Mount Songshan in summer relieves the heat and returns sweetness to Chu Zu'an Yang Yurun 

The rocky slope is covered with steam in the morning clouds. It should be difficult to climb up because it is so high. 

The five breasts are connected with the three flowers of Bihan, and the birds, vines and clouds are scattered. 

The smoke and clouds are hidden across a small room, and the water and moon are clear when talking about the classics. 

Don't be surprised that you were facing the wall in vain. Zen originally belonged to the monks of the Six Dynasties. 

Shaolin Temple Lu Bangyao 

How high is the pavilion in the mountains? The setting sun sets on the west peak. 

The smoke in the air is full of wind and horses are neighing, and the valley full of pines and waves is ringing with bells. 

The Zhengyin has been crossed from the first ancestor, and Guan Yun does not love the Han family's seal. 

Xiao Lingxin looked at the steps of the mountain monk and pointed out the old traces of the inscriptions. 

Shaolin Blocks the Rain Yan Shu 

The autumn rain is dripping in the silent Zen palace, and the climb is hindered by the lack of wax shoes. 

There are five breasts in the smoke window, and two bears are missing in the green sky. 

The mountain monk drinks wine and there are ants floating around, and the cold chrysanthemums are fragrant and close to picking bushes. 

The sound of the bowl blows and the clouds gather, the evening breeze rustles and the water melts. 

Shaolin Tour Li Tinglong 

There are so many phases at the top of Shaolin, and it's also strange for people to do things together. 

The clouds support the Zen Pass and open the winding path, and the clear wind blows the new branches. 

When you are leaning on the railing in the Nine Thousand Fuyao Realm, looking at the Three Thousand Earths. 

If you want to point out the place of transcendent enlightenment for all sentient beings, it doesn’t take many words to subdue demons. 

A path has been opened through the bushes at the foot of the mountain. I will fly and ride in the clear sky. 

The clouds are condensed with the color of the trees, and the fragrance of flowers is blowing in the sleeves and conveying the good wind. 

Who can transcend the sea of ​​suffering when enlightened, and feel that there is a guest at the right time. 

The wonder of Yihuang lies in his silence, asking the innate ancient man. 

Shaolin Calligrapher Yan Duo 

The first mountain at the west end of Taishi is the old Zen pass of Bodhidharma Xiyin. 

The only thing left behind is walking outside the Chuanfang, and the shadow is thrown off the whole body among the stones. 

Song Lao wants to follow the dragon and go away, but Yun Shen protects the crane and flies away. 

When the monks go out, the Dingmen is still covered, and the thirty-six peaks are relatively closed.  

Exceed Shaolin Hu Mi 

Going west from Mount Song to look at Shaolin, the remains of the second division can still be found. 

The Dharma nest is wide open and far away, and the shadow wall is desolate and desolate. 

There are sixty-six strange peaks with Buddhist images, and two spiritual wells seal the Zen heart. 

Who would have thought that a famous guest in this world would win a moment of leisure. 

Shaolin Wu Guozhen 

A hundred miles of Songshan Mountain can be returned in half a day, but Zhu Duan will not borrow it from an idler. 

I heard three flowers on the stone, and I saw five breasts in the clouds. 

The dark cave is like a poor king's mirror, and the strange pines are close to the old Bodhisattva's face. 

Let's make a spiritual appointment together on the mountain again, so that we can send the breeze to help us through the pass. 

Visiting the chief monk of Shaolin but not meeting Zhu Fu 

I am open to whomever I have a good heart for. If the master is not around, I will come here in my spare time. 

A letter of sutra seals the house with cirrus clouds, and the four walls are filled with pines and fir trees. 

The inscriptions in the Bamboo Garden are full of lingering emotions, and the Shanxi River flows back and wanders. 

Those who send messages of peace of mind will live up to their expectations and become ashes overnight. 

Qin Huai 

A hundred years of life have passed, and thousands of ancient trees have been exposed to wind and frost. 

The foreigner in Qianzhao resigned from Zhaori, and Genpanfeizi entered the Qin Dynasty. 

The five pines in Taidai are good at the same energy, and the three cypresses in Songyang are astonishing. 

If the Taoist Zen dwells in the old age, I can personally see the bay leaves emerging from the western sky.  

Shaolin Tour Ding Yingtai 

The green mountains are empty and the ground is pure and beautiful, and the emperor and the Buddhist family are hidden in the Cyan Palace. 

The Zen branch in Gion has five leaves, and the fairy tree in Pearl Forest has three flowers. 

In the sky, the pond water sinks into solitary clouds, and the solar furnace smoke forms colorful clouds. 

If you have a direct understanding of how to get a glimpse of the top, there is no need to ask again about the white ox cart.  

Traveling to Shaolin 

The eminent monk encounters hardships, and finds out how to succeed. 

The three flowers in the treasure world are Xue Li, and the two rooms in the clear sky are full of fantasy hibiscus. 

I look up at Jun Ji and sing Zhou Ya, and daydream about the song and the extravagant Han seal. 

The catastrophe has no color between man and heaven, and when he comes to the west, he should regret and show his mysterious traces.  

Revisiting Shaolin Fan Shouyi 

The first place of famous mountains passes by again, the autumn mountains are covered with deep clouds and old jade trees. 

The stone shadow of the divine monk is still facing the wall, and the spring is divided into overlapping peaks and hangs from the river. 

The three flowers are about to enchant the golden world, and the second room is flat with green flowers. 

I came to the Zen forest to listen to the verses and read the verses to show my pity to the dusty world of Yang La Toutuo. 

A visit to Shaolin presented to the speechless Zhang Bangji 

The Lin Palace worships the Buddha at the top of the mountain, and you can hear the ancient temple of Shuzhongzhong in the distance. 

The sparrows nest in the flying clouds and the pines are in the green pine trees. 

After passing through the Dharma Seat, the sky is dense with flowers, and you enter the deep and serene atmosphere, enveloped in fog and mist. 

It turned out that after Shang Ping's marriage was completed, the distant public lotus society became compatible. 

Shaolin Temple Li Sixiao 

Shaolin is surrounded by five peaks, and the precious tree Qin Feng knows is the Great Sophora japonica. 

The Buddha has left with his pictures for thousands of years, and the monks have made meritorious deeds in hundreds of battles. 

The misty clouds are flying according to the flying staff, and the fairy music is filled with mist. 

I wanted to visit King Wusheng in a hurry, but I occasionally wandered around because of the ceremony. 

Ikoshaorin Ukakai 

The golden rope of the treasure raft has been used since ancient times, and the fragrance of the sky is full of green and comfortable. 

A few dendrobiums of guest dust were sold in the first place, and the Buddha photographed Shaolin in thousands of rivers. 

The wind blows through the pines and waves of the Buddhist belt, and the lotus clothes and lotus flowers leak through the night. 

Longhua seems to remember three things, and Yan sits on the Tuanjiao to realize his heart. 

Shaolin martial arts training by Cheng Shao 

I'll take a break to recruit and test the monks, and I'll be able to master the skills of gold and iron rods at every level. 

Being strong is better than having strong magic power, and you are accustomed to carrying it lightly to fight against tigers. 

To rectify chaos and promote true enlightenment, to protect the country and bring peace to the world is to spread the light. 

In the middle of the sky, there is no need to worry, and the loyal and righteous Vairocana performs the Mahayana. 

Inscribed on Bodhidharma's wall-facing golden loyalist 

Crossing the river, a reed wave flies, and I have been sitting in the lotus position on the green for nine years. 

Facing the wall, it is known that the monk has entered meditation, and the shoulders of the nest are also birds. 

All unborn forms and forms become illusions, and humans and gods will always realize that there is something wrong. 

What's the matter? Song Yun met in Congling, and Shaolin returned to the west in the wind and rain. 

The view of Chu Zu'an is like Zhou  

A single reed crosses the river and connects thousands of schools. The colors coming from the west are all empty. 

The wheel of Dharma always turns to the moon in Yaotai, and the wind blows in the jade stream when the spirit sounds. 

Surrounded by three flowers and pendant birds, the five-leaf lotus leaf reflects in the sky. 

Sitting down on the cliff, leaving behind traces, he was born as if he had lived in the world. 

First Ancestor Temple 

There is a cave in front of Wuru Peak, where I have lived for nine years to remember the past sages. 

Crossing the reed does not lead you to a different direction. Facing the wall, you only have this edge. 

It is difficult to pass on mysteries to later generations, but only clear shadows are left to show An Chan. 

The towering green cypresses are planted by Yiyuan, and I heard that the master has planted them for many years. 

Traveling with Shaolin Yu Qianzhen 

I have admired Song Gao for twenty years and climbed to the top of the mountain today. 

The original blooms are layered with beautiful layers of rust, and the hibiscus leaves are fresh from the sky. 

The color of the imperial concubine's cloudy clothes is the perfect match for the beauty of Shaolin. 

Who can continue the second course of the thread? It is necessary to use Zen to understand the correct interpretation. 

Traveling to Shaolin Wang Sanxi 

The Central Plains is green with rain and flowers, and the blue sky in spring is biased. 

The pagoda rises like two chambers, with pearls high and five peaks hanging from it. 

The protector holds the ancient pine trees, and the sky has no color left and the shadow of the stone is passed down. 

I wanted to take refuge in Liyanghai, but my mantle was already at a loss. 

Tour Shaolin Xiao Yan 

I have been looking at the tallest person in Biancheng for a while, and today Fang Xin went to Shaolin. 

The stalagmites are cold and the silver man is close, and the incense burner is clear and purple smoke is deep. 

For half a day, the ancient temple glows golden, and the valley is filled with the sound of pine trees. 

Thirty-six peaks are infinitely good, so why come here to satisfy your original intention? 

In the middle of Weiyue Mountain, the earth towers over Yao Cen, and the two elders rely on each other to vibrate the forest. 

Facing the wall, I have forgotten the New Year's Eve for a long time, and the clothes once stood in the snow. 

The stone halo in front of the rock is not the truth, and the spring flowing at the bottom of the tin is the sound of Sanskrit. 

I just walked back to the west and now I don't see you. Where can I ask for peace of mind? 

Traveling to Shaolin by Chen Wufeng 

Deep in the white clouds is a Zen Pass, occupying the first mountain in Henan. 

There is a bell and chime hanging on the Gan terrace, and the shadow of the ancient locust tree falls in the palace courtyard. 

The night is quiet in the middle of a bright moon, and the breeze blows half way through the bed. 

The people are longing for the rain, and listen to the gurgling sound on the Wulong stage. 

Surrounded by green mountains, there is a pavilion and a red staircase above. 

It was cut into a jade village. Outside the Tianmen, there is a cold spring and a tiger stream in the west. 

The morning air clears the clouds out of Xiu, and the autumn light and light rain return to the stream. 

There is no dust left when I turn over the bay leaves, and the flowers fall and the birds chirp randomly. 

Dendarmo Temple 

Bamboo shoots and flying to the highest peak, there are many loops on the stone stairway. 

The thunderstorm dispersed in front of Wuru Rock, and the appearance of Bodhidharma Temple was gloomy. 

After nine years of facing the wall, the shadow is still there, and the heart of the second room is about to be sealed. 

An Dewu, a Confucian scholar, had a hard time, and he went straight to Yichen. 

Inscribed on Shaolin Temple Fang Damei 

The Brahma Palace is inlaid with emerald green, and it leads back to Shaolin over the mountains. 

The idle fields are constantly filled with white jade, and the boundless Dharma boundary is covered with gold. 

When the weather is cold, the cypress trees know the monks, and when the moon shines on the lotus, they see the Buddha's heart. 

We read the Sutra together under the rosy cover, and there were dragons singing in the deep pool every night. 

Traveling to Shaolin Ren Chun 

After thirty years of hearing about Shengjue, Xingjin also came here. 

The monks who arrived at the door sang the music of the mountains, and the Buddha's fragrance was released in the forest when they entered the temple. 

Shaoshi Mountain is full of flowers, and Manjusri Cave is silent and rainy. 

Zhao Yangeng returns to the thoughts of the autumn wind, and the rain of Fa and Qu Tan imagines the past and present. 

Shaolin Qin Jin 

The sunset is halfway up the sky, thousands of peaks are deep, and the Shaolin Temple looks like a thousand-year-old temple. 

The old juniper moon casts its shadow over the high pavilion, and the clouds in the corridor protect the shadow of the ancient monument. 

Chuan Deng listened to the words of the third generation, but faced the wall and left the heart of the second ancestor empty. 

The universe is wrapped in tranquility and my way is there. Mountains and rivers are the happiest things to break. 

Visiting the Shaolin Temple during the rainy season 

In the early morning, the spring fog is thick at the entrance. I sit on the deep eaves and pass the clock. 

The sound of the spring is about to pass through the three-flowered tree, and the clouds are immortal in the two-chambered peak. 

At night, the depression clears the guest's dream, and the dripping water on the stairs stops the travel trace. 

The Ming Dynasty seems to have high eyes, so that the clear light can follow the dragon's staff. 

Tour Shaolin 

Shaolin is one of the most famous mountains in the world, and Gong Yucheng came to visit it. 

The yellow flowers and green grass create a Zen feeling, and the clear pool of white stone is pleasant to the mind. 

Unexpectedly, the wheels and hoofs have forgotten to live there, and my life experience has been ups and downs for hundreds of years. 

The master monk knew that I was obsessed with time, so he led me to Biten. 

The ancient Brahma Palace in front of Shaoshi Mountain is where Bodhidharma established his Zen sect. 

The spring grass is buried in waste at Yanglong Cliff, and the Zhuoxi Spring is sweet from Rufeng. 

There is no need to dig into the past when you are born. Whoever passes on the light will inherit the traces. 

Yin Yu rode his horse back east, looking back at the dusk bell across the cloud forest. 

Because of the sparse scenery in the mountains and forests, I forget to return wherever I go. 

The clouds are thick and the bamboo trees are light, and the rain falls on the rocks and the flowers are wet but do not fly. 

The master Yanghui once asked for a price, and the old man who talked about Zen wanted to keep his clothes. 

Why not join forces and come back here again to wash away the dust of right and wrong. 

A Buddhist temple opens in front of Baizhang Mountain, and spring slowly lingers. 

Falling flowers trickle down the stream, and good birds fly toward the horses' heads. 

Xi Jing casually eats bamboo shoots and ferns, and sweeps berry moss while looking at the stone monument. 

I came to Linxing with all my ambitions, but Wang Cheng urged me again and again. 

Traveling to Shaolin and Anpan 

Gongyu took advantage of the opportunity to pass through Songcen and entered Shaolin across the mountains. 

The front pavilion of Wuru Peak is towering, and the trees and clouds in Jiulong Pond are deep. 

The clear breeze spreads the Zen words throughout the valley, and the bright moon in the sky imprints the Dharma mind. 

This scene is hard to come by again, and I feel ashamed that I have no good words to sing. 

Tour Shaolin 

The mountains are abrupt, the white clouds are deep, and the surrounding trees are confused and cover the Shaolin. 

The fragrance of the stone-eye spring is clear and pleasant, and the soft green sand on the shore is intrusive. 

The old price of living in seclusion should be reduced, and it is not easy to find the new Zen of Nizi. 

Sit and wait for the evening breeze to be as cool as a wash. After a few thought of moving the bed, the sun shines in the sun. 

Spring Tour to Shaolin 

In the second room of Chunqing, I went on a mountain tour, with sixty peaks crowning Yuzhou. 

Qiao Yue meets the green, and the green pines of the Han Dynasty imitate the top of the mountain. 

The traces of playing the Shengzi in the Jin Dynasty are still there, and the high sages asked for high prices and asked if they were still here. 

Looking at the idle clouds and wild cranes in the distance, I feel like I am on Yingzhou Island. 

Arrive at Shaolin Temple Zhou Zishao in the evening 

Explore the famous temples in one move, the road turns to the green forest and everything is secluded. 

The bird path loops around thousands of peaks, and the frost forest is silent through thousands of autumn peaks. 

The lanterns in the sky are dimming and the smoke is beginning to fade, and the upper realms are still talking about the night. 

After the ceremony, King Kong's mind had calmed down, and he realized that Buddhism and Dharma were different from Confucianism. 

Climb Shaolin Wen Ruzhang 

It’s late to turn around on dangerous rocks and cliffs, and it’s even more amazing to see the mountains after the rain. 

The five-rut peaks and mountains surround the treasure land, and the three-flowered smoke trees connect with the Yao branches. 

The clouds return to the place where the chaos and wind arose, and the clouds cover the sky as the sun rises. 

Directly north of Danxiao, you can't see the sky, and the song is singing in the distance for thousands of years. 

Visit Shaolin Zhao Chen again 

I am more than happy to travel again, and read all the famous mountains and see all the wonderful things. 

Thousand-foot layers of rock are suspended and fixed, and thousands of years old treasure trees have Zen branches. 

The dewdrops once fell on the place where the sutra was turned over, just like when the teacher tasted and listened to the sermon. 

Who said that Buddhism is always silent, and there are always many clear words. 

At an early age, Bodhidharma has been mastered, and I only pity Liang Wu for unknown reasons. 

Crossing the reeds to the east becomes an empty trace, facing the wall to the west to revive the ancestral style. 

Only the shoes have exceeded the three realms, and a nunnery still occupies half of the mountain. 

If you look carefully at the past events, they all become dreams, and you want to be a drunkard in front of the mountain. 

The sky is filled with the shade of two trees and thick branches, and the three carts checking the books are filled with shame. 

Go around the bed and perform the Zhaozhou Jue, and join the Zen of the First Ancestor with a broken arm. 

It's ridiculous to spread clothes and give rise to delusional thoughts, so that the sword of wisdom can cut off the worldly ties. 

The chanting turns into a recollection, adding snake feet to it. I lower my head and think quietly. 

When you come outside, you can take advantage of your happiness, but when the Tao is in your heart, you don’t care about Zen. 

There is a platform of nectar that always reflects the sun, and there is no rain for several years in the epiphyllum. 

Who can harmonize with the song of spring? The wind and moon in the mountains forget to explain. 

This trip is separated from the mortal world, so there is no need to spread it by word of mouth. 

Tour Shaolin Yang Cave 

Walking through the remote forest and approaching Qingsheng, you will see the most amazing thing in the world. 

The sky is sunny and rainy even in the imperial palace, and the kettle is singing and the trees are darkly nesting in the branches. 

The clouds seal the stone shoulders to adjust the samadhi, and the flowers cover the maple hills to spend the four seasons. 

I searched for ancient carvings in Prajna Taitung, and found half of the Chinese and Ming Dynasty poems written in Chi. 

Tour Shaolin Qiu Yufan 

The quiet birds and flowing water play the music of the palace merchants, and the monks and ancestors passed down their hearts to this Taoist temple. 

The final hall of the Buddha's Law is abrupt, and the realm of Daqian is not ordinary. 

The green hills remain unchanged, the lamps are always there, and the shadowy temples are not deserted due to the many trees. 

After a thousand years of solitude, they all released their children and looked at the palace wall. 

Shaolin Temple Li Mengyang 

In the deep valleys of the forest, silent guests enter, and the bells ring and leaves fall in the autumn sky. 

Thin clouds of smoke curled up to the bottom of the stone stream, and the mountains and ridges piled up in the pine windows. 

The Tang Dynasty stele is inscribed with the Chinese character Su, and the ape crows, the tiger roars, and the radish light is red. 

Sitting alone, resting and thinking, the young man's shadow rises to the east under the moon. 

The title of the nunnery facing the wall is Hu Mi 

After sitting on the cliff for many years, I realized that the method of peace of mind is more true. 

When I returned home, I took the shoes in the coffin with me, but the ghost still appeared in the stone. 

The spring is connected to the well and the dragon is stinging; the grass is full of wild rocks and the deer are taming themselves. 

The broken arm has forgotten the door to cover the snow, and the ancestral lamp has been restored one after another. 

Tour Shaolin Xu Anren 

The rock ravine is deep, the people are green and the people are green, and the young room is golden and misty. 

The Zen nunnery with five peaks and screen clusters is small, and the Buddha is shining brightly in the sky. 

I heard that after nine years of empty space facing the wall, I met my second ancestor and passed on my clothes. 

The mountain spirit of Qianqiu Shaoshi is here, and I have seen my ancestors returning home. 

Overnight at Shaolin Temple Li Yunzhong 

Congling met Song Yun at that time, and he was only carrying fruit. 

Once you enter the mountain, you will gain peace of mind. Standing in the snow can bring down people with broken arms. 

A cloud of clouds invades the shadow of Xizhuo, and the flowers bloom with five leaves and spring is born on the ground. 

There is no need to look at the statue by shining on the stone. The green mountains as far as the eye can see are the Dharmakaya. 

Stone shadow facing the wall 

The Yangtze River folds reeds to cross like a god. How could Liang Wu ever recognize a stranger? 

One day, I forgot my shoes in the coffin, and my whole body appeared on the stone of ten thousand years ago. 

After achieving success, meditating while facing the wall is painful. After the Dharma, you will pass on the true vision of the Buddha in your clothes. 

If I am not destined to swim in the five breasts, who can reach and realize the tiny dust. 

Priest Nakagakujuku Shaolin Donandani 

A monk with blue eyes came from the west and once crossed the cold reeds to hide in Shaolin. 

In the middle of the night, when I passed my clothes and my arm was broken, I realized that I felt safe when I faced the wall. 

A garden of snow-covered mountains is still there, and the five-leafed flowers are in bloom and the moon has not yet set. 

I was ordered to give out incense and only look at my shoes, and I found myself under the Bodhi tree. 

Visiting Shaolin Temple Cheng Xiang 

The disciples with sticks and shoes went to Shaolin to pay homage, and the mountains were full of beauty and gloom. 

The colors of pines and cedars are as real as their appearance, and the sound of birds conveys the sound of the country. 

It's funny that I have been facing the wall for nine years, but I feel pity for my second ancestor and An Xin. 

A tune from the west brings the ancient times to life, and the white snow and spring are harmonious to this day. 

shaolin temple 

If there is a time to creep on the famous mountains, the autumn forest will suddenly appear with thousands of strange peaks. 

The stamens of the epiphyllum are just beginning to bloom in the loving clouds, and the nectar is hanging down from the branches. 

After the bells in the sky are ringing and the monks are settled, the sun sets on the Western Mountain and the birds are singing. 

If not a dust of dust can cover the Zen gate, how can the wind turn over the Baye leaves? 

Stay in Shaolin Fang Nan 

After passing through Buddhism, I feel at ease, and the wind in the pines is lonely among the birds. 

I had to meet the golden lotus to make a fire, but I was sent back from heaven. 

The mountain fragrance crosses the empty autumn osmanthus, and returns from the sky at dusk. 

On the steps when I was picking up my shoes at the end of the night, the clouds were clear and the waves were clear and the moon was shining over a bay. 

Traveling to Shaolin Wang Yuanhan 

The great master is in lotus position with his back on the rock gate, the grass and trees are separated from the Buddha and the sun is shining brightly. 

After facing the wall for nine years, one can see through the stone, and by crossing the river, a piece of reed can be used as a passing garment. 

The fragrance of three flowers spreads across the yellow leaves, and the five breast peaks are high and green. 

In the middle of the night, the wind whistled and the flags and shadows moved, but who knew that he had only just walked back to the west. 

Visiting Shaolin Temple Fu Mei 

The two rooms are connected by a single path, and the Shaolin Temple is in the middle of Cuiwei. 

The land is from Liang and Wei Dynasties, and the monks from Sui and Tang Dynasties have good martial arts names. 

If the Tao says that one's clothes will eventually be worn, one should know that one's shoes are not empty. 

In the past few years, I have realized the purpose of coming to the west, and it will be different when I go to famous mountains. 

Sitting deeper in the meditation hall, you can see the distant pines and cedars in the moonlight. 

The tower on the ground collects the green mist, and the bells and chimes in the sky have clear sounds. 

When officials are idle, there is no way for them to work together, and when politics is clumsy, they cannot keep their minds together. 

There are many medicinal herbs in the thirty-six peaks. When will the ribbon be removed? 

You Shaolin Zuojie 

The Pearl Palace of Westerners has a different sky, and I occasionally hear the clear chime falling on the top of the floor. 

The fragrant orchid and hyacinth scented the immortal battle, and the stone was washed with Qiong Yao's wild strings. 

The white bird and the green chi are still protecting the Dharma, and the green pines and green hall are unknown to the age. 

After drinking the lotus water in my guest's mind, I asked the mountain monk to explain the secret. 

Shaolin Tour Li Chengyun 

The chaotic peaks are abrupt and the pine forest is intertwined, and the mist of the blessed land is deep. 

The stone wall leans against the sky in the clear desert, and the female rosette hangs in the mist and is green and gloomy. 

Falling flowers and the wind settle in Zen shadows, while woodcutter sings and the moon shines in response to the sound of Sanskrit. 

Sitting alone, leisurely thinking about the dust, I don't know that I have a beautiful hairpin in my life. 

Autumn Tour to Shaolin Yang Rulu 

The ancient forest and cliffs hide the golden temple, and the autumn cliffs hide the cyanotic city. 

Thousands of trees are red and yellow, thousands are green, one mountain is cloudy and the other is clear. 

The cave spirit still recognizes Monk Hu's face, and the sound of nature is like hearing Zijin Sheng. 

I have broken through the world of mortals and come to rest here, hoping to learn from the shadow of imitation. 

Shaolin Temple Li Ren 

In autumn, the famous mountains are visited for the first time, and Master Qinglian is still home. 

Thousands of rocks and waterfalls ring in the wind and forest in the daytime, and hundreds of clouds fly over the embroidered mountains and clear clouds. 

The treasure is equivalent to the Buddha's day in the sky, and the fragrant clouds surround the seat and form a cloud of flowers. 

Who knows the meaning of coming from the west? He asked how much sand there is in the Ganges River. 

Praise for Shaolin Travel History 

Occasionally, because I was traveling to Zhi Songcen, I was temporarily stationed in Jianyu to visit Shaolin. 

The ancient stele of the previous generation is covered with green moss, and the white clouds are deep in the jingshe above. 

The rain on the mountainside passes through Longgui Cave, and the wind clears the trees and the birds sing. 

For a night, I forget all my worldly concerns, and feel like a Zen mind. 

Travel to Shaolin and stay at Wuyan Jingshe Feng Shike 

The majestic state of Mahayana is full of lush greenery, and the palaces and temples are leaning against the sky. 

The green lotus fights to protect the shadow of the lamp, and the yao grass clings to the deep snow. 

The jade in thousands of streams washes itself away from the dust, and the dragons on the peaks hold beautiful bells. 

Who can understand the meaning of coming from the west and not envy the meeting of Sheng and cranes in Mount Gou. 

The tall stick and shoes represent the wind, but who knows that he is born in the sky. 

The birds are noisy and the thin sky is quiet, and the clouds are moving into the empty hall. 

The river outside the ridge is white now and in ancient times, and the leaves in the forest are light and dark red. 

The Tang steles and Han inscriptions will eventually disappear, but only the Zen mind will endure for all eons. 

Heluo has been away from the palace for a long time, and the Zen forest alone reveals the typical existence. 

The fog pavilion in Hongliang is close to the fairy valley, and the frost platform on the moon pavilion leads to the emperor's dusk. 

The two houses are close together and are called brothers, and the peaks in the distance are called children and grandchildren. 

Leisurely and clear, the worldly emotions are gone, and the pine wind on the couch warns the dreaming soul. 

The famous Blue Qibao Room is dripping with cloud air and heavenly fragrance. 

Thousand-year-old trees and monuments are both ancient, and hundreds of peaks are hidden in ravines. 

The monk pointed out Zhai's micro-marking of the scenic spots, and the visitors were looking for Hongzhang through the moss. 

No matter how you ask about the Dharma or express your inner thoughts, you will enjoy living in seclusion for a long time. 

Traveling to Shaolin Qinggao 

The famous places are still destroyed by fire, and the fragrant city is filled with new sorrows. 

Thousands of peaks old green trees throw poems into the water, and when the cold current comes, the water will flow into the water. 

The white clouds fly in and the sky is in chaos, and the purple smoke brings the cypress forest to a quiet place. 

When the mountains are opened in China, many losses are easy, and the staff and shoes are the same as the king. 

Shaolin TempleYe Feng 

Songqiu's Jueru Peak is unique, and it is suitable for the ancient temple of Pimenting. 

The supreme method of reading sutras is exposed, and the snow is deep at the beginning of the message. 

If three flowers are planted on a double tree, the first branch with five leaves will always bloom. 

No matter what year he goes to Caodong, he will only mention the trumpet master. 

Bodhidharma cave leaf seal 

When Wuru Peak is high, the room is dark, and Bodhidharma's cave leans against the deserted cens. 

It is said that Shenyang is called the first ancestor and promotes the sect style of Shaolin. 

I heard that when I meet the clouds, I only carry my shoes with me, but I feel relieved when I stand in the snow. 

There are fine ripples on the spare stones, and the Buddhist path is desolate and hard to find. 

Inn Shaolin Temple Shi Yanzhang 

The setting sun shines on Songguan, and the first place is secluded in Shaoshi Mountain. 

The monk's chime sings and the birds in the forest are quiet. The wind does not move and the rocks are idle. 

Outside the cliff, there are five breasts and green shadows, and there are three ancient trees and three flowers in the mist. 

Who says that the people who break the reed go far away, and Xi Fei often brings white clouds back. 

Visiting Shaolin Temple Gao Yilin 

As I was walking in the garden with a short stick, a bell suddenly fell from the sky. 

The monks of the Six Dynasties planted three flower trees, and the Thousand Buddha Pavilion was connected to the Five Breast Peaks. 

In front of the Gan terrace, I practiced the Chuixiang religion, and on the Dharma stone I learned Zen Buddhism. 

All the worldly connections have disappeared here. I sit and watch the white clouds lying on the ancient master. 

Songshan Snow Pavilion in Shaolin Temple 

That is to say, Hui Ke serves Bodhidharma. The snow is as deep as his waist and he is asked by Zhang Guanfeng of Hedong. 

Gao Yilin 

The snow pavilion is as silent as Songcen. Where can I find it when the snow is high and the wind is high? 

A broken arm is not part of the original ancestor's intention. Who knows the nine-year-old heart when a reed is broken? 

The old Beido trees are blooming with flowers and rain, and the wind in the lotus village is clear and the birds are embroidered. 

If you want to visit the ruined monument to find out the past, the Zen Pass is silent and locked deep in the white clouds. 

Yusu Shaolin Temple Fu Xixia 

The green hills are exceptionally green after the rain, and the light fleas reflect on the window vines. 

Under the eaves of green pine trees linger radish leaves, and beside the egret bridge there is a stream of vines. 

The wind carries the dawn bell to distant Xiu, and the ancient temple of Xia Ming protects the tranquility. 

Looking from a distance, where the clouds connected last night, thirty-six peaks surrounded the green screen. 

Visit the Shaolin Temple and learn from the master 

The misty smoke protects the depth of the palace, and the strange peaks pass through the Pearl Forest. 

The old iron-barked trees are covered with shadows, and the nectar of the fairy platform is grounded in the shade. 

The high pavilion and clouds connect to Wuru Ridge, and the flowers in the Zen room have fallen into my heart for nine years. 

The sun is setting in Zhenyi Dharma Realm at night, and I can't help but raise my head to God's will. 

Looking at Shaolin Temple Lu Luheng 

The ridge gradually becomes more and more impoverished, and the mountain temple emerges, and the rock bridle leads to the setting sun. 

After the mangroves clutter the bells, the green hills reflect the view of Taitung Tower. 

The awe-inspiring guest wants to go back, but the woodcutter comes to meet him. 

I don’t know how many nights of the thirty-six peak moon, the autumn light flows into the Brahma Palace. 

Shaolin Temple Bamboo Fu Yingxing 

Several poles are intertwined with dense forest, and the flowers blooming on the rocks illuminate the green forest. 

The morning mist turns over the wind, the lotus splashes with rain, and the branches make shadows and the moon sifts through the dark green. 

The beauty of the connected mountains connects with the roots, and the flowing springs bring the winding thoughts. 

It doesn't mean that you can gain pleasure by escaping to Zen, but you can already talk to monks when you meet them. 

I heard that Prince Tao wrote Shaolin poems to promote Jiao's recovery. 

The festival sequence moves and the pomegranate fire is bright, and all the sages gather together and the stone forest is clear. 

It's difficult for the mountains to fly past the green rain, and the trees and trees are idle and the clouds are white. 

Let me put aside the Huiyuan wine and wait for you to take a rest and take pictures of Qiu Sheng. 

Diligence and early departure are reflected in the shadows of the mountains, and the moonlight makes the shadows of the streams make sounds. 

Jia Kaizong of Bodhidharma Cave 

Going straight up to the highest peak, you can feel your breasts filled with clouds. 

We looked at the ancient wall where the clouds were left, and it is said that the dragon was served in Luan Cave. 

The rocks are wet and desolate, the moss is slippery, and the dangerous paths are covered in smoke and the leaves are sealed. 

Looking back at the foothills of Shaolin Mountain, there is no need to ask Nanzong thousands of miles away. 

Shaolin Temple talks about Wen Xiangfeng for ten scholars 

Kong Ting's face is full of energy for thousands of years, and Zhuo's pen and star fields resist the throat of the earth. 

The scripture on the tongue collects the rain of Dharma, and the sacred seal is held in the middle to pay it to Songqiu. 

Shooting into the eyes, the blue sky falls, and the horizontal seat is full of plain moon flow. 

Do you want to bring it to the emperor? You really need to pay attention to Qizhou. 

Qin Huai 

Gongran's grain grows long, his sword grows long in autumn, and the remaining nectar helps to shield the cattle. 

Ying Zheng Zeng Linfeng is accurate, Li Si personally made the seal into Liu. 

Longmen Tong Lao is loved by the piano, and the Japanese mother and mulberry tree help shade the ancestral continent. 

The clearing guest has no dream of being hired in the cold weather, and the sky and earth are overcast and the sound of songqiu is heard. 

Send a gift to the young monk Wang Wujiu 

Songfeng peak opens in the distance, and the ancient trees are swaying and the cranes are returning. 

The sound from outside the sky comes to the bottom of the tin, and the shadow from the spring reaches the cloud pile. 

The old ape studied the scriptures quietly at night, and the willow bells fell into the cold terrace. 

The blue sky is long and the autumn is thousands of miles long, and there is Penglai in endless waves. 

Su Shaolin Zhang Ji 

The heart has endless travels, and it is always happy to fight for more and less officials. 

The high forest is sheltered by the clouds, and the small winding pantuo is surrounded by beautiful stones. 

Xi Jing is completely inferior to the Buddha, and exploration of wonders is not as good as our peers. 

After a few lines of desolate paths, I met the wise words, and sat to send the pine and moon strings. 

Climbing the mountain to reach Shaolin Temple Wang Zishou 

Thousands of bells suddenly float across the ridge, and there are many shadows in the autumn sky. 

The east and west stand side by side and divide the central mountains, and the rivers and lakes return together and move away from the two dragons. 

The green tiles hug the tower with frost light, and the green hills are steaming with rain and pine trees. 

When the sun sets in the sky, the sky merges, and the clouds are black, so I know which peak is coming. 

Shaolin Temple King 

The earth surges to the peak and the winding table is intertwined, and the Buddhist niches are flying and flying in praise. 

When the leopard comes to the ancient temple, the wind is strong, and the rain is cold in the abyss of the dragon cave. 

The poet is sad and complains about his young room, and ghosts and immortals flash their traces step by step. 

Take the second step outside the water balance of Guan Bishui, and look at the lotus on the top of the mountain. 

Visiting Shaolin Temple Jiao Qinruo 

The reeds actually crossed the barren forest, and the first ancestral court was called Shaolin. 

Caodong only conveys the holy truth, but Mo Liu's singing mistakenly enters the heart. 

The green screen is surrounded by solitary clouds, and the secluded valley lingers back to the ten thousand trees. 

The sound of Sanskrit chants was heard one after another, and I sat leisurely for a long time to wash away the dust. 

Shaolin Temple Zhang Han 

From the outside, there is a cloud statue that goes straight up, and there are stone marks on the person facing the wall. 

The young master is the second ancestor of Jiaqi, and the grandson Weiyue leads the group of grandchildren. 

Explore the official slips of Emperor Wu and Chen of the Han Dynasty from afar, and caress the roots of Emperor Qin's old tree up close. 

Nostalgic for the past as soon as you start traveling in the mountains, there is no need to divorce or get married. 

Second trip to Shaolin Yun Guo Lu 

There are several Shaolin temples in the ancient temple, surrounded by peaks and five breasts. 

The bay leaves are bright, the flowers are in chaos, and the green screen reflects the clouds at noon. 

The Kaishi gatha is still preserved in the ruins of the stele, and the moonlit sky always seals the place where one sits and cares. 

I have also been learning to face the wall all year round. I may not be able to find Tanmo after he is gone. 

Shaolin Ciyun Fu Ershi 

The orchid in the Northern Dynasty leans against the peak, and the palace weighs tens of thousands of green shades. 

The deer near the stone roots feed on the leaves, and the people gather the hibiscus from the mountains. 

Flowers bloom and fall, spring is always there, clouds disappear and clouds come later. 

After all the good and bad things of the past, I lay on my pillow and listened to the empty bell late at night. 

Wang Duo, the second ancestor of the first ancestor to climb Wuru Peak 

Zen Buddhism asks questions about cassocks everywhere, and all the connections are low and inclined. 

The puppets must fly without armor, and the butterfly play in the deep mountains has peach blossoms. 

There is a well on the roadside stone, and the inscriptions on the monument are stained with clouds from several generations. 

The birds would rather know what is going on and go to the monk's house from time to time. 

Stay at Shaolin Temple in autumn with Liu Zhanran 

The sky opens and Aofu meets Songqiu. The cool moon is in the sky and the evening sky is cold. 

The dew of five breasts hangs over the guest words, and the nine lotuses bloom to beautify the high autumn. 

Whoever understands the meaning of coming from the west in the dust heart, the clear chime will float with the shadow of the wild geese. 

In the dream, I still know the road to my young room. I turn over and travel together in the white clouds. 

Shaolin Temple Zhang E 

Thousands of peaks and ravines are covered with lush Cui Wei, and ancient temples are spread out at the foot of the mountain. 

The dragon with five breasts and clouds leaps closer, and the three flowers reflect the moon and the crane flies. Five character arrangement 

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