Shaolin Temple Chronicles Volume 4

You Song Shao Liu Shaoxie 

Heluo is auspicious in the sky, and Songqiao is in harmony with the spirit of the earth. 

The clouds are flat and the sun is shining brightly, and thousands of peaks are green. 

Fire is in the center of the place, and the star is in Fangzhen. 

The Lord worships the rank and order, and the Bei Que is in the shape of a ritual. 

There are many obstacles in the way of Chen Bi from past dynasties. 

Yao Han opened the treasure, which led to the imprisonment of Zhou Dynasty.  

Guests are playing the Sheng Ridge, while monks are staying in the pavilion facing the wall. 

The crane can transform and control, and the stone can also explain and talk about scriptures. 

The jade well contains the immortal liquid, and the golden pot contains the pure vase. 

Dansha appears due to its chanting, and the bluebird stops at the right time. 

There is no trace of Ji Ying and Ladle, and Fuqiu Cave is self-defeating. 

Bai You was called a general of the Han Dynasty, and Huai Geng came to Qin's court. 

There were verses about the acting method, and he was inscribed early on when he was granted the title. 

The neon clothes invade the dawn, and the pure Buddha listens deep into the night. 

The dusk sings the maple leaves, and the morning glow covers the poria. 

The mist is clear and the flowers are raining day and night. 

The moon is cold and the alms bowl is in the empty hall, and the wind is ringing in the high pavilion. 

Ten years of thinking outside the world, a hundred years of peace and quiet. 

Suer exceeds three thousand, leisurely Xiaosi. 

Mingcai is really doubtful and sweats, and the water flows freely.  

Traveling to Shaolin and Talking about Zen Xu Kuoran 

There is a state of silence in the spiritual platform, and the land and sea are distorted. 

If you don’t understand the Three Vehicles, then you don’t understand Advaita Zen. 

The great void separates itself, and the dead tree has no fate. 

The mystery of life and death is absurd, uploaded on nothing paper. 

Where to treat it, and where to identify the root cause. 

Neutrality has nothing to rely on at first, and truth can always be squandered. 

If Qu Tan can do it again, it should be nothing more than this.  

Visiting Songshan Shaolin Temple Tang  Shunzhi

On the Longyan in Pure Domain, beside the Eagle Ridge of Xiangtai. 

The mountain was built by giant spirits, and the teachings were passed down by the King of Dharma. 

The second room is surrounded by orchids, and the three flowers receive the Buddhist banquet. 

This place is in the middle of the earth, and outside the couplets are the heavens. 

Return to Xiu and lower Hengdai, then return to Xuanxiejian. 

The clouds are draped over the trees, and the rainbow shadow is reflected in the flying spring. 

The walls are decorated with green walls, and the embankments along the edges are filled with white lotuses. 

The divine ape attends the lecture, and the tamed pigeon circles the smoke. 

The wisdom moon has faded in autumn, and the mud beads are fresher in the evening. 

The bells are ringing in the valley, and the mirrors in the pool are competing for perfection. 

All the tribulations will eventually become an illusion, and the three lives are destined to be together. 

May the fake gold power illuminate the lost river.  

Later, he traveled to Shaolin and presented himself to the Taoist priest. 

The mountains tend to have fewer rooms, and the ancient temples have deep terraces. 

The sun captures three flower springs and flies to five frankincense niches. 

The lamp is hanging misty, the pagoda is half low. 

The magic of qin is long, and the rain and dew are long in the pines and firs. 

The mud invades and reflects, and the Fan Duo Yin Wei. 

People in Shibi ask if there are any, and the golden fields are deserted in different generations. 

The holy truth of eternity is like the light of white hair. 

The vines and kudzu are all spreading in spring, and the clouds are becoming more and more green in the distance. 

Batuo Qi Tan Yue, Hui Yuan is good at the lotus field. 

The three smiles are gone from now on, and I dare not forget them when traveling together. 

The solution to doubts about taming birds, and the desire to crouch over tigers. 

I pity the peaches and willows even more when they are suffering, and I am very mad before the wind.  

Shaolin Temple presents Taoist priest Fu Mei as a gift 

Yui Dengfeng, Zhuo Qianqianfeng. 

The sect spread from Caoxi, and the people met from Yueling. 

The dew falls from the green forest, and the blue cloud peaks appear in the cyan sky. 

The lamp continues to shine brightly, and the fragrance becomes stronger and stronger. 

The eaves peek at the newly entered pigeons, and the old dragons hide in the bowl. 

Listen to the lectures and watch the stars drive, meditate and meditate all night long. 

One ride to return to the pure karma, half a gatha to clear up the dusty chest. 

Jie is better than the snow on Jishan Mountain, and Guo is the same as Taishi Pine. 

When the wind calms down, how can the moon melt? 

Zhumen enters the return period, and Baishe follows. 

Master should return to the right path, and I also attach great importance to the Southern Sect. 

Every time I go to Linqi, I see traces of tigers in the stream.  

Shaolin Temple’s Twelve Ganoderma Sculptures Mu Guangyin 

The resort is full of bells and whistles, but the roots are not always there. 

Thousand-year-old White King Jie, Twelve Purple Zhizhi House. 

Bright coral color, shining with the light of precious trees. 

The wind blows three times, and the clouds protect nine stems. 

The hermit Shangshan's music is imitated by the immortal Yinghai. 

At this time, the prosperous age wants to rest.  

Stay at Shaolin Chengting Elder Shan Xizhi 

Looking at Shantouwan Temple, I walked into the secluded forest. 

The lotus sky looks vast, and the Dragon Palace towers gloomily. 

The tower bells convey Sanskrit, and the pine trees sound the sound of the tide. 

The clouds rise from thousands of white rocks, and the springs flow into thousands of deep valleys. 

The sky breeze floats in the quiet courtyard, and the precious moon seals the Zen heart. 

Cuishan Mountain peeks into the door, and Jinhui Pavilion reflects the cens. 

The moss is buried in the ancient stele and seal script, and the flowers cover the shade of the stone building. 

The more I realize that my true source has returned, there has never been any intrusion from worldliness. 

The distant scenery brings you a sense of tranquility and serenity. 

Taking advantage of the silence of Zen, I pick up flowers and sing with a smile. 

I send my message to each guest, and I am lucky enough to come to the fairyland together.  

Shaolin Temple moonlight night talks about the Zen king's life 

Shaolin Temple, what year is Zhongyuezhong? 

Man and Heaven are aligned from the north to the south, and my path is from the west to the east. 

The vines show three flowers, and the lamp spreads six red leaves. 

I came to seek the righteousness of my ancestors, and my master inspired the family style. 

Step into the cloud cover of the mountains and sit in the moonlit sky deep in the mountains. 

There is no need to ask about the secret seal, you can only prove Yuantong by yourself. 

There is no need to rest on a clear pillow, and there will be no end in sight. 

I see Wang Yishao in residence, and his management is like a branch official.  

Visit to Shaolin Temple Geng Jie 

The cyan garden is absolutely slim, but the letter is wandering around. 

The five breast peaks are beautiful and the three flower trees are in bloom. 

There are white cranes in the old pine nest, and the solitary stone is covered with moss. 

The monks chased out of the forest with their chimes, and the mountain clouds came into the temple. 

When the Xuanyan gully returns, the wind from the stream near the bank returns. 

Pilu Pavilion is winding and terraced. 

Jie Cun is from the Han and Wei dynasties, and all the guests come to Zou Mei. 

The sunset is still cold, and the remaining bells are calling again in the evening. 

When I am tired of leaving the secular world, I will end up in Yushan Mountain.  

Three days after the Yuan Dynasty, I visited Shaolin Temple with my friends and gave them Yi Hairpin. 

After passing through the Chuchuang Temple, lights were hung on the wall. 

If you have a broken arm, ask the teacher to cut it, and you can perform the teaching with peace of mind. 

The spiritual realm of Sanhua is different, and the words of Buddha in Ergui are subtle. 

The same lineage connected with each other from afar, and six sects flourished from then on. 

Patrol the monuments to learn about old relics, and look at the statues to recognize eminent monks. 

Who understands the ancestral righteousness today? The family tradition has not been inherited for a long time. 

The demons of martial arts are gradually extinguished, but where is the Zen law? 

The door is quiet when you are close, but the sound is loud and loud from afar. 

Although the Dragon Palace has been rebuilt, Jiuling might as well remain. 

The Wu painting commission is filled with wild grass, while the Tang painting is stacked with layers of stones. 

Rats and birds are hidden in the Yao Tower, and bees and flies gather in the space. 

There are no more trees in front of me, and I can only hear the ancient cave vines. 

The famous mountains are green and deserted, and the flowing water is clear and green. 

I wander around in melancholy at night, wandering and sighing more and more. 

The falling light reminds guests at dusk, and the returning birds make good friends. 

Looking back at Mo Gong, the smoke from the valley peak has not yet climbed. Seven character arrangement 

Walking in the snow on the twelfth lunar month, Shaolin master 

There is no snow at all in the warm winter, and it clears up again in the middle of the night. 

After the chaos, several people searched for the ancient temple, and when they came to Hebei, they wanted to leave the isolated city. 

The ferry is like a crane on its back, and there are clusters of flying music and musical instruments. 

The round sand is carved with cold traces of tigers, and the waterfall is filled with ice and the sound of Zen branches. 

The breast sinuses are bright and the mountains are gone, and the awareness of tea and smoke is gone. 

Xu Wenshe asked questions, but he didn't know, and he carried his harp with his harp. 

The lazy killer Ji Zhongsan, the alcoholic demon Ruan Bingren. 

Farewell to the star above, the drunken man is drunk, and the chicken crows with good verses in the poem. 

The monk who broke off the ashes of the robbery is fine, and the old tree calls the wind and the bird is easy to warn. 

This evening, burning lanterns invades the white dawn, and he is accompanied by Huang Jing. 

The frost clock covers up the dream of floating life, and the shadow of the sky hangs high on the mountain and the moon shines brightly. 

Tour to Shaolin Temple Mu Guangyin 

The flying brake is leaning against half the sky, and the jungle is so isolated here. 

During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, a few pieces of Jiefa remained, and during the Jin and Wei dynasties, the true story was passed down to Qingxiao. 

It pounces directly on the lotus to move the purple emerald, and divides the jade breast into ten thousand points. 

The lights follow the sun and the moon on thousands of mountains, and the clouds protect the sandalwood terrace. 

The nectar can still touch the wall, but the true appearance has not been lost in the prosperous age. 

When Yao Wen and Yao Wu were free, they talked about art and Zen. 

The leaves have fallen into the cypress valley, and the old village has its own farm name. 

The prime minister will eventually live in the same body, and the burning house will be easily destroyed. 

Everything in the empty space of the shoulders is not alone, and the mind is looking back at the Brahma Banquet to work hard. 

Those who work hard in the world are always pitiful if they have a way out. Five character quatrains 

Viewing wall stone 

It is true that sincerity runs through gold and stone. 

In modern times, when talking about chaste women, there are many bloodstains. 

Inscribed on Bodhidharma's Facing the Wall by Wang Liang 

The intention of the Buddha coming from the west is that this is our sect. 

Make up a look of indifference to avoid the ten thousand years front. 

Zhou Mengyang’s Four Poems at the Second Ancestral Temple 

The solitary peak meets the clouds in the sky, and there is no way to fight against it. 

If you want to join the Broken Arm Master, push the clouds into the sky. 


After Bhattaga scolded the water, the second ancestor occupied the top of the mountain. 

Zhuo and Xi are determined, and both have jade wells and springs. 


When the second ancestor was searching for his heart, his teacher and An Xin came to see him. 

Holding the alms bowl and returning it to the top of the mountain, your environment will be pure and your mind will be pure. 


At the top of Munluozhi Peak, the monkeys and cranes were immediately ordered to alert. 

Suddenly there is a roar, like the sound of the alms bowl. 

Shaolin Bodhidharma looks like Chen Jiru 

The statue of the first ancestor who came to the west is admired by both humans and heaven. 

If you ask the Zen master, sin and blessing have no sign. 

Wall facing stone Li Hualong 

How can you tell the traces of Bodhidharma on this wall? 

There is no trace of the flying sky, and the portrait will eventually become an illusion. 

Qin Huai Zhang Yingdeng 

In what year was the locust tree planted? During the Qin Dynasty, Dashu was surrounded. 

After being surrounded by three hundred feet, he transformed into an old dragon flying. 

Shaolin Temple King 

In the ancient Shaolin temple, the spring dawn is about to set. 

The old monk did not arrive, and apricot blossoms fell on the empty mountain. 


Outside the independent mountain gate, cloud peaks walk in the blue sky. 

The sound of the long river cannot be stopped, and people are surrounded by the sound of the water. 


Listen quietly to the birds chirping in the valley, and watch the clouds emerge from the valley. 

No one comes to the mountains, and the shell flowers are blooming and falling. 


I move the clouds to look for the second ancestor, but I don’t hear the bell at dawn. 

What is there in the nunnery? There were several pine trees in previous generations. 

Tour Shaolin 

Shaoshi Fengqian Temple is quiet and peaceful, so you can talk about Zen. 

I came to see nothing but falling flowers. 

Qin Huai Zhang Han 

The people of Qin have been passed down for generations, and the old trees stand alone for a thousand years. 

The emperor's career has now become a dream, and Nanke has been worried for several times. 


Even more laughing at Zu Long Ning, looking for immortals and medicine. 

Not as good as the spirit of grass and trees, there is no death today. 

Ode to the Sixth Patriarch Bai Wang Sun Chang 

Thousand-year-old cypresses still exist, but it is rare for people to encounter them. 

It is said that there is no Bodhi, how can there be more trees? Seven character quatrains 

Shaolin monk talks about Qiao Yu 

The autumn moon is shining brightly beside the Gantian terrace, and I occasionally meet Tan Hu and talk about Sansheng. 

Sitting alone on the Li bed, my heart is like water, and there is the sound of chimes on the mountain in the middle of the night.  

When I entered Zhaoti, the sun was not yet setting, and all the flowers on the incense table were empty. 

Shaolin is a Zen habitat, and there are often mountain monks reciting the Lotus.  

Stay at Shaolin Wang Ying 

The osmanthus falls on the rock in the west wind and the fragrance falls, and the cranes scatter in the empty garden under the moonlight. 

Thirty-six peaks are full of spiritual sounds, and the pine pavilion is opened alone to sit on the autumn clouds.  

Winter trip to Shaolin Yan Xingbang 

I once heard that the reeds were folded to cross the river, and three flowers with five leaves were blooming here. 

The lonely monk in his clogs faces the wall. The wind and rain sweep the sutra platform late at night. 


Thirty-six peaks are surrounded by green servant girls, and Pilu Pavilion is covered with moss spots. 

No one renews the sentence, and the precious pearl forest is idle all day long. 

Shaolin Temple Kinnara God Statue Shi Yi Hairpin 

The Buddha who came from the west sent to protect the Zen forest, barefooted and ready to be invaded by the invaders. 

The sight of the independent peak is awe-inspiring and terrifying. 


A simple man who said nothing suddenly transformed into a ferocious body. 

He scared away thousands of people in red scarves and grew up to become a god in the temple. 

The sun rises high in the shade of Qinhuai 

The only tree in the garden has been blooming for many years, and its roots cover hundreds of acres of shadows, dragons and snakes. 

Visitors often dream of the third life, and sometimes they are chasing sandalwood and falling fine flowers. 

Li Hualong, the fifth-rank scholar 

The old man with bare branches has already passed the dragon clock, and the road is that he was granted the fifth rank of the imperial family. 

Whoever recruits Da Yin into the mountains has his origins in Songfeng. 

Late Night Shaolin Zhao Zhenji 

Kunlun goes east to the sea and returns to the sky, and the two rooms of Cuiselan are opened. 

I want to visit Lintang to ask about the elixir, but the golden seal is suspected to be in Biyunkuma. 


From the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, the cranes and Dongxiao returned, and the people from Xizhu came with Zhewei. 

There are no rafts floating on the sea in this world, and green mountains surround the Immortal Platform.  

shaolin temple 

Thirty-six peaks are surrounded by purple clouds, and there are monks deep in the white clouds. 

The shadow of the Bodhi tree shakes on the cliff, and the fragrant mist of the Buddhist Prajna flower blooms. 

Shaolin Miscellaneous Poems by Xu Xuemo 

The famous ancient palace is full of sunshine, and people dance with their swords and wave their arms to see off Luo Hui. 

It is strange that monks prefer martial arts. Tan Zong once worshiped the general. 


The cliffs are green and the clouds are shining brightly, and the palaces and pavilions are scattered all over the place. 

The forest of precious trees and pearls is full of desire, but I don’t know where there are three flowers. 

Looking at Shaolin Xu Anren in Shaoshi Dao 

The dawn moon sets on the peak of Shaoshi, and the walls of Qianjia City are pale and gloomy. 

Five is more difficult to sing, the remaining stars are extinguished, and Ma Tu looks at the mountains passing through Shaolin. 

Shaolin Cui Boyuan 

The Zen sect came from the west, and the five-leaf flower branches bloomed from then on. 

The monk has nothing to do with the white clouds, and his cigarette smoke locks the moss in the morning and evening. 

Su Shaolin's trump card 

A passer-by came to Shaolin and stayed in Shaolin. The mountain monk's Zen bed was cold and deep in the clouds. 

The sky wind wakes me from the dream of three lifetimes, and the sound of autumn pines and jade harps rings. 

Wang Yaobi visited the first ancestral nunnery 

The green trees are gloomy and the purple air floats, and Bodhidharma's palace is in the clouds. 

What happened when I was facing the wall? Today my portrait is on the stone. 

The summer campaign is late and the Shaolin joy is over 

What's the matter with floating life? Traveling in the middle of the summer. When you go to Zen, you will rest in the summer. 

The old monk sat silently, and a bright moon shone on the top of the mountain. 

Shaolin Fan Fuxiang 

Above the comfortable place where I stay, the mountains and the mist and the moon are across the window. 

There are so many poems that I dare not write them all on the wall, for fear that the idle clouds will laugh at my pleasure. 

Qin Huai and Liu Damou 

A torch in the Qin Palace will turn into ashes after a long time, but this temple will still have locust trees for thousands of years. 

The title of nobility is just like that of Han cypress. Only now, who can ask about the rise and fall? 

Get up early and walk in the snow to pay homage to our ancestor Zhang Yingdeng 

In order to visit the place where the Zen master faced the wall, the mango-shoe crane climbed high. 

Don't be surprised that there is snow on the disciple's waist, and there is even someone coming who has his robe covered with snow. 

Inscribed on the Sixth Patriarch's Hand Planting Cypress 

I brought cypress trees from thousands of miles away and planted them myself in the palace of my first ancestor. 

The spiritual roots were originally rootless trees , with tall trunks without moss. 

Shaolin Yimen Sanren 

There are clouds of clouds emerging from the little room of Tiaoyun, and there are thousands of monks and writers in thousands of valleys. 

The embroidery is uneven and the moon is flowing, and the stone gate is deeply closed and the ceiling is falling.  

Jie Chan Gu and Qing Ming are on the top, leaving traces in the world of heaven and color. 

The wild goose pagoda confuses the birds, and the dragon pond spreads the sky wind.  

The clear sky and tree shadows flow into the middle stream, and the cold moon in the sky gives rise to Du Ruozhou. 

The monk in the stone chamber returned to teach the Dharma and explained it, and the sound of the bell reached the top of the mountain at dusk.  

The west wind blows the leaves all over the green hills, and the path monk returns from the bird's eye. 

The old talk about Xuanren is over, and I am recruiting Momo Baiyunxian.  

Shaolin Miscellany Shen Yingqian 

Thunderstorms are flying in front of Gan Terrace, and the abrupt rocks reflect the mist. 

The wild clothes of Gejin are wet with clouds, and it is suspected that the golden bull is returning from the top.  

The young room lingers back to the west of the Tai's room, where the wind, pine and smoke are the elixir ladder. 

Climbing to explore the golden grass, looking back on the hazy road, I am lost again. 

Shaolin Nostalgic Chen Qile 

The new green of the willow house welcomes the return of spring, and the sounds of ancient cypresses and pavilions are coming. 

There is a bright moon in the eternal night, where is the flute? I want to share the stage with Zijin.  

The jade dew on the west platform is filled with ice bottle water, and the clear light of the bamboo reflects the Buddha beads. 

Don't be surprised that Master Cheng has great moral principles, but his Zen mind is focused on Xue Huagu.  

The shadow on the wall is strong 

A piece of shape is alone in the stone, and no one bothers to point it out. 

Maybe you know it sincerely, so don't ask if there is anything wrong with Xitian. 

Taoist priest of Mingbi Temple 

The heart is like iron and stone from nature, and the time spent facing the wall lasted for nine years. 

If his true appearance were not born on a stone, who would know Bodhidharma Zen till now? 


Bodhidharma has been gone for thousands of years, and it is difficult to find the old owner of the nunnery. 

Don't envy the shadow of the stone. The colors in the world may not be real.  

shaolin temple 

The clear clouds in the second room have returned, and the loose cliffs cover Zen Pass. 

Who is a fugitive from fame when we meet? It's a pity that the green mountains are green.  

Daruma Cave 

The light at the entrance of the cave is reflected slantingly, and the futon is sitting on the edge of the white clouds. 

Looking at each other and leaving true verses on the wall, the wind blows on the rocks and the rain flowers scatter.  

From the top of Shaolin's room 

The green and solitary peaks rise to the sky, and the clouds penetrate all the low mountains. 

As soon as the Sanskrit sounds are heard, the sky becomes dusk, and the Yellow River in the northwest falls. 

Traveling to Shaolin Zhao Chen 

Before Beiye returned with the white horse, the Zen forest had already opened to the green mountains. 

Bodhidharma has passed through the quicksand, and the abbot has left his young room empty. 


Kunlun Leiluo returns to the sky, showing off the ancient temple in Tianxin. 

A stream of cold springs flies over the years, and several spiritual cranes rise from the mountains. 

Where in the world can I visit the Peng Hu? The fragrance of the spring in the forest is spitting out pearls. 

After the people crossing the river left, the mountains were covered with clear shadows and the moon was bright. 

Facing the wall, the stone is burnt 

It has been nine years since I fell to the ground. What a fantasy. It is wrong to just walk back to the west. 

Who knows the true face, and the shadow of the spare moon realizes the meaning of Zen. 

Shaolin Xincheng’s Four Poems Shi Yi Hairpin 

Buddhism came to the West and started as a Taoist temple, and the explanation of the opening chapter was borrowed from the light of the monk. 

How can I face the wall and call myself the first ancestor, but there is not even a petal of incense from Bhatta.  

Wei Wen built a temple and translated the Buddhist scriptures in order to show his kindness to the country Zuoning. 

I don’t understand that the Qi family only believes in the Buddha, and the female in the morning stirs up chaos and the Buddha has no spirit.  

There is a quiet temple in front of Wuru Peak, and the majestic palace towers into the clouds. 

There are countless steles from the Tang Dynasty and Song dynasties, half of which are erect ladders and half of which are lying on Qiu.  

Buddhism is boundless to deceive the common people, and it is always the monks who are cunning. 

Lin Gong Yao Pavilion is so good, but I still hate that I don't have enough money to repair it. 

Wall facing stone He Yu 

Pian Shi's nine-year-old self-portrait shows the spirit of his man. 

The cave is deep and I imagine what happened back then, when people were facing the wall and people were facing the wall. 

Bodhidharma wall stone Zhang Shoupei 

The finely condensed stone reminds me of the past, and I fell down and sat down as if I recognized it. 

Since Sakyamuni is very calm and wise, he can understand the Zen of the mind.  

Wangdarmo Cave 

Zhewei came to the west to ask about Jingwo. The cave and sky were locked in Samadhi. 

Ningqing stopped and looked into the depths of the clouds, and the wind sent light smoke into the pomegranates. Six character quatrains 

Guozhuang in Shaolin Mountain 

Birds on the top of the pine trees chime loudly, and cassocks hang on the clouds between the windows. 

After reciting one volume of Shurangama, epiphyllum raindrops fell from the heavens. 

The magic seal of Tianzhu is linked to the strange peaks of Songlu. 

I also fell down and sat down in the mountains, and the wind blew away the long pines. 

The mountain path is covered with pines, smoke, and moonlight, and there are traces of tigers and monkeys on the stone buildings. 

After hearing about the Taoist monk Ding, the cave has been sealed by clouds for many years. 

The bay leaves hidden in the sea are named Xiangjingli Futon. 

Looking back at the mortal world, the light of my heart shines through Handan.  

The ancient temple in front of Duanjie is said to be a famous mountain in China. 

The eye of the flower in Riyue Mountain returns to the world lazily.  

Chen Xiance in Mianbi'an 

Went to the ancient temple in the rain and went straight to the top of the mountain covered with clouds. 

The first ancestor flew away with a reed, but the single biography remained in the heart. gatha 

Liu Yuhu, the stone shadow facing the wall 

There is no image in the Dharma, but Zu Ning has it. If there is an image in the stone, Zu Ning has it. Hey, if you have it, you will live in vain, if you don’t, you will die in vain. 

He also inscribed Liu Yuhu on the stone pavilion facing the wall. 

You are here when you are facing the wall, and you are here when you are not facing the wall. You are here, sideways and vertically. From the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, the six roots are silent for a long time, the eight winds have stopped, the Yuan is bright and wonderful, the cold toads and autumn water are running through the gold and the stone. Only these seeds are carried to Carrying it back, you always ignore it. It is not unusual for the teachings to bleed. This is the true God. God uses his ears to see and understand the wonderful meaning. 

Wall facing stone Li Rixuan 

The Dharma has no form, so why does the teacher say it? Shi Ben is not a teacher, why does Xiang Yun exist? So the name is illusory and nothing is wrong? Really. No. Ask the stone, the stone does not know. If you ask the teacher, the teacher will not know. Ask me again, I am the same. 

Wall facing stone Huang Tingjian 

In the ninth year of Shaolin, I said a word, and until now, I have made money in all directions. 

Guan Mianbi Shi Gao Wang Shi Xing 

It is difficult to explain to everyone that living people do dead things. Only by breaking this stone can we see the Tathagata. 

Shen Fuwen again 

What is life, what is death, what can be said, what stone is not a Buddha, where is it better to come. Thumbs up 

Bodhidharma's wall-faced master praises Song Su Shi 

Shaolin's plain jade does not stand in the way. We share the same hope with Heaven and do not think of Qin. The Six Masters of Ji Zhi were unclear in the past and bright in the present. If they don’t go or come back, there will be no loss or gain. I have been up and down, bent and stretched for thirty-one years. Although I am changing day by day, who can move? 

Bodhidharma praises Lu  Shusheng

What is the basis for Zhu Tu coming from the east? Looking at Moyan silently, the difference is obvious in the clear. Pluck the grass to watch the wind, but the opportunity will not start. Returning to the west in despair, only to lose everything. Don't let him get involved in the journey and cause trouble all over the world. Ode 

Ode to Bodhidharma by Feng Shike 

Where did the West come from, and where does the East go? The folded reed has no shadow, the wall has an image but is empty, the body is empty but is real, and the real thing is like a small fruit. Don't miss the cause, don't reward Kuoran, don't have a holy peace, have tricks, have a tactful mind, and become trance-like, so you can take the opportunity to untie your legs. Whoever breaks his shadow cannot think about it. Coming from Tianzhu, going to Congling, wherever it goes, it is just a shadow, neither coming nor going, no movement or stillness. Walking while facing the wall is the state of mind. Whoever is in front of someone has feet, that is, the mind is out of context. The Three Elements of Theory surpass the six sects, and screen the Mahayana atmosphere. word 

The first ancestor of the fisherman Ao Huang Tingjian 

Thousands of rivers and mountains came to this land, and this heart seal was passed down to Liang Wu. 

No one cares about me. 

It becomes a death sentence, and the river head secretly bends the long reed crossing. 

I have been facing the wall for nine years to see my second ancestor, one flower and five leaves. 

I just took the lead and returned to Congling. 

Do you know, you have clearly forgotten the way you came. endow 

The thirty-six peaks of Shaoshi Mountain are arranged in an orderly manner. The Song Tower is different from today’s Dengfeng 

Yu Shao heard that Luoyi flourished in the Tang and Song Dynasties and was the capital of the East and West. The mountains and rivers were rich, so he regarded other states as outstanding. In the past, Han Tuizhi and Bai Letian saw that the poems were very descriptive and full of endless chants. Later, Ouyang Wenzhong and Mei Xie Zhuxian became colleagues one after another and traveled to Song Shaojiang several times. They still think they are good words, and Yu Bumin is lucky to have them. Looking at all the places in Songgao today, there is no one with too few rooms, but the towering rocks are among the houses. They can be seen day and night, and they can be counted. Because they are built with thirty-six peaks to expand themselves, I dare not compare them. 

The flow of ancient poetry 

The son of Yi Fuyun comes here; he visits Linqiu, and dwells in the rock valley, transcendentally has the ambition to travel; and rises to the top of Dai in the east, and visits Hualu in the west, maintaining the south of Hengyang; and the north of Hengshan Mountain with his husband Exhausted, endless exploration and practice; wandering mind and eyes, solitary and happy but forgetting to return home; inner joy and self-sufficiency, suddenly riding on the wind; emptying and building, the middle area is slowly looking around; the mind is in a trance. When I made a mistake, my father-in-law of Songgao asked me about it. He said: "You can really gain something by traveling in all directions. How high is it that you don't climb it? How dangerous is it that you don't climb it? Now you are looking around. It is towering like a majestic pillar in the sky. It lies across the sky." The axis of the earth is connected and overturned; the dragon is coiled and the tiger is lying down; the flowers are nine and the shaman is twelve; there are sixty-six feet of unexpected peaks, and people are smiling with their sticks; the autumn water is coming, and the rivers are overflowing, and the birds are flying. It's hard to see the sea; I don't know how high it is. It's so high that it's green and lush; it's six miles out of ten and eighteen are stacked on top of it; it's deep and it's surrounded by twists and turns; it's ten miles above and there's a hundred around it. , Bao Songyang is used as a town; cut off the Yuan Yuan and use it as a Guo, the family sings what they heard in the mountain; it is a joy to watch the dancing water, on which there are sweet and sweet fruits; the sacred mushrooms and elixirs are like stone pillars holding the dew. Come, the emperor is like the leaves of the poplar branches dripping with stone and fat; drinking it can make the ancient jade paste grow on the top; taking it, you can bow down to the well of mica; the treasure gathers the light in the hole; the daylight is enough. Its stalactites are here; it can provide food for a thousand years; if it is not exhausted, it can avoid the disaster of war and flood; it has a vast knowledge of scriptures, and its magic is like the jade girl's rotten brocade. The bells heard at the time are here; the cranes are weeping in the stone wells, and the prince's ring is a fortress; the treasures of Ashoka are a pagoda; these are all unknown to the son; and the father-in-law's house is here. My father-in-law said: Name is born from treasure; meaning is based on appropriateness. You know one thing, but you don't know the other thing. You know the outside, but you don't know the inside. This disciple knows everything about Liuliu; and when he looks at the name of Liuliu, he sees the Yue Temple in the east like a hundred gods; looking to the west in Luoyi, there are thousands of palaces; the sun is bright in Shaoyang Mountain; the stone city is shaped like stalagmites in the sky; The treasure of sandalwood and cinnabar is bell-like; the alms bowl is shaped like an incense burner; the purple sky is so powerful that it reaches the sky; the seven Buddha statues of Arhat are left; the fairy cave in Lingyin is deep; the cool treasure is better than the symbol of the Brahma temple; the auspicious jade is there. The auspicious light is numerous; the purple cover and green flowers are condensed in the mist; the medicine hall is purple and the flowers and grass are lively; the silk road and the heavenly virtues have great names; the swords and white clouds are in shape and order; the golden ox and the moon are like rising; the sky is full of green and glowing flowers; The jade and precious pillars are glittering with gold and stone; the horses and white deer are tied to them, and there are many gods and men; this is the name of Liuliu, but not the prosperity of Liuliu. My father-in-law said: The sun is full of spring; the burn marks are gone, but the green, green, red and purple embroideries are here; the hundreds of singing birds and heroic towers are here; the stars are flying up to invade the jade fairies and nymphs; they are riding down on the carriages. The support of Zhu Ming's vegetation is sparse; the rising mountain pepper clouds are rising in the afternoon of the Ming Dynasty; if they are overturned and steaming, the sound of rain is coming outside; the situation is overturning and tilting, only the purple mushrooms and yellow cranes are dancing in the sky; they are born The warning leaves of Ying Jin Biao are coming; the falling rocks in the sky are like the sound of immortals, the moon is white and cold at night; the jade bamboo shoots are clear and clear, and the dark shadows of the woods are clear and clear; the mountains are thin and boney, and ice and snow are accumulated in thousands of layers. Standing tall; the jade dragon flies and the white tiger pavilion appears and disappears in the four seasons; it is dark and clear, and it is impossible to get it, but it is not special to look up and listen to the sky and the west to take care of it; to do it in the morning and evening, even if the father-in-law is It is indescribable, but the young master can predict it. My father-in-law said: "It is so sudden that it is empty; it is like the ever-changing mountains and the earth's will; it cannot be measured. It may look like you are facing each other; it may look like facing each other; it may look like you are facing each other; it may look like you are forgetting each other; it may look like you are forgetting each other; or it may look like you are gathering together." If visiting or the latter is harmonious; if the former is singing or humble, if it is inferior; and if the venerable is superior, it may be joyful; if it is with each other, it may be angry; if it is fighting, it may be like Qin and Jin; if it is competing, it may be like Chu and Yue; If they look at each other, they may be haughty and thin; if they are crowned, they may be bloated; if they are holding a bag, they may be crouching; if they are camels and tigers, they may gather together; if they are well-fed, they may be majestic; if they are strong men, they may be brave; if they are brave generals, they may be quick; Like a horse in the wind, it may be floating in the sky; it may be like a boat, or it may be traveling in the countryside; it may be like a pile of coffins being packed in a tomb, or it may be like entering an ancestral temple; it may be like a pile of beans climbing up and down, it may be gloomy; it may be like a forest, swords and halberds are falling; it may be appreciated by the barriers. ; broken and then connected to the shape and appearance; the shape and appearance are as transcendent as the thirty-sixth sky; the immortal's cave house is as graceful as the thirty-sixth palace; the concubine's tour is like a towering ravine with a crown, and the spring is flying with clouds. The sky is dry, the stars are glowing, the jade pendants are shining; the sky is welcoming with the pine emperor, harp and harp; the delicate clouds are dancing, the moon is fresh, the eyebrows are fresh; the smoke is slanting, the mist is steaming, the dragons and musk deer are burning; the rosy clouds are dancing and the sleeves are long; thunder is coming. The palace carriage returned with a roar; before he could say anything, the young master was slumped as if he was drunk; as if he had woken up, but his father-in-law had no medicine to cure him; he was scratched so that Mingjie could not see the scenic spots of this mountain; he looked into the light of this mountain. The spirit asks you to hold the staff many times; the monument of follow-up is in the mountain gate.

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